Special airport post

So we got to the car lot early and hung out listening to music for a while.

Then we got our ride to the airport. Restroom stop and then go through security.

For the first time IN MY LIFE, I had a pat down. The woman said my shoulders and my groin area set off their monitors. HUH???

The shoulders I understand actually. I asked them if I needed to remove my earrings and they said no but they hang down so yeah. But my groin area??? I am wearing stretch pants, no belt, and no metal at all. What set it off? And then, she wiped my hands with that strip to see if I had shot a gun recently. REALLY???

I am asking what y’all think. I am glad they check people, I am. I wonder how terrible the machines must be though to think my stretch pants were dangerous.

My opinion is that all the excess skin hanging looks like I could be hiding something. Yes people! I am hiding my excess skin! That’s why I wear high rise pants people! I asked her if it was because it was “that time of the month” and she said “not usually “. So I really want to know why. I don’t want this to happen every damn time I fly from now on! It’s embarrassing and frustrating.

I called BFF because I was about to start crying. I ate a croissant too. I don’t usually eat when I’m upset anymore but I can’t even use my vape since I’m in the airport. So now I have to deal with the possibility that this will happen on my way home as well. Maybe I should wear my pants under the excess skin. I doubt they would appreciate that!

I’m trying to stop thinking about it but it is really bothering me still. I just want to have a good trip. First my son yells at me this morning for accidentally opening the bathroom door when he was in there and now this.

Sigh 😔

9 thoughts on “Special airport post

  1. Oh no!!! I’m sorry that happened. 😭 I have a piercing down there & I’ve never made the dectector go off. You shouldn’t have this problem on the way home & your son has probably forgotten about the bathroom incident. Time for a care-free vacation, Julie! ♡

    Have a safe flight!!

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  2. Oh I’m so sorry you had to go through that. My friend was in a wheelchair and the alarm went off. They took her into a private room and took everything out of her carry on and stuff. I think she said it was like 20 minutes. They said she had explosives residue on her hands! All she can figure is that there was some chemical on the door of the shed. The last thing she did before heading off to the airport was lock that shed door and she didn’t have time to wash her hands after. From now on, we are either washing our hands or using wet wipes before going through security. Ridiculous!!!!

    You may have had something on your hand that has a compound that is also found in illegal drugs or explosives and wiped your hands on your pants and voila! Off goes the alarm. Doesn’t mean you were using drugs or handling explosives, it could just be a common ingredient. Kind of like poppyseeds in a muffin can show up in a drug test.

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  3. I really believe 70% of it is random, it has happen to half the people I know. I am sure you should be fine on the return trip, but I don’t think asking a lot of questions is the way to go as they will rarely give you a straight answer.

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  4. Yes, I’ve had many similar experiences. It used to really disturb me, but after the first several times, I figured they must have a certain quota to meet and thought Seniors would be less likely to resist or cause them trouble. That couldn’t be the reason in your case, though. Sorry you had to go through that! It can be very demeaning.

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