Oh man what a long day!!!

Let me tell you. I am just now having dinner 12 hours after my day began. Thank goodness I had packed Atkins bars in my purse for lunch!

I started this morning by waking up at 5am. I didn’t actually get moving until 6 (it takes me a while to get going).

Once I was up, I showered and washed my hair. I then went downstairs to walk my dog. Thankfully I had time to brown my ground beef and I had chopped up my veggies last night because I threw everything in my slow cooker right before heading out the door at 7:15am to go to school.

My professor had us doing homework AGAIN during class and watching a couple of YouTube videos. OMG going to this class is so pointless on most days! I left class early (at 8:40) and came home to walk both dogs before heading out to work.

I started my job today! I was there 5 minutes early but she didn’t teach me how to clock in until exactly 10am. Okay. I got a 15 minute break around 1pm and was able to leave at 3:04pm. It seems like an easy job but I have to work on confronting people that have balances on their account when they sign in. I am so not good at confrontation! Plus I am slow obviously and I know that just takes time to get faster at getting people checked in.

When I got home and walked into our carport area, I noticed this huge leak on the ground.

Since my mom parks there, I called her. She tells me, “No wonder it was smoking when I stopped.” OMG… And she just went on to work??? So after walking the dogs again (it had been 5 hours), I drive over to her job and took her vehicle to the mechanic where she just got her oil changed last week. They showed me this horrible mess of an antifreeze hose. I can’t say they rigged it but I have a feeling. So for over $400, they are ordering her a new hose and will install it tomorrow. The hose for her vehicle is a 3-in-one thing that’s all connected so you have to replace them all. It’s stupid and makes me not like this place. We aren’t going there any more either. I’m sure nobody reading this blames me either!

I got a ride with one of the mechanics back to her work to get my car back and it reeked of marijuana. I played it off by saying his car smelled good and they should legalize it here (I really do think that) but I didn’t really need to be put in that. I should have just walked back to her work (only about half a mile).

Since my mom doesn’t have a car, I had to go pick her up at work at 7 when she got off. Since my child was at karate, I walked both dogs at once before I left. That was probably a funny site! Lucky in front of me pulling on me and Amber behind me trying to keep up. When we got back to the house and before I left, we all sat on or near the couch for some cuddles.

When Lucky got into the window after Amber basically yelled at him for trying to be on the couch with us, Eliza had a surprised look on her face like, “Hey! That’s MY spot!”

For dinner, I made this 2 minute keto English muffin to go along with my slow cooker keto chili. It’s all delicious and only 9 carbs for dinner. https://www.wholesomeyum.com/recipes/two-minute-toasted-english-muffin/ and @ketomovement1 from Instagram have the original recipes.

As for exercise, I haven’t been. I finished up the plank challenge yesterday and am SO glad that’s over and done with! It’s 8pm here and I went over all of my Apple Watch goals today. I guess working at a gym pays off. LOL

Just finished eating (picture is missing half the bread) and need to get ready for tomorrow. I work 8 hours including a staff meeting!!!

15 thoughts on “Oh man what a long day!!!

  1. Whoo-ee!!! With the crazy busy day you had today, I’d say you got a great deal of exercise in!

    Congrats on your new job, and yes, be gentle with yourself! It will take a little time to get into your grove, but you’ll get there! Took me a good four months on my current job to feel like I had a clue what I was doing. LOL

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      1. I guess mine is more technically challenging, but you deal with the public…in person…which is way harder in my book. I had a coke thrown at me once by an angry customer when I worked at an amusement park taco stand!

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  2. Your mother continues to be hilarious to me I am glad she is safe, and has you. Yeah for your son being in Karate, I hope that helps with his angry/extra energy. You should speak to your professor, about the class after all you are paying good money to attend.

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    1. His sensei (?) had a FIT when my son walked in with earrings! I’m surprised he’s allowed in the class. My mother can drive me nuts but I’m sure all mothers do! As for the professor, I have a 100 in the class so I am not going to rock that boat! 😂

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  3. Interesting day. That may have been all on the agenda for the professor that day. Sometimes I let my class start their writing assignment early. He might not have students turning in work, and if the assignment is due the end of the day, he or she is trying to give them a break. Sounds like you have to be on your toes with your new job. I wouldn’t like to confront some of the customers about not paying bills! The pug and I were way laid this morning by two enormous huskies which the owner had trouble keeping back. My husband had to go to the hospital this morning and we had a long night. It is part of his appointments but he is getting tired of being poked, so I guess this morning I was like to the owner “Bring it on.” Obviously his dogs are bigger but I am always the one to move. Well,we arrived home intact. Enjoy the day.

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    1. The issue I have with the professor is that this happens a LOT. I do my homework at home (like the name) and I don’t pay money and wake up early to go sit and do nothing for an hour and a half.
      I’m glad you are doing well and I can understand about your hubby not wanting to be poked anymore!

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      1. I understand. My classes are long: over 2 hours on one day, so we do work in the class toward the end of class.

        It is hard. I feel sympathy for him but yet he tells me it is not a hand holding time. It is very challenging. I feel for him but yet can only support him just like I have my willies the nights before my 2.5 hour class on writing!

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  4. I am still asleep this morning. Time to get moving. I did mean we were way laid this morning. Husband was just telling me the story of a woman whose dog was way laid by a mountain lion in her back yard as she pried her dog out of the jaws of the lion. That is how I feel about my pug.

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