I am so angry at myself!

So I did NOT follow anything yesterday nor got any exercise! I ate 2800 calories. What the hell Julie???

Last night I printed out some keto air fryer recipes. My plan was to wake up at 4:30am this morning and be at the gym on the elliptical at 5:30 for 30 minutes. I overslept until 6:40 so I’m going to school now, then going to the grocery store with my recipes, come home to cook, and then get in my exercise.

I spoke with my mom last night to see if she wanted any of the recipes that I had found and she said, “Oh honey, I’ll eat any of them if they are keto.” Umm, okay mom. Can you be more specific??? So I will get chicken thighs, I have beef for burgers, string cheese for keto fried cheese, fish to make keto fried fish strips, and the pork rinds to make the breading. I’ll have to make a post later or tomorrow with whatever food I made.

So yeah, I am pretty mad at myself for yesterday but all I’m doing is getting back on track today. There’s no point in screwing another day up! That’s the key to not completely ruining your plan guys. Just get right back on track! We can do this!

I watched Queer Guy yesterday for the first time and fell in love with the show. I think I watched 6 episodes. I downloaded a bunch of stuff from Netflix so I can watch movies on the plane as well.

My son and I went to see our puppy again too. He is so damn cute! I love him! He’s a month old now. Only 2 more weeks until he’s ready to come home with us. I held the puppy in my arm like I did my son when he was born and Lucky fell asleep in my arm. The doggy parents were all over me licking me and wanting attention so I had to put Lucky down and pet them to keep them happy too. They weren’t mad that I had Lucky though so I guess I was chosen to keep him! The parents still bark like crazy at my son.

I hope you have a good Monday. I have to! I will have breakfast after school and want to try making bacon in my air fryer.


13 thoughts on “I am so angry at myself!

  1. We all have down days but what separates us from those who lose is we get up and keep going. In the end, however, it is small concessions in out daily lives that will end us. Deciding something you know should be left alone is okay. “I can have just a tiny taste of that…a little won’t hurt!” For me, at least, a little turns into a lot then turns into oh well, guess I’ll be unhealthy forever. So it’s not the random stupid days but rather the tiny concessions we make every day.

    Have a great day!

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    1. Hi Paul, glad to hear from you!
      I feel that happens to a lot of people. At least you know that and can now tell yourself “No, if I have this, I won’t stop.” I go through this with cookies so now I just don’t keep them in the house. If I am out with friends and have something, it’s more controlled than having it at home!


  2. You summed it up with this sentence “. Just get right back on track!” no use kicking your own butt, just move on, and do better because at the end of the day were all only human…

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  3. Even though you had one off day, I am so proud of you for getting back on track right away. The menu for the week sounds awesome! & Lucky looks so sweet in sleeping like that. ♡ I love that the dog parents are happy with you!!

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