Been lazy

I got better on Wednesday. I was lazy about blogging because I had a quiz yesterday in Nutrition. That is followed by an exam this weekend.

The Anatomy exam I ended up with the following grades which worked out to an average of 88. 80,75,80,100,90. My Anatomy Lab first exam I got a 101!!! Woo hoo! So I feel like I am doing pretty well. Let’s hope that I do okay on the nutrition exam.

While I was sick, I started watching Friends on Netflix. I like it! Now I can’t stop watching. I am almost done with Season 1 and there are 10 seasons! I’ll be watching this for a long time. It’s good though.

I have worked. Wednesday and today. Miss Priss and I ran errands for 3 hours. I had her sit in the back seat and kept my window cracked to make sure I didn’t pass anything to her. We went to a grocery store, vitamin shop, dry cleaners, and even Walmart. I did some people watching while she was shopping after I went to get her Chick-fil-A. Crazy people that go into her Walmart!!!

I took Styled to get her hair dyed this morning and set an appointment to get mine dyed before I go on vacation. I went grocery shopping for her while I waited and then went back and did some Anatomy homework. I had emailed my professor on Wednesday to let him know that I was sick and would be back on Monday and he finally emailed me back today telling me that we don’t have school on Monday but he would see me Wednesday. Yay!

For Valentines Day, I decided to get my Costco membership back. Then I went and got new pillows and some toilet paper. I hadn’t gotten new pillows in quite a while and since we both just got over the flu, I thought now was a good time to replace them. I also washed all of our bed linens. I also decided to move my sons bed into the corner (it was a couple of inches away from the wall). When I saw all the trash under his bed, I left the mattress off until he cleaned and vacuumed it.

It’s all clean now and he has a friend over.

This afternoon, some old neighbors cane by to pick up a few board games and hang out. I also got them to take 3 Christmas boxes of stuff! They helped me pick up the fallen boxes in the garage and I have bad news for anyone that was hoping I would send them a Santa. The box of Santa’s fell and most broke. Well, good news for me as I wanted to get rid of them. I am excited to be cleaning all this stuff out. It’s so nice when things are clean and organized and minimal crap. It was nice to see them!

I got a new award for not smoking. I love my Cue! And the guy on the right vapes as well so we had a blast today.

See you guys later!

27 thoughts on “Been lazy

  1. I love reading about your busy days!

    I’m glad you like Friends. One of my favorite shows of all time. Friends, Frazier, Seinfeld.

    Pretty smart of you to buy new pillows after the flu.

    OMG how did all that trash get under your son’s bed? LOL Boys!!!

    Congrats on your new award for not smoking!!!

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    1. Thanks Jinjer!!!
      Boys are nasty, especially teenagers!
      I loved Seinfeld! Never got into Frasier. Maybe I just needed Friends to get on Netflix? Lol
      I think it was time for new pillows. It’s been a couple years at least 😀

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  2. I Love ‘Friends ‘. Someone told me I reminded him of one of the girls but, never told me which one. I remember saying, “It better not be Phoebe! ‘ Lol. So proud of you for quitting smoking.
    Do you know the dates for your vacation, yet?

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  3. I have to say quitting smoking is tough I’m very proud of your progress my friend keep up the great work. I remember my mom moving my bed when I was younger and did the same to me but under my bed was super

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  4. Who is your favorite character on Friends? They remind me of the good old days when it seemed much easier to speak with people and make a new friend. We have school on Monday in Florida. Enjoy your day off. I have a dentist appointment.

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  5. So happy you’re feeling better, Julie! Awesome job with those exams!! How fun that you’re watching Friends for the first time. ♡ It’s such a good show, you’re gonna love it.

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