Been absent

Yes I know I haven’t posted since my last Vegas post.

After getting home, I had a couple of depressed days and then yesterday was very busy.

When I am depressed, all I do is pretty much stay in bed and watch Netflix. And that’s okay. I was doubting my parenting abilities. My son decided he is Emo and wanted his hair died as well as his nails polished black and get his ears pierced. Well, I wasn’t able to express myself growing up and ended up hating my mother for many years because of it so I let him do it.

Am I glad I let him do this? No. I think it looks awful! Am I glad he is expressing himself? Most definitely! Better this than drugs, alcohol, or sex. So it was an internal debate over all these changes. We had a good time in Vegas and had to come back here which I never want to do but know I have to.

I have also woken up with a headache for the past 4 mornings. I mean, the “I can’t move or do anything” kind of headache. When I finally get up, it sticks around about half the day (I still have it now). That didn’t help me feel any better either.

I finally got in some exercise yesterday other than the plank challenge. I just used my 5 pound dumbbells and did 36 minutes of exercises with them as well as squats and dancing in between. I’m still at 148.6. I just want to maintain this weight and didn’t realize how hard it would be! I constantly have to check myself because I can drop pounds or gain pounds in just a week!

I cooked yesterday as well. I got a beef stew recipe from this couple called peaceloveandlowcarb. I couldn’t use mushrooms because I am allergic to them so I substituted green beans and I forgot to put the bacon in it. It still turned out so good! And spicy for some reason. There’s nothing spicy in the recipe but I had to eat a babybel cheese after the stew because my mouth was on fire (I love that)! It was absolutely delicious!!!

Between them and Kasey Trenum, you can eat really well doing keto if you know how to follow a recipe.

I also made my son his lasagna and some taco meat to have with my low carb tortillas and cheese. All the cheese. Yum!

I had 2 interviews last week. One at my gym working the gym floor (I would love that job) and one at my local vitamin store. I had so much fun with the guys at the vitamin store too. Both of these are part time which works better for me since I am still running my business as well. I have another interview tomorrow for working the front desk at my gym. I hope to hear back from someone quick so I can start working and make some money. I have no savings left! I also want to save up for the skin removal surgery since nobody (other than Andrea and my neighbor) has sent me anything.

Y’all have a good day. I have Anatomy lab work due tomorrow and a test next week in Nutrition so I bet you know what I’m doing the rest of the day!

6 thoughts on “Been absent

  1. I love his hair color! It looks more black then blue. I don’t like the style, though. It looms like a bowl, in the picture. Sorry.
    I also have to finish my class this week so I can relate, there.

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  2. First, you look great and I love your black & white bathroom!!!!

    Second, that stew looks GOOD!!!

    Third, I do not like your son’s hair, at all, (sorry!) but I think you were right to let him do it. My Dad has been dead since 2011 and there are still times I resent him for things he wouldn’t let me do a million years ago. Hair color will fade, nail polish will fade, pierced ears…whatever. None of that is important. What’s important is you let him be himself when he needed to be.

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    1. Thanks for the bathroom. My mom did that many years ago and it’s alright. 😂
      The stew is great!
      I’m glad I’m not the only one that just hates the hair. I agree that color will come out and he can take off the polish. I am trying to let him be him, it’s just tough sometimes!

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  3. Julie, don’t worry about the number on the scale. You seriously look great & that’s all that matters!! I don’t even own a scale because there’s no use. & I think you’re a great mom, your son is just going through a phase because his friends are.

    I hope you get both jobs & get to decide which one will work better for you!! Feel better soon. ♡♡♡

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