I love Saturday’s

Woke up at 7 but didn’t get out of bed until 9. Boy when I decide to get moving I do it though! My son asked me for “real” brownies from a box instead of my pumpkin brownies I usually make. He was taking them to this girls house. I walked myself to the store about half a mile from my house and got some. I walk back and make croissants and the brownies. My son took all of the croissants which is fine with me.

While I was baking, I heard this faint meowing. Come to find out, poor Eliza had gotten trapped in the coat closet last night!!! Poor baby! I let her out, shared a little bacon with her, and loved on her. When I told my mom tonight, she was horrified because she was the one in that closet. Eliza’s fine though.

I played on my phone for a while and then took my son to his friend’s (that’s a girl) house. All of her guests were very excited about brownies. I had one before I gave them to the teens because I made them so I can have one! Lol

I came home and was sitting in my room bored and got mad at myself. I have no idea what made me mad but I decided that I wasn’t going to just sit around and be mad, I was going to the gym.

I did a mile in 13 minutes 20 seconds!!!! I did 30 minutes of running and walking on the treadmill (plus the 5 minute cool down) and 15 minutes on the elliptical. I walked home and just finished my dinner (just Hamburger Helper). Now I can watch Netflix for a while before I have to pick my son up. Let’s hope I don’t fall asleep waiting! I even ran into a couple of my sons friends at the gym.

When I put my dinner into MyFitnessPal, it frustrated me. Check this out.

Huh??? -904 calories just because I got off my butt today??? WTH MFP??? I’m still just doing what I know is right. It’s just annoying as hell.

What are you doing with your weekend?

16 thoughts on “I love Saturday’s

  1. It’s a wonder cats make it. Once I had a cat that got itself into my pajama drawer and I wonder how I didn’t notice that when closing. No mewing either. Next night opened the drawer and rawrr out screeched that cat. Good on the exercise. I wouldn’t look too hard on the numbers.

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  2. Ummm I want a brownie now.lol. I’m proud of you for doing all that cardio and working out! The young man has a girl as a friend huh? Be careful with that because kids fall so fast after one another and they don’t even know it, I’m happy for him to be having friends and places he likes to go that’s a blessing for both of you! Stop torturing the poor cat we all know you locked him in there, lol just playing. This weekend I’m blogging and then hitting the weights and meal prepping and researching for the podcast!

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  3. Aww poor Eliza! I have accidentally trapped my cat in the laundry room closet once before! I’m glad you decided to workout instead of sitting & being mad 😛 screw that calorie counter for the day though!

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