I am so bad. I’ve been lazy for a couple of days. Oh, I’m still doing the planks, just not anything else. Plus eating everything in sight.

So I am back on track tomorrow. I have to. I start working this week. I have the food, I just need to cook.

I also still have this test tomorrow. I was going to take it last night but my computer died as I finished the lectures. Then today I took my son to an art thing he got picked for and then to the mall. While he was at the mall, I started watching Arrested Development on Netflix. OMG how did I never watch this show??? It’s hysterical!!!

I ended up watching it all night. So I have to study and take the exam tomorrow. Plus I am supposed to meet H for lunch tomorrow. You guys know I will get it done.

What’s up with you?

20 thoughts on “Lazy

  1. Good luck on your test and getting back on track! I just started working out again today and it felt amazing. I just need to get back to my healthy eating then I’ll be all set. We both got this!

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  2. We’re sure you are gonna make it !! … as for me … today I took a walk with a friend and then I’ll be blogging and working out and I want to watch “13 Reasons why” telling the 13 reasons (and persons) why a teeanage girl commited suicide … Yesterday I watched “Leaving Neverland” about Michael Jackson and 2 children he abused who are now adult men and they tell what he did to them … I am still stunned !!! …

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