Keto day

I had a keto day today.

I have had 19 carbs today. I’m not hungry either. Woo hoo! Yes, I still have dinner left but I will be having more brisket. I made it so I will eat it.

Here’s the key for staying away from keto flu. DRINK YOUR WATER! It will keep you from feeling sick on day 3 to 5. Now if you don’t drink water, yes, you may feel like crap. And if you do, it will pass, I promise. You’re not really sick, it just feels like it.

I have a doctors appointment next Tuesday so I really need to drop these 5 pounds I’ve gained. I don’t want a lecture about “well, you’ve gained a few pounds, you may want to watch that.” So I am totally watching everything that goes in my mouth for a week so I will keep this up and I really do like keto and should keep doing it because it’s a lot healthier for me and my neuropathy.

So this is the plan for at least the next week. I had kind of went off and was eating a TON of sugar. That’s what made me gain. Keto is no sugar so this is good!!!

Y’all have a good night. I’m about to take my shower and go to bed early after dinner.

7 thoughts on “Keto day

  1. julie, read the blog. I have not counted my carbs from day 1. A couple of months shy of one year and I don’t really know how to add up the food I eat. I am keto though.
    I read about going to the dark side. Or I should say the light side, the sugar. This stuff is the opiate of the world. Try hard not to touch that stuff. I know I have a really hard time too. But, it is BAD.
    Keep up the Keto to keep you healthy for your little one.

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    1. Really??? I always counted my carbs like crazy, that’s how I lost all my weight.
      Yes! Stay away from sugar. It is the worst!!!
      Thank you so much for your comment!


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