Tuesday and Wednesday were good!

Tuesday I decided to dance for a while. I ended up dancing for an hour!

Today I did arm strength training for 30 minutes.

I took the ornaments off the tree.

It got cold again so I washed my hair at night and had crazy hair today for class. Lol This is what happens when I go to sleep with wet hair.

I finally heard back from my Anatomy professor that I will have access on Friday (she didn’t set it up until tomorrow) and she wasn’t counting anyone absent until next week. Whew!

I’ve been so stressed that I have had many cravings. I haven’t smoked, I just thought at almost 2 weeks it would be easier.

So I have this thing on my finger! I don’t know what it is. It hurts like crazy though!

How is your week?

16 thoughts on “Tuesday and Wednesday were good!

  1. That cyst on your finger looks nasty. Please see a doctor if it gets infected. A colleague returned from Australia and suddenly his body swelled, fever persisted and he was diagnosed with flesh eating bacteria strain and wounds appeared. Scary! So plse keep that cyst or infection disinfected and clean. Check and see if there is a splinter of wood in it as often times it happens when moving boxes or crates or Christmas ornaments?

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  2. Ambitious: an hour dancing. I went to the gym yesterday and biked 30 minutes and lifted weights. Long walk this morning with pug checking out the neighborhood. Long day tomorrow for me. We had some friends visit this week. I have a lunch date with an old friend this weekend and on MOnday with some family. Cracked another pound on the scale or maybe i should say off the scale.

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