How are you guys???

One day doing keto and I dropped almost one kilogram. 2.8 pounds. I know it’s just water weight but it made me so happy! For breakfast today, I had egg, bacon, and cheese so I’m full and happy. My mom was happy as well since I made enough for both of us. I made taco meat last night which I had with cheese and a few saltines. I ended up with a total of 35 net carbs yesterday. I am definitely getting into my keto groove and will be under 20 net carbs today or tomorrow. I am going to do my best to avoid keto flu again by getting enough vitamins and drinking tons of water. My friends are doing it too so we are all helping each other. That makes it so much easier!

I have my Anatomy lab book and a bunch of note cards ready to go to work today and study. The last exam in this class I made a 100 so I want to do that again. This exam is over the layers of skin and bone tissue. 😳 I can do it though. I also have until Sunday to do two more chapters in my kinesiology class and read 2 more chapters for nutrition. Did I tell y’all that I changed my major since I am changing schools?

I want a job I can do anywhere in the world so I decided to go for physical therapy. People do that everywhere and I can get a job with one of those traveling companies that sends me places to work. That’s what I’m doing! I am just fine with it too. Now I just need to find a job until then. I am not getting rid of my clients either. I will just help them when I’m not working. I want to save as much as I can between now and when my son is grown in 5 years. He says he wants to live here and go to a local college for as long as he can. I think he may change his mind but if that’s what he wants, great!

I danced last night for exercise for 30 minutes. Just something small that helped me move more. I am going to try and do arm strength training today. Just so I’m not just sitting around and it should help me lose an extra ounce or two.

I am taking Smokey to her shrink today. Well, if she doesn’t cancel on me. She does that quite often. We need to go because her meds were changed last month but we shall see. I will study for my exam all day whether I take her or not so whatever. I called her this morning to remind her but her phone is off the hook. 🤣

I’ve got my protein bar ready to go in case she doesn’t cancel. I still had some from doing keto so I don’t have to buy anything. Plus I never stopped using almond flour. I do have crackers and sugary stuff in the pantry but it’s so processed that it won’t go bad anytime soon and if it does, oh well.

Oh. If you think your phone is not listening to you, I have news. I mentioned to BFF that I am looking for a job and last night, Tumblr only put this ad on my feed. Be careful what you say!

Y’all have a good day!!!

21 thoughts on “Howdy!

  1. Nice to read your update / thanks for the reminder about the phone !! Ugh
    And i liked your two charts – the only one thing to mention is to watch the bad industrial oils (not all
    Mixed nuts are equal because of the terrible processed oils) and then wat h the extra chemicals in some of those protein bars –

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      1. You are so right – but watch out because whole
        Foods and the fresh market sell some great nuts – but they are roasted in the bad industrial oils that are bad for us (same thing with most of those packaged protein bars that satisfy and cost a lot – they are not the best at the cellular level and it is also more packaging touching our food every time we eat those bars – they slap protein on their and we are conditiined to think “yeah- good”
        But soybean oil, canola oil, and vegetable oil are bad news and overly processed – you should see the how it is made video (if I have the link I will share it later) and so yes / we want the extra fat and need those fats and oils – but have to watch those dangerous oils that are in most foods today! Need a avacado oil- EVOO – and cod liver oil – flax etc (and collagen) and so I am
        Not sure if you have time – but your be better off making your own healthy snack bars

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      2. Thank you! I wish I had the time or want to make my own 😂
        I don’t eat them too often (those are from 4 months ago plus I have many more) but when I get that sweet craving, they help!


    1. They are expensive!!! I usually will buy Quest bars when they are on sale at my local grocery store. The Quest Hero bars are like $2 each and I am not going to spend that. Vitamin World has good deals as well if you have that.

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  2. You should charge your clients a cancellation fee it has really made my clients think twice 😉I have a friend who is a traveling nurse and she loves it, hoping you reach your dream of becoming a traveling physical therapist.

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  3. Hey weight loss is weight loss, even if it’s just water. ;D The physical therapy job sounds like a great one. How fun would it be to be sent to different places! I hope Smokey didn’t cancel on you this time. & oh my gosh, the same has happened to me when I mention something out loud, I get ads, too. Crazy stuff.

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