Are y’all okay?

We are doing well even though I was possibly exposed at work. I hope all of my friends on WordPress are safe too. I say exposed because someone in my office came down with it. I say possibly because I wasn’t within 6 feet of them. I am working at home since Monday and not really going anywhere. My mom on the other hand seems like she doesn’t care what happens to any of us because she is shopping like a madwoman!

Nothing interesting has been going on lately in my life and I just haven’t been writing. Working 50 hours a week will do that to you!

I have a story for today though. I had to share.

Amazon can be stupid sometimes and deliver a package to a wrong address. Same house number but completely different street.

This thing actually happened. A package was delivered here, wet and falling apart. I opened it because we ordered packages as well. Umm, we did not order 500 paper plates. I check the box to see if my mother did (she seems to be prepping us like it the end of the world). Nope! It was supposed to be delivered to same house number but different street. Totally different street, like almost half a mile away different street.

I google the address and it shows where I live. At least now I know why it was dropped here. So I go into Waze and do walking directions to the correct box address. I grab my dog who is always happy to go out and start walking. We get to the address, across from the gym, and use their call button system and found the name that I found in google. I probably freak this woman out because she answered the gate box like “hello?” (Like she wasn’t expecting anyone which I’m sure she wasn’t).

I tell her who I am and why I’m there and she was so nice. She says she will be right out. She drives out in her Porsche Cayenne and I tell her where I live. Granted, I am walking with my dog! I give her directions and start walking back. She passes my street so I beat her to it. I guess she turned around at some point because she found me again and came back.

My son brought the plates out and put them in her car and we spoke for a minute and she went back home. Now, I probably look like I’m wanting the credit here for fixing Amazons mistakes. Honestly. I am a bit (duh) but I mean really? Is it that hard to look at street names? It took me all of a minute to search and find them. That’s it. It took longer to walk to their home than it did to find them.

It also worries me that the stuff I just ordered may never find its way to me. I finally broke down and ordered the bed I have been wanting for months. Pray hard it comes safely!

Okay, is it eerily quiet where y’all live right now? This whole stay at home thing seems to be working a bit. A lot of people are staying at home and the sirens that drive by seem much louder than they used to.

Also, I added my mom to my Costco membership because they have a seniors hour right now. I was joking about her buying toilet paper and she took me seriously and actually brought us Scott tissue from a hardware store she went to. 🤦‍♀️

Anyway, I hope y’all are doing okay. For those that I am in contact with, hit me up and let me know you’re okay. I am bad at text because I’m always working (although the gym is now shut down but who knows what will happen). Smooches!!!

12 thoughts on “Are y’all okay?

  1. Talk about a act of kindness nicely done and did you find out why she ordered 500 plates that’s got be a year supply…lol. Cute bed, but tiny no way a full size human and a dog can fine 😉

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      1. Okay you must tell your secrets how do you not let your doggy in the bed…lol. I am well and we are all surviving the apocalypse. Stay safe and please keep the funny memes coming we need them badly.

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  2. Hi Julie! Sorry I missed your texts. The stress of the pandemic made me not want to talk to anyone but, I’m happy to hear everything was all well with you. ♡ Hope you didn’t end up catching the virus & that was so sweet of you to walk the package where it belonged!!

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