Just another Tuesday

I say that although it’s Chinese New Years! Year of the pig. I was born in the year of the Ox but pigs are cute, can I switch? We have numerous New Years celebrations here today but I can’t go. 😫

Only one job today at noon. I don’t want to work (who does) but that’s how I make money at the moment. I would much rather go to a celebration!!! πŸŽ‰

I have my first exam tomorrow and the 2nd on Friday. Both are for Anatomy. I’m not ready, not studying, and don’t really care right now. That’s horrible, isn’t it! Some days I just want to quit school again and go to the local grocery store for a job. If only they hired older people to do the menial jobs (all I ever see there are teens). Oh well. I’ll get in the mood to study at some point today. I must keep going. πŸ“š

I am doing badly on my healthy eating regimen. Yesterday I got on track for breakfast but it went downhill after that and I ended up eating like 2500 calories. I’m not doing any better today so far either as I ate Oreos for breakfast. Oreos are now all gone so hopefully I will do better from here on out.

My nonsmoker BFF (she was never really a big smoker but it’s been MANY years since she smoked) got a Cue after I tried and love mine. The past few days she has been looking for cartridges as the one she had got pepper in it (pepper package exploded in her pocket with the Cue and went all in the cartridge). I joined with her calling a BUNCH of stores near her in North Texas and between the 2 of us calling like 15 places, could NOT find anyone that carried them!!! I got frustrated and went to my smoke shop and bought and then mailed her 3 different flavors. Well, it will take at least 2 days to get to her so she persevered and finally found a place last night that actually carried some. They are also going to order her what she wants so now she has a place to go. Woo hoo!

Amber decided this morning that I shouldn’t be in bed and stole my pillows. I think she loves my bed as much as I do. Speaking of, I have been trying to decide if I should sell this bed and get a daybed instead to have more space in my room. I looked online but do not want a bed made from particle board and I want storage. Right now, I have boxes under this bed.

I have rediscovered Tumblr and Twitter. I am Juliehcares on mostly everything. Or Julieh Cares if all one word doesn’t work. I still have my gofundme which is not doing well but I am keeping it on because at some point, I need the skin removed. It’s definitely hurting me. I know, so is my diet sometimes.


I gotta get up and ready for work now so I hope y’all have a good day and a prosperous New Year!

16 thoughts on “Just another Tuesday

  1. Dang, your breakfast looks delicious. I am holding steady at the same weight for awhile. I am wondering if I don’t eat enough. Often when I go to work, I bring a thin sandwich and that is it for the day. Holding still but not losing.

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      1. I usually eat far less calories: under 1500. I do lots of walking and exercise. I won’t give up. Good luck on your exams. I teach online also so I am figuring out more things with the help of a techie this morning and reading some manuals, etc.

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  2. Today has been a little challenging. I discovered the dead body of our outside cat who was hit by a car in the early morning fog this morning and we had to bury her. She was not an inside cat and she was getting older: we have had her since 2005 but I wish she had passed away peacefully. Dealing with techies, I am becoming more technically oriented and I am catching up on lots of work today. Things will get better.

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  3. Boyfriend & I were both born in 1995 so we are Year of the Piggy! πŸ™‚ Ox are cute, too! The bacon looks perfect & Amber looks so cute on the pillows. My girl cat Twinkle loves to sleep on my pillows, too! She scares me sometimes when I wake up and see here there LOL.

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