Good Friday morning to ya!

My son is coming home today, yay!

I text him yesterday and had to share what he said.

This morning I text to remind him to get a Dramamine from the nurse before being in a bus for 8 hours and he said the same thing. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Silly kid! Same attitude!

I did dumbbells for 30 minutes yesterday and I definitely got my heart rate up! I also watched The Ranch on Netflix. That Nick dude creeped me out!

I did take Ms. Forgets yesterday which was nice. I like her a lot. Her daughter text me and I said things went well. Her son is on vacation in London so we don’t want to bother him. Things did go well. She’s supposed to call me over the weekend about next week. She’s not happy that I can’t take her on Wednesday to a doctor. I told her that it was my birthday and she said “OH! You definitely can’t take me! You have to have fun!” See why I like her?

Today I take Styled to get her hair and nails done, come home to do laundry and get ready for the party, pick up my son at church, then drop him off at home and go partying with a bunch of strangers where only half of them (or maybe less) will speak English! It’s out of my comfort zone but I am doing this. I said I wanted to go out more.

I took a mirror selfie last night of me in the dress (had to make sure it fits) and sent it to a couple of friends who told me that it’s great and I look very thin and cute in it. My mother said I need to straighten my hair. Umm, thanks? I told my friend that she said that and she sent back an ๐Ÿ˜ค. I love my friends! I appreciate they are on my side!

No, I am not posting it now. I have to put on makeup and straighten my hair first ๐Ÿ˜‚ I also have to wear an undergarment under it which I hate but trust me, that dress does NOT look good with rolls of excess skin sticking out! It does have pockets which I love! I don’t have to take a purse tonight. Yay!

That’s about it. I have to get up and dressed and take Amber out before I leave and I don’t even have an hour. Here she is with her fox toy that she loves to chew on.

Have a great Friday!

Ended up the most perfect day!

I went to the doctor this morning and got my treatment. I had no jobs because Mr. 95 year old called and cancelled. I am SO glad he did!

I posted the link yesterday in case anybody wanted to watch Dr. Young give his sermon to the kids on beach retreat last night. I watched it. I also watched all of the kids that came down to accept Christ at the end of the service, including MINE!

You have never seen (well heard of) me cry so much and get down on my knees and thank God for speaking to him this week. I got to watch him be baptized (we are Baptist) after the service along with over 200 other kids! It was amazing to watch all of these kids and even some adults on the trip accept Christ.

I know my Dad in heaven is happy too. I even called my ex husband to let him know that his son did that. And by the way, his friend that he went with did NOT walk down, so I know God spoke to my child through beach retreat. I am the most proud mother ever!

It started with him actually posting a Snapchat saying that he liked a Christian song. Then he didn’t get back on his phone. Dr. Young called for anyone that wanted to walk down and a ton of kids went. Then he called again and some more kids went. So when I saw my child walk down at the 3rd call for anyone else that felt the urge, I started bawling (I’m doing it again typing this)!

Now the test will be to see how he acts once he’s home and see if he tells me about this. I don’t think he knows that I can watch or even that he was on tv. He will be home Friday evening so I guess I will find out! I am not going to tell him that I know or that I saw him. You think he will say anything?

Today, I am supposed to take Ms. Forgets to therapy. We’ll see if she actually goes. That’s it too. I finished my certification class yesterday with A’s on every exam. I have no clue how long the actual certificate will take to get to me but I’m happy that I made an A! I did some aerobic exercise from YouTube before the service so I closed the rings on my watch. Go me! I really can’t wait to weigh in on July 1st and see how I did in a month!

Yesterday was a great day. I’m sure today will be too!

Itโ€™s hump day again!

I didn’t do much yesterday other than going to the store. And I was so mad when I went, I forgot to get drinks! I have to go back today for those.

My mom SO pissed me off yesterday! It was to the point that I decided to live here until I’m done with school (that could be 2 years) and get a good job. Here’s what she said:

1. She says to me: You are bright, but youโ€™re not wise. I looked up the definition of wise on google and here’s what it says which completely proves her wrong!

2. Itโ€™s pouring down rain. She says: You need to park outside so I can do some stuff in the garage while itโ€™s not hot. She went outside while I was gone. I guess she noticed it’s raining and hot, and went back in. She didn’t tell me this so I had to park outside in the rain and get soaked bringing in groceries. Argh!

Instead of going off on her, I walked the dog. And I lifted my dumbbells for 30 minutes. Anything to get some of that frustration out. I would have loved to slap her but that’s elder abuse and I don’t hit people anyway (plus I’m not a fan of ever seeing the inside of a jail cell). So I stayed away.

Cranky fell and scraped her skin really bad. I tried to tell her son and caregiver that the hospital wouldn’t do anything but clean it, disinfect it, and bandage it since her skin is so thin but I’m not a doctor so we went to the hospital. I do have thin skin which I have scraped really badly so when they said they couldn’t do anything at the hospital, I felt much better about my comments on the situation! I understand them wanting to take her, she’s 87 and fell with her rollator. We took that away and gave her the regular kind of walker. images from google

I just hope no bills come from the hospital. Her caregiver said I shouldn’t lose any more weight. Really? I’m so glad I don’t listen to people anymore. I still have weight to lose and I am doing it! I plan on weighing 160 or a little less the rest of my life. Not 182 where I currently was on May 31st!

I took 3 exams yesterday. I got 2 100’s and a 97.5. I have 3 left to take to be certified and I am going to try and get those done today and tomorrow. I am also looking at the nutrition program at UH. I also want to see if HCC has a similar plan because it’s so much cheaper to go to school there! I don’t think it really matters where you get your degree as long as you put in the work. Do companies actually look at the school?

Now for the fun part of today’s post. My son is still on beach retreat and seems to be having fun. There are 1400 junior high students there and I finally got a couple of pictures of him shown on the church website!

He did pick fun at Christian music during the church service last night which I wasn’t happy about. Teenagers ๐Ÿ™„I know everyone likes their own music but at least be open to it! I just pray that the Lord speaks to him this week and he will come back a happier child.

Dr. Ed Young is our pastor at Second Baptist Church and he is there with them doing a 30 minute service every evening. Tonight is the night that the kids can walk down the aisle to accept Christ. I guess we will see if my son feels moved enough. If you are interested, you can watch the service live too! The link is . It starts at 7:45pm central US time and Dr. Young won’t come on until about 8:15pm. I will be watching. I watched last night but obviously didn’t find my son. In that crowd? No way! If you have heard of my church or our pastor and ever wanted to know why he is such a powerful speaker, tune in tonight! I’m happy that I can watch the service, that they are posting pictures, and text my son while he’s away. I wonder how my parents did it when I went?

Y’all have a great day. I’m deciding if I want to get up and drive in this rain to go to the doctor (I don’t want to but my mother wants to go in the garage again so I will have to pull my car out anyway).


Not much going on. I did not leave my house yesterday other than to walk Amber. I cancelled my doctors appointment because it was supposed to rain and then the rain came in spurts so I could have gone. Oh well. I watched Agents of Shield on Netflix and read through 2 school lessons. I got a 100% on each exam so I am happy about that.

Today. Ms. Forgets cancelled yet again but that’s fine with me. It’s supposed to rain again all day and I really don’t like going out in it. At least this time she called last night so there’s no cancel fee. Well, for her. For me it is good but bad because no money coming in sucks!

I heard from my son. He is having fun. He was actually tired last night (according to his Snapchat). The church group posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram as well which I am happy about even though my son is not in any of them! As long as he is having fun and safe, I’m okay!

I will probably finish Agents of Shield today and get 2 more lessons done. That sounds good to me. I do need to run up to the store to get water bottles and eggs. I only have 2 left of each! Eek!

I am sure I didn’t eat enough yesterday. When I’m at home and busy, I usually don’t. While I watched tv, I snacked on walnuts. To me it was a good day. I did bedtime yoga last night and it’s so nice to have it on a screen on my wall and not trying to look at a tiny tablet while doing the exercises! I am definitely in ketosis too. I feel great about that!

I did look at the past 3 weeks of food just to make sure I am doing well and will lose weight on July 1st when this challenge is over.

I think it looks pretty good! I love how it says I need to hit my calorie goal. I know I don’t eat a lot, I eat when I’m hungry! Nothing wrong with that. I am now part of those weird people that forget to eat at times. I never thought that would be me! I am not complaining, I am happy to be in that group and I thank keto for it. Eating carbs, I was always hungry!

I already showered this morning, gave my next door neighbor her mail from when she was out of town the past week, and walked Amber. I guess I will get started on Lesson 4!

Another Mystery Blogger Award!

Thank you so much for the nomination! I really appreciate the fact that you guys like my daily posts enough to nominate me for such fancy awards! Laura has nominated me and was thoughtful enough to send me a notification since I have not been reading enough lately!

Her questions for me:

1. My favorite talent or hobby – organization! I am pretty good at it. Would y’all agree? You have seen my posts (although I keep forgetting the”before” pictures!

2. My life is a cross between drama (my mother and my child) and a comedy since so much seems to happen with my clients and riders!

3. What would I take? Hell, I would grab every electronic I could. They are too expensive to replace!

4. My happy song (don’t laugh) is Pump Up the Volume by Men from Mars. That song always gets me moving!

5. There’s nothing to determine about my posts. I just write about the things that happen daily whether it’s sad or happy or absolutely insane!

My questions:

1. Do you like classic art or modern art and why?

2. Who do you live with?

3. Are you organized in your home (closets, bathroom, drawers)?

4. What is your happy song? (I love this question so I had to steal it)

5. Do you have a full time job or are you like me?

Nominees – whoever wants to do this! I hate intruding on people and never sure if they even want to participate. I would nominate the same people I usually do, Andrea, AJ, Hunida, Alexx, Adult…ish but I am handing this out to everyone else too!

Itโ€™s a gloomy day in Houston

Well, it’s supposed to be anyway. We have 100% chance of rain today and tomorrow due to some storm coming in from the Gulf of Mexico. It looks just fine right now so who knows. The weather people aren’t perfect but they try to keep people safe. Most don’t listen, I do! I cancelled my doctors appointment this morning because I don’t take chances with my car and possible street flooding.

Yesterday went well. I had to say goodbye to my son which was SO hard! I came home and cooked. I made cupcakes and biscuits. While I waited on the cupcakes, I guess Oliver knew I needed some love because he came and sat in my lap and purred like crazy.

Remember how my tv was on the floor? Well, my ex boyfriend came over and put everything up on the wall and it looks SO nice! Not perfect but I don’t have to have perfect, I just wanted it done! I paid him $80 for the job. It took him about 4 hours to do but that’s okay. He told me about the girl he likes now. I know her from my past unfortunately. I wished him luck. I did tell him that I tell everyone that he’s a good guy (true if you’ve read my blog for the past year) and that I truly want the best for him. In my opinion, she’s not, but that’s his choice.

I have been checking my son’s Snapchat and the church’s Instagram for updates on their trip. I actually messaged my son when I saw his snap about his dinner of chocolate muffins asking if there wasn’t real food or he just didn’t want it and he replied that it wasn’t my problem this week so I told him to watch his mouth because I can take away stuff while he’s gone. He changed his attitude real quick. Lol

He hasn’t snapped since then either but I’m sure he will! This storm is affecting the entire Gulf Coast so they may have rain there too which would suck when you’re on a trip to hang out on the beach! As long as they are safe, right? When the buses left the church yesterday, one had a small accident and nobody was hurt (not my son’s bus). They turned around to change out the bus and then all got there safely.

I cleaned my son’s room yesterday and of course forgot to take before pictures! Here’s the clean room and closet though.

I sent these to my son and he just said okay. No thank you, no wow, just ok. ๐Ÿ™„ Crazy child! I didn’t even throw anything away, he should be happy!

I’ve been resting and not exercising too much the past 2 days. My leg feels fine until I start walking a lot. It’s still healing I guess. I have been closing my watch rings though. I did arms last night and aerobic exercises the night before. I need to heal so I’m taking it easy with my exercise.

I’m going to walk Amber before the rain starts so have a great day and I hope everyone is safe wherever you are!