No exercise today although I should have

I was SO stressed out today! First day of school. I am taking Anatomy and Physiology PLUS the lab for that class, Precalculus, Nutrition, and a Kinesiology class. Basically 5 classes and today was my first day. All but the lab are online so I had to sign into each class, download and read the syllabus, and in 3 of them, take a first day quiz.

I did NOT smoke although I had major cravings! I didn’t do so well though because I ate. 2600 calories y’all. Seriously. Ice cream, chocolate, pudding, cereal, cheese, all of my comfort foods! I did stay away from the sugary soda so that’s good. So I’ve got my friend Arizona working on a plan to help keep me from eating during stress. He’s going to chat with me tomorrow about it. He’s a personal trainer in Arizona so I’m guessing he has heard it all. And I don’t eat carrots or celery so you won’t see me munching on that. What I think would help me is if I went back to keto. I could eat (within reason) and I wouldn’t feel hungry all the time. I will have to do it. I was never hungry on it! Eating regularly I am really crazy hungry like 3 days a week!

As for school, I keep telling myself, “it’s only 4 months. You can do this”. Well, I paid for it so I better! Well, I am waiting for my school financial aid refund to get the books for my last couple of classes because they are over $500 for both classes! Crazy, right?

Amber, my chunky monkey, was laying at my side so I had to take a picture of her.

I also looked at my stats for the past 7 days and I have to say, WOW.

This just proves that I can do it every week.

How was your Monday?

9 thoughts on “No exercise today although I should have

  1. Okay I’m guilt of giving my students a quiz on the first day,but I also give the exact quiz during finals. I want them to see there growth. Are you buying new textbooks, you can often get them secondhand or rent them it can sometime be a money saver to go this route.

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