Hey guys!

I’ve been doing what I said I would when it comes to studying. I had school this morning and then had to work so I did a couple of Anatomy lab online exams tonight. I got an 80 and a 75 so I’m happy, I passed. These are just chapter exams, they only count for 10% of my grade so no big deal. I cuddled with Amber in between tests.

I took Cranky to meet a new pulmonologist today. Her regular one decided to move to California so they got her a new doctor. She seems nice and said Cranky is doing good and doesn’t have to come back for a year unless there’s a problem.

I’m already on season 5 of Friends too. I like it. I do wonder if this show would work now though. I don’t think they would have hung out like this with all the electronics today. They even had beepers in this show! Oh! I finally saw the turkey episode for my socks too. Really funny!

I am up late tonight, I know. No school or work tomorrow though. I am taking my son to the orthodontist so I get to sleep in. I do have a chapter to read for my Anatomy lecture class but I can do that while my son gets his braces tightened.

Nothing else going on. How about y’all???

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