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I am at the dentist with a client this morning. I was lazy last night and watched daredevil on Netflix. It was such a nice evening!

I brought my math stuff with me to the dentist and I’ve gotten through one section out of the 7 sections that will be on the exam Saturday. This means I can do 2 a day and I’ll know it all by test time. That is doable! Now the nutrition I actually need to write a whole bunch of stuff so that needs to be 3 hours a day until time for the exam. BUT! I’m at school all day tomorrow so I have plenty of time. My headphones are charged up and ready to go as well.

My mom was working all weekend and is working again today. I’m afraid it may be too much for a 75 year old. She comes home, eats, then passes out on the couch. She wakes up, goes to bed, and sleeps late too. Yes I may complain about my mother but I do care about her health and want her to live many more years. I have talked to her about not working so much and she said that this is the busy time of year and she will go back to only working 12 hours a week after Christmas. ๐Ÿ™„

Since my son did not have to see his father, he seems to have had a good weekend. My ex called me last night. He asked why things were changed at the “last minute” and why he couldn’t come to my house (he argued for over 10 minutes and I kept saying I needed to get off the phone). I’m not sure how to answer that. How do you explain to an idiot (I say idiot only because he acts like one sometimes) that his son’s therapist (plus the entire household) doesn’t want him there? He wants to come this weekend. I told him my mother is having friends over and we will need to meet him somewhere. There’s only so many excuses I can come up with so I hope the psychologist writes that letter quick! I can’t confront my ex until I have that letter as backup. It’s going to be a fight anyway.

So have a great day! Chat soon!

I hit my goal!

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In other news, I just went downstairs to make some keto bread for BFF and guess what? This family I swear! The sink is FULL of dishes, including the ones I need to use to cook! Since I have been eating up what I cooked last weekend, I know it wasn’t me that left all these there (with the exception of the casserole dish from one of my cooked meals). So I just rinsed all of them off and started the dishwasher. This means I cannot start to cooking for the next 2 hours (that is seriously how long this dishwasher takes)! So now I decided to post and guess I will actually get dressed too.

What are you up to today???

No meeting ๐Ÿ˜€

You guys will not believe this! It’s absolutely awesome and crazy at the same time.

We went to therapy today. At the psychologist’s office, this man saved my son. I went in his office first and told him how my ex said he was coming over today and everything I told y’all this morning. He agrees to never ask a teenager that question too!

Come to find out, I don’t have to let my ex come to my house. We can meet him somewhere and only do a short visit. Psychologist suggestion for today – my son said he was hungry and wanted quesadillas anyway. Have my ex meet us at the place my son likes. So while I was in the psychologists office, I text my ex. He didn’t answer for 30 minutes but finally said “Ugh” as his reply.

We get to the Mexican place. My son orders his quesadillas and I get nachos and a beer since I was going to have to deal with my ex.

image from Taco Bell but that is NOT where we go!

My ex text a little while later saying he was leaving from the other side of town right then. We were half done with our lunch by then! I tell him that we are leaving soon and his son is going to a friends house. Now my ex says he is coming next week. I replied that we will work something out. So I sent all of the texts to the psychologist and he is going to write me a letter saying that he can only meet his father outside the house. He called our house my sons “safe place” and that since my son does not like his father, he should not have to have his father in his safe place.

I am happy about this. I don’t like that my ex comes over here and is either sleeping in my child’s room or is roughhousing (wrestling) with my son who doesn’t like it. I also think this is a better option than what my son wants to do which is petition the court to not have to see him at all. I think that would hurt them both in the long run. I can’t wait to see if this works out better.

I started my paper for nutrition as well today. It needs to be 3 pages and I am on page 2 so I sent some follow up questions to the dietician so I can make my paper longer. I made sure they were based on what she already answered so I can just add them in to what I already have. I still have 9 days to turn it in so I’m doing fine. I want to finish it quick because I have the nutrition exam on Thursday and my next math exam on Saturday. Yes, you read that correctly, Saturday. That was the only available time to schedule my test by the time I realized I needed to. Yuck! Oh well, all I have after that is the final exam so I’m getting excited for the end of this semester!

Have a great Saturday night and Sunday! Chat with y’all later!


Okay guys, I’m really trying to figure out this giveaway. I only need ONE more follower to hit 1000! I’m thinking a book by one of the bloggers that got me re-interested in blogging (Jenny Lawson, she is awesome). Also a couple of things from Loot Crate and maybe something else? Let me know what you want to win and I will see if I have it!

Today is the day of “The Talk” between father and son. God help me. We are going to therapy first and then the man is coming over. My mom is working all day giving talks about how to decorate a Christmas tree. It’s what she does best! I need to go up to her work and take a photo of one of her trees so you can see what I mean. Other than the bows she puts at the top of the trees, they are gorgeous! And the bows are a big hit, it’s my preference of not having one. I really wish she would be here when this man comes over but what could she do anyway?

It’s cold outside finally! The weather app says it is 47 degrees Fahrenheit but in my bedroom, it feels even colder. I am wearing my daddy’s flannel shirt (it was his favorite shirt) and I see why he loved it, it is so warm! Thanks Dad! Miss you still every day and love you!

148.8 this morning on the scale. I’m eating, I promise! I quit sweets again, so I guess that’s why I am dropping the weight again. I can’t complain. I am going to start going back to the gym and work with weights. I need to tone up and build muscle and that’s the best way to do that!

It’s almost 8am, guess I better get up and walk Amber. Now where are my gloves?

Feeling better!

I am being lazy though, I haven’t opened a textbook since Tuesday! That will change tonight as I am going to my friends house for tutoring. She will probably be upset with me for not studying. Oh well! I’m just glad I’m not sick today!

Took Styled to get her hair done and the grocery store. It was raining most of the day and now it’s getting cold again. Wednesday it was 83 and today is 55. No wonder everyone gets sick!

Half day at my sons school so I picked him and the neighbor kid up plus another friend that was going to the neighbor kids house. Then I played Merge Dragons on my phone for WAY too long!

Tomorrow should be interesting. My son has therapy at noon. Then his father is coming to visit. This man called his kid yesterday and asked the following, “Now tell me the truth, how do you feel about me?” DON’T EVER ASK A TEENAGER THIS QUESTION!!! Seriously! Because he asked for the truth, my son told him, “I don’t like you.” ๐Ÿ˜ฎ So now his father wants to sit down with him and have a “serious chat”. He says he will keep it civil. My son asked me to mediate and his father said no way. ๐Ÿ™„ I plan on sitting outside the room playing fetch with Oliver and run in if I hear any screaming.

Yes my life is a soap opera at times. I had come up with the idea to have his father take him on high school tours. Neither of them liked the idea. I tried!

I guess I should get off my arse and start working on schoolwork. Y’all have a great Friday evening! I can’t wait to tell you about tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Today sucks

Yes, I am supposed to be at school. Where am I? At home. In bed. Thank you stomach viruses!

My son has been overly tired since the concert Tuesday evening. He went to see Twenty-One Pilots and had a great time. He wants to go again when they come back so I said we will see. He hasn’t been as rude or angry the past couple of days, he just looks tired. Instead of karate, he went to a church function last night. When I picked him up, he came home and fell asleep. While he was at church, I went to speak with his Sensei about him missing Wednesday’s because of church events. His Sensei said him going to church is a good thing and he can come on Thursday’s even though that’s supposed to be for more advanced karate people. Isn’t he the best?

So now my son has activities 3 days a week in the evenings. Maybe if he stays busy, he will not be so angry all the time. His father wants to come visit this weekend. I told him that even though I will never say he can’t see his child, it is up to my son if he wants to see his father. I don’t have anything to do with it anymore. That man comes when he feels like it, not on a schedule. So we haven’t seen him in months. Of course my son doesn’t want to see him. I had to tell my son that he has to tell his father. My child is a teenager and can tell his father what’s what.

As I am in bed and running back and forth to the bathroom, I do not feel like dealing with anything today. Therefore, I asked my friends in math to let me know what our homework is so I can have rest time. They are so sweet and told me to get better. I will!

That’s it for me. I’m going back to sleep. Have a great day!

Long week already

Sunday – good day! My son had friends over and then stayed up until 2am working on school projects that he didn’t tell me about until 6pm on Sunday.

Monday – I let my son stay home from school because he had a dentist and orthodontist appointments. We drove down there for his dentist to say that he is not taking care of his teeth (duh) and has to rinse twice a day with a prescription plus put this goop over his braces twice a day. On both he has to put it on (or swish) for one minute and then spit it out. Then he’s not allowed to eat or drink for 30 minutes. He is not happy but he did it to himself!

I had school today. I still left mega early because 1. Parking and 2. I am not telling my son I dropped that class. I got breakfast and went to the library. I kept moving around because of loud kids plus I was freezing. After my 3rd move, I said screw this and left and went to the business building and sat studying there in the window getting sun until H text about lunch.

Had lunch and saw chocolate cupcakes as we were leaving. I couldn’t resist! I asked the lady if I could have one. She picked one up, put SO much icing on it, and hands it to me. Umm, thanks? I took 2 bites of the actual cupcake (a couple licks of the icing – it was too sweet) and threw the rest away. I enjoy icing but not that much! Even H laughed and said I’m so skinny that the lunch lady is feeding me. Lol! I’m still 150, not a twig like so many girls at school!

I left Math early (after being there all day, I leave early?!?) and pick up my son’s mouthwash at the grocery store. I came home and relaxed for about 30 minutes before I took my son and his friend to a concert here. The friends parents are picking them up after to bring them home. I was a bit worried about them being there alone until my son told me that the girl he likes will be there too with her dad and sister. Okay so they will probably never see each other but I feel better knowing another adult at the same place! So I text the Dad and he told me where they are sitting in case my son needs help. So nice! Us single parents have to stick together! Even though he’s a busy guy, he still makes time to have fun with his daughters.

Tomorrow I am taking doughnuts to Cranky for breakfast. My mother asked for some, the caregiver asked for some, and my son asked for some. So yeah, I’ve got a list for Shipley’s in the morning! And if you have never had Shipley’s, watch this YouTube video from my favorite comedian and then you’ll know!


Y’all have a great night! I am going to relax!