2 more exams!

It’s almost over. I missed my exam this morning but he was dropping a test anyway so that was no big deal.

All I have left is nutrition. I’m not doing so well in that class (I think I have a C). I have to do well on these last 2 exams for this class.

I’m working a lot, have been having some personal stuff going on, plus my clients. Fun fun!

My mom went out with her boyfriend for the next few days so good for her! We all need a break sometimes.

I am still at 149 pounds and happy about that! I work out when I have time, eating pretty good…I have snacks way too much and haven’t been keto. I need to be back on it. My feet are back to tingling a lot.

In case you are not aware, that’s why the doctor put me on keto. The side effect was losing the weight I needed to! That’s why I am all for keto. It helps with so much!

Have a great day. I’ll leave you with a cutie pic! Lucky adores my mom!

16 thoughts on “2 more exams!

  1. i don’t see where to like a post but it’s been a while so i say “like” in a comment. i’m not a great follower of blogs unless it’s one about bicycles. but i’m glad to see you’re still at your studies and health journey, Julie. me too, i guess. anyway, keep it up and all the best!

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    1. I don’t even have a bike anymore! I am having to use the ones at the gym. Houston doesn’t have the best ride places near me. Thank you so much for keeping up with me, I appreciate it!

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      1. Bummer to hear that. Bike Houston is doing their best to get more bike friendly streets. Gym cycling isn’t the best but it’s something. I’m happy to visit when I can. Getting closer to finishing my book and sometimes don’t think I should be blogging at all!

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