Got caught up

Well, a little bit! I miss you guys, y’all are like my internet family. I enjoy meeting you guys and can’t wait to be able to go overseas and meet more!

I had an unexpected day off today. I requested Monday mornings off to be able to take my son to school and even though it’s a holiday, I don’t have to work this morning. This afternoon the gym closes early so I have no reason to go. It’s nice to have a day to myself to catch up on stuff.

I’m watching the Netflix show Dark (weird and creepy but good). My son is doing pretty good at school so far, no problems anyway. I baked muffins yesterday and shared them with coworkers who ate them up! I made blueberry and chocolate (the chocolate ones for my son and they are already gone).

I saw this funny meme and had to share because it’s so true!

Also a joke for vapers like myself. It’s almost been 8 months since I smoked a cigarette. I miss it sometimes so I vape more and then don’t need one!

One more…a gym joke.

SO…I haven’t exercised in QUITE a while. I avoid my place of work since members seem to want to come bother me even though I’m not in uniform and wearing headphones. 🙄 I am going to try to get some weights in today. My usual 30 minutes of arm exercises to start. And since I redid my bedroom, I have room to do yoga now so I may do that too, we shall see!

I still weigh 150 and I am NOT complaining! I am going to Kansas in a couple of weeks and would like to weigh less when I go so I am watching my calories like crazy but nighttime is a killer for me. I eat dinner at 7pm and by 10pm, I want snacks. Late night eating is how I gain weight so I HAVE to stop that! Now the question is how. I guess it just takes me not putting things in my mouth!

I hope you guys have a great Labor Day here in the Americas and just a wonderful day everywhere else in the world. 😀

5 thoughts on “Got caught up

  1. I love what you said about the teenager. We had our grandson stay 5 weeks with us while they relocated for my stepson’s job. Whew! That about sums it up: video games, hibernate, remind him to take the dogs out, hmm…dinner is ready, hiss, you know. You have it down! Dogs are still with us until a fence is errected or something but they still tend to be much less “hissy” than the teenager. I hope we have a chance to babysit the younger ones though. Congrats on staying the same weight!

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      1. Happy for you! We are still on keto. Stuffed mushrooms tonight for dinner. Exercising, also. Yes, I don’t think I was this bad, but who knows. We have two dogs in cages and one pug uncaged. Yes, they are ok. One was a stray taken in and has a few issues but I do feel for him and now we are accustomed to one another. Hopefully, they should be back with the grandchildren in a week or so. That would make it two months they enjoyed our doggie farm!!Stay well.

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