Looking back

I just looked through my blog that I started in July 2017. Wow. That’s crazy!

In October 2017, we moved in with my mother and I posted a selfie in my blog.


I took a screenshot of the selfie and did a comparison with a shot from January this year. Wow!

That’s crazy, right???

It’s getting down to 32F here in Houston tonight. It’s been 70 in the daytime and in the 40’s or 50’s at night so this is cold to us!

6 thoughts on “Looking back

  1. Girl!! That’s my favorite kind of weather. I just got a notification on my phone that it was going to be 24 degrees colder tomorrow and than it was today. Im so excited. And on monday its supposed to be 23. Good think school is out and I don[‘t even have to leave my bed. I plan on watching movies all day curled up under the covers.

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