I need my blog groove back!

I don’t even know when I posted last! Not much has been going on. Just studying and watching Friends mostly.

I am back on keto after gaining 8 pounds in 10 days. I want to be under 150 for spring break and I’m at 155.2 this morning!

I’m on season 9 of Friends because I took a couple days off studying. I have an Anatomy lab exam on Wednesday so I am studying today after I had class this morning.

Amber pooped in my bedroom this morning so I’m a bit frustrated with her too. And my son is not taking care of her. Yet he wants a puppy???

Well, the other day I went to Long John Silvers and wanted to get some fish and hush puppies. While in the drive through, the elderly gentleman behind me lost his footing on his brake and hit my car. Thankfully, he had a grill guard and didn’t hurt my car. He scared me to death though!

Anyway, I am going to go study. Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “I need my blog groove back!

  1. Hi Julie!!! Nice to read a post from you. β™‘ We’ll be hanging out so soon from now. Sorry Amber pooped in your room, I hate when my cat decides not to use the litter box (only one does it!). & wow, can’t believe that man hit your car but so glad you are okay!

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