Stupid Saturday

Yet another day of dealing with teenage angst.

He told me he wanted to get out of this shithole and it took everything I have not to tell him to go ahead and get out. I holed myself up in my room and watched movies on Netflix. I ate WAY too much as I was upset. That was the first time I overate being upset in years. I will NOT make that a habit! Plus the fact that I am in pain in my feet today which reminds me why I stopped eating like this months ago! At least I am honest with myself and track my mistakes.

Yesterday was weigh day. I am down to 155.6. Woo hoo! Finally lost again. After a month! So I think I can maintain too. I only have 5.6 pounds to go to hit my ultimate goal of 150. Today I am going to a class called BodyPump. It’s with weights and that class is tough. Not only is my neighbor going with me, my sons godmother told me last night she wants to go so now I am in a group of 3 in class. Maybe that will be good for me? I guess I’ll find out how I do surrounded by friends. It should definitely keep me from slacking!

It rained pretty much all day yesterday. Off and on all day long. So being stuck in the house with my son while it poured outside didn’t do much to help me. I didn’t feel like I could get outside. I didn’t feel I had a way out. I do have a question though. All these people that live in their cars, what do they do when it rains? Floods? Not like they can have their windows down and enjoy it.

It is supposed to rain more today. I hope it keeps the temperature down a little. I’m so tired of 90-100 degrees in September!

I found a shirt I like but not going to spend money I don’t have. I’m keeping the picture of it though for when I do have some extra money for clothes. I did use a credit card and got 3 pairs of pants and 3 long sleeve shirts since winter is coming. Kohl’s has a sale so 3 outfits cost $50. Pretty good in my opinion plus I got a $10 Kohl’s cash card with it.

Last but not least, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of Oliver in a box. I had to get copy paper for the printer so the box was available before I take it out to the trash Monday morning.

Hope y’all have a good Sunday! I’m sure you can’t wait to hear about how I sore I feel tomorrow morning! πŸ˜‚

Stupid doctor offices

This doctor I was referred to. πŸ™„ Her office staff has STILL not called me back after 2 messages over 2 days! I am blessed that a pharmacy friend of mine came through for me and gave me something to try. And it helped. So I will look for another doctor to see next week and see about getting something to help.

Another friend of mine called me yesterday evening and asked if I wanted to go get a drink with her. I have needed to get out so I went with her. We just went down the street and I had 2 low carb beers and she had 2 Patrons with one beer. It was fun even though the place she wanted to go to only had old men there. We were just chatting with each other anyway. She and I are going to a weight lifting class tomorrow too. I told her that I thought endorphins might help and she agrees (as do some of you guys) so I’m going to do it.

I went online to my gym’s website and checked out all of their classes. I am going to try 3 different ones this coming week (not weight lifting) and even put them on my calendar to make sure I go. Obviously they are not on school days.

Why not? This way I can find what I like. Sorry for the blackouts, I can’t give out client info. What do y’all think of this?

Last night, I printed out the materials I need for class next week too. I want to be ready and hopefully ahead. I also did my Anatomy homework from Thursday and even read the next chapter and even did the prework for that chapter. I am ready for next week! I will see my friend/tutor tomorrow afternoon too for the math I missed.

I watched Netflix and was so happy last night. I watched more of the latest season of Blacklist. I still love James Spader. I have since the 80’s. Anybody know him and can introduce me? πŸ˜‚ Him and C. Thomas Howell. Did y’all know that Jimmy Spader dropped out of high school in the 11th grade? And he seems like he’s done a great job in life. Plus he’s divorced so who knows! πŸ˜‚

This morning my son and I are going to do community service at the Houston Food Bank with the group I’m in at school. He stayed at the neighbors house last night but I told him he has to be home by 7am so we can leave at 7:15. I will call and wake up the parents if he’s not here at 7 too. Then nothing else scheduled today so I will finish Blacklist and study. Fun fun!

Y’all have a great Saturday! I plan on it!

Stressful day

Yesterday was NOT a good day.

I woke up my child to go to school with me and he fell back asleep so we didn’t get out the door until almost 6:30 which drove me nuts. Then he complained the entire time we were there. We left at 11:15 because I couldn’t concentrate on what I had been doing (anatomy homework) with him just staring at me.

We left, picked up Mexican food, and went to his therapist. I talked to him for 30 minutes first because my chest had been hurting for over an hour and I was worried about having a heart attack. He told me that it was a full blown panic attack. I haven’t had one in 4 years! I forgot what they felt like. The therapist is sending me to a friend of his that will be low cost and give me something for those times. I guess its situational since I only have to get a prescription as needed.

When I posted it on Instagram last night, I got a great outpouring of love from everyone which was very appreciative! I also got texts from people I know telling me what I should take for it. I didn’t post on there what happened with my son. His father sees my instagram so I definitely didn’t want to put that on there. He would just call and yell at my child and that does absolutely no good, especially since that man rarely comes to see his child. That just makes my son hate him more. And I didn’t tell my mother because I don’t want to give her that kind of stress. Only you guys, the ones that actually read the post, knows what happened. And that’s what, 3 people? Lol

So I am working this morning with Styled, hair and nails. I took my nutrition exam yesterday after my panic attack subsided some and still got a C. That was very upsetting since I studied like crazy but at least I didn’t fail it like the Anatomy test last week! It’s the only real job I had this week too. Making under $100 a week isn’t helping my stress either. I was accepted to work for Shipt but I’m not sure about grocery shopping for people and then some want you to take it into their house? I’m not comfortable with that.

Next exams are in 2 weeks, math and nutrition on the same day. That will be fun, right? Don’t mind me, I’m just stressed out, anxious, and want to just walk away from my dreams at this point. I don’t understand why I have to be so stressed just to do what I want to do. Why do I need all these extra classes just to learn nutrition? The state exam can’t be this hard!

I had popcorn for dinner last night. It’s what I wanted so I had it. Total of 59 carbs yesterday. Not too bad. I need less since my feet are tingly today so I’m starting my day with eggs and sausage patties made at home. Today will be a better day. I talked to BFF and she’s got a lot going on too. I also talked to my neighbor friend and she suggested going to the gym with her this weekend so I will do that. Maybe a dance class?

Have a good Friday. I’ll chat with y’all later.

What did I even do yesterday?

I know I studied for nutrition. That’s almost all I did.

My son went with his godfather to work but he didn’t do anything other than sleep because 1. The mosquitoes were too bad outside for them to do lawn work and 2. My son is allergic to latex so he couldn’t wear the gloves they have to bleach clean whatever he needed done. So that was a bust.

I met with the dean at my sons school and there’s no getting out of his punishment. It does go on his permanent school record. The dean said that most high schools don’t look at the junior high disciplinary records (really? I would!).

Last night at karate, this woman walks up to me. I’ve seen her at the school and at the gym but I don’t really know her. I have NO idea what her name is for sure! She squats down by my chair and tells me that she was there on Monday. She witnessed the fight! She told me this kid has been bullying mine since school started (my son does not agree – I asked). She said one punch from the other kid was the whole fight. She seemed very upset about the suspension as well. Actually every parent I know is! So that was weird to have somebody walk up to you and tell you they were there and witnessed it.

I ran a few errands. Vitamin Shoppe has Bang on sale so I bought some as well as a couple of new low carb snacks to try for when I have a craving. They had low carb popcorn and a cookie thing.

They also had just about every sugar free energy drink you could want so I tried a new cola and it is good. It tastes like coke.

I also had to get more ink for my printer (I’m using a lot being in school and that stuff is expensive!). I got my dog some treats as we were almost out. And I dealt with my child. That’s nerve racking enough for one day, right? I was going to take my exam yesterday and saw I still could today so I put it off. It will have to be done today so I’ll let y’all know how I did tomorrow.

I hope he does well with me at school this morning. He told his friends last night that I won’t leave him alone and I am forcing him to come with me. I reminded him that he actually had told me when I started school that he wanted to see it one day. Then he said, “This is my own fault!” πŸ˜‚

Well, I gotta shower and walk the dog and wake up the beast child to get out of here. Y’all have a great day!


Man yesterday was screwed up!

I started off being out the door early for school. I went to biology class and made a couple of new young friends. Sweet girls, we’ve been talking before class each day and now I officially have a couple more followers on Instagram. Lol

In the middle of class, I start getting texts from Cranky’s caregiver. Cranky has been waking up dizzy each morning for a few days. After class, I left school and headed to her place. Not sure if you remember but I live 12.5 miles from school. Cranky’s is almost as far from the school. And with traffic, it’s about 30-45 minutes during the day to get that far.

She seemed okay to me. I stayed there, chatted with them both, and did my after school work for biology. Then I had to drive back to school to go to Math. I couldn’t miss it again! I told the caregiver to take her blood pressure in the middle of the night for a few days and we will see if she needs to go to the doctor or just get her some electrolytes. Not really sure what’s causing it but at her age, who knows.

Before I leave her place, I get a call from my sons school. The dean was on the phone. Well, seems like my child got into an altercation at the park after school yesterday and has been suspended for 2 days. What?!? My son told me that he and his friends were horsing around and he got hit in the nose. What my child failed to mention was that he had told some kid he wanted to fight and then met in the park to do just that. Somebody videoed it and sent it to the dean. My son didn’t even get a chance to punch this kid but he got punched. I had my sons friend send me the video because the dean wouldn’t. Both kids got suspended and I now have a meeting with the dean this afternoon. If you can think of anything I should ask him, please let me know! I want to know how this affects his permanent record (I have no idea how suspension works), if he will still be able to get in to a good high school, and why is he suspended when he didn’t really fight, he just got hit.

My son is going to work today with his godfather and then going to school with me tomorrow. I took him to dinner yesterday so we could talk without me getting overly upset and so I could have a beer (actually had 3). He cried and said I didn’t understand him. Well I can’t understand why anyone would fight. That was very frustrating. I called his psychologist and left a voicemail. Never got a call back, maybe he will today. I have grounded my son from everything, he doesn’t even have his manga collection in his room anymore. Took the tv power cord even!

I did go back to school. Math was good. The professor said since there’s a football game going on Thursday that he will do class online. That’s great! I can leave school after biology. My sons teachers gave him assignments to do while at school with me. His science teacher said to take notes in my class and show him what he learned, his English teacher wants him to write a paper about my university’s history, his math teacher wants him to do math quizzes online and take notes in my class, and his history teacher sent me a website for him to do work at my school too. I think I will take him to class, then go to the library, then eat, then head home to listen to the math class. But that’s tomorrow.

My son was in bed by 10 and I just woke him up to get ready to go to work. Now he’s complaining that he won’t have time to do assignments because he’s having to do this. I told him it is an assignment. After he works today, he needs to write a one page paper on what he learned in the experience working and why he needs to stay good in school, not let other kids get under his skin, and not get into any more trouble.

Let’s all pray this child stops his nonsense and gets back on track. What happened to my sweet baby boy that came to me about everything?

Everything done

Well, except studying for Math. That exam is not for 2 weeks though so it’s okay. Oh, and I didn’t wash the towels but we still have some and I did get my clothes and sheets laundered!

I made keto cornbread from Dr. Berg’s website and made the other half of the brisket I had in the freezer. That was dinner and I am so happy!

I forgot to show y’all my sons hair after I colored it. He decided he likes this color and doesn’t want to make it more blonde than this.



I got some exercise in yesterday too! I did 45 minutes of strength training (arms).

Amber really likes to sleep on clean sheets. I’m surprised she even let me make the bed!

And here’s Eliza on the window in my moms room.

And finally, here’s a few motivation quotes I found on Twinbody, Bauer Women’s Society, and Instagram.

I’m off to school! Nutrition test is tomorrow. Eek!!!