What a day!

Here in the US, today is a holiday. It’s Martin Luther King JR day where we celebrate this man for his determination to end racial segregation.

My day however was not quite celebratory!

Started the day taking my son to the mall to meet his friends. His friends were late so we got breakfast at McDonald’s and waited for 40 minutes! I said hello to another parent and left the kids to wander around like they do.

I went to NYX and got a few more eyeshadow colors. I had the woman working there do my eyes too. She made them look good! I tried the darker lipstick again today but I really don’t like it. I’m going back to red tomorrow.

I then went to VSPink and got a pair of yoga pants because I had forgotten to do laundry yesterday (I started it when we left for the mall) and only had yoga shorts, in this weather!

I ran back home to throw the clothes in the dryer and take off for a job.

I picked up Cranky and her caregiver and we went to Cranky’s shrink for her dementia. We had a good visit with her, started to drive back from the medical center, and decided to get fried chicken from Popeyes. I don’t have a problem with that! I talked to the caregiver on our ride and found out some personal news about her that she asked me not to tell anyone until she can let our boss know – so sorry I can’t put it on here (he may read this, who knows) but it is exciting for her and NOT going to be good for Cranky! I got them back home after 3 hours and drove home.

I started reading my Anatomy book and first PowerPoint on Chapter One. I had barely finished reading over everything when a parent text me to let me know that the movie the kids were at would be over at 8pm. I chatted with BFF over FaceTime for a while and got to see and say hi to her boys which is always nice. I drove to the theatre right before 8 (another parent took them from the mall to the theatre while I was working). I also took Amber with me so I could walk her while I waited on my son. I talked to another kid’s parent while waiting for the movie to end and she is going to send me recipes for her Lebanese food. I can’t wait! Yum yum!!! She loved on Amber until her daughter text to say they were coming out, then the kids came out of the theatre, so I walked back to my car. Another girls parent hadn’t come so we gave her a ride home.

When we got home I made chili for dinner and chatted with Arizona about Math for a while before I started working on my Anatomy lab homework.

I didn’t quite finish (one page left) but I did 5 pages so I feel good about that. Tomorrow I have to do Math. I have 2 homework assignments due on Thursday! I also have a job and H asked me to go with her to take pictures for one of her homework assignments so it will be another busy day.

No time for exercise today but I stayed below my calorie goal so I am okay with that. It’s a few minutes past midnight now so I have to go to sleep so I can wake up to take my son to school and then come back and start on my own schoolwork!

I hope you had a good Monday. I will find time to read blogs in a day or 2, promise!

12 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. I think NYX products are amazing. Probably the best low budget brand.
    Love the way the make up looks on you!

    I never really tried lip stick. Maybe I am not applying it good, but makes me look like a clown, hahah.

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  2. I love super busy nonstop days like that, especially when there’s fun things in the mix, such as you had playing with makeup and eating Popeyes! I remember my mom driving me and my friends to the movies and stuff. What a slog it must’ve been back then without texting!!! How did she know when to come back to get us??? LOL And it was the absolute worst to have to sit around waiting with no idea of Mom’s ETA. Would she be there in 5 minutes? 10? 20? No one knew back then! LOL

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    1. I remember using a payphone to call my parents for a ride and then having to hike where they told me to meet them or they told me a time they would pick me up and I had better be there or be in serious trouble!
      It is totally easier these days with our technology!

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      1. I also remember pretending to be sick at school so I could go home. I always managed to forget my mom went bowling on Tuesdays so I had to wait in the nurses office while the bowling alley paged my mom to go to the white curtesy phone. Now a simple text would be so much faster and easier. Lol

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  3. Pretty eyeshadow shades you chose & I love the look she gave you! I’m actually a fan of the darker lip on you! 🙂

    Please share the Lebanese food & recipes if you end up trying any of them! Chili sounds sooo good right now too!

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