Christmas Eve

I’m not in the Christmas mood this year. All I want to do is veg out and watch Netflix. Although Criminal Minds makes me wonder why I am on social media at all. That’s scary stuff to think about! It’s why I don’t say names.

It’s 73 degrees here in Texas. It’s my 3rd Christmas without my dad. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I lost my weight so I don’t eat much junk, what do I have left to pull back these feelings? My own mother isn’t even in the spirit. We just don’t care this year.

This is what’s keeping me sane. Well, this and taking care of my neighbors cats. Nothing else to do.

I hope y’all are having a better holiday.

24 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. Just do whatever you enjoy doing and forget everything else.

    I only get the 25th off from work and it’s just me and my 92-yo Mom who could not care less about Christmas, so I’m just doing what I love to do: Eating, reading, binge-watching, and reading blogs. LOL

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  2. Well hope
    You are able to extract some good time with your son and family – because the hype of this holiday can be overdone even for the non atheist – ugh…
    And wishing you a wonderful new year 2020

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      1. Oh I know the show – and they used to have the “goth” character when I was an art teacher – it was a private school and I recall a couple young girls like that gothic character – not a show I love (kind of dark) but I was wondering what specific aspect they mentioned –
        That was why I asked for more –
        But now I see what you mean- just the general stuff-
        And did see a different show where a person was filling someone on social media and saw they clicked a photo at a restaurant and posted it and the creepy person said “thanks for letting me know where you are tonight…”

        And side note – a while back when you shared how phones were listening was something I needed to hear! I knew it but was forgetting –
        And then last month my Instagram app -suddenly allowed itself access to my “microphone” without my knowledge – I deleted the app and feel pissed about that.
        Anyhow – it amazes me as to how many people are completely okay with all the echos and home devices listening and recording what they say

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