Monday morning is here again

So yesterday my son had his “party”. 4 kids showed up. Whew! I was so afraid that there would be more! 3 boys and a girl. They hung out in his room and played video games and went outside to the playground. They had a good time.

I got to talk to one of the moms and she sent me a math tutors phone number. I called her and she asked if she could call me back. I’m still waiting. I’m also waiting to hear from the nutrition class, still! I emailed my advisor this morning because I am very worried that my other 2 teachers have uploaded lectures already.

I was walking Amber when I got home from taking my sons friend home and fell by tripping on the sidewalk. I’m not hurt that bad. I let my knees and hands catch me. I am such a klutz!

I have one job this afternoon with Ms. Forgets. Otherwise I will be listening to my first Math lecture. There’s already tests waiting for me so I hope to hear from the tutor quickly!

I made a cube steak for brunch yesterday. I topped it with cheese and cooked it in butter and it was yummy!

My really exciting news is that I decided to try on my sons old PE shirt. It’s a size medium and OMG, it fits! For those of you that follow me on Instagram, juliehcares, you have probably seen all of these pictures. I’m sure I have readers that don’t know though!

I am so excited about the size! I wore a size medium in 6th grade. Seriously!!! One of the other moms that came over told me I weigh less than she does now. She’s thin and I’m still like NO WAY. She said she weighs 162. She told me I probably wear a size 10 in clothes and should go shopping to check because it would make me realize how much I have truly lost. I haven’t because of the excess skin and I know I will have a HUGE muffin top if I wear jeans or something that actually fits. I guess I need to start wearing my stomach tightening stuff too.

That’s it. I hope you guys have a great Monday. I’ll be studying and working!

Easy day

So the guy that wanted to look at my dad’s car yesterday. My ex got here at 10am to go with me. I sent the car guy pictures of the interior and he messaged me back that his wife was having a baby so he wasn’t coming. Okay. That’s definitely more important than a car! He asked if he could get back in touch with me in a few days. Sure! I just wish that I hadn’t had my ex come for no reason.

Okay, not NO reason. He fell asleep in my sons room from 10am until 1pm. They spent some time together and even took a few silly pictures which he posted online. Here’s one of them.

So that was good. My son then went to a pool party at that girls house (mostly girls there – I really do think she likes him). I went grocery shopping while he was there. I got a brisket too! Yummy! I can’t wait to marinate it and cook it up and eat it. It was HUGE and it was only $14! I also got some NY strip steak and cube steak on sale at the store. I love sales and I love steak!

I picked my son up at 8pm and was asleep before 10. The only thing I did was attempt to do yesterday was some math. My sons godmother came by to talk to my mom and she said when they get back from California next week, she will help me with it. Thank God for that! The first problem I saw I was all confused! You guys are probably way better than I am at this stuff. You’ll probably know the answer right away. Not me! I’m still lost!

log(x2-x-56) – log(x-8) the x2 is x squared

That’s one of the easier ones to write which is why I picked it but what is log? And there’s function questions and graph questions and this is just the first test! Eek!!!!! Here’s one of the graph ones.

Ok, I take that back, math isn’t the only thing I did. I actually started reading Stephen King’s The Outsider too. I got about 1/2 way through it. It’s really good so far! I would like to finish it today before school starts so I won’t be looking at it longingly while I study.

Today, my son is having friends over to play. He wanted to let a few spend the night. I just look at him and he says, “It’s not like we have school tomorrow!” So my reply is…I DO! He says “OOHHH. I forgot. We’ll be quiet, I swear!” Uh huh, he’s not even quiet when he’s on his own! I don’t have Anatomy class until Tuesday but I will be at the school tomorrow in the tutoring lab for math help. So I definitely need my sleep so I can concentrate.


I’ve been doing keto since April. I love it, don’t get me wrong. I just have moments that I don’t care and want my carbs. Last night, I still had 300 calories left after dinner so I ate some deli butter crackers as a bedtime snack. 11 carbs for 3 crackers and I ate 9! Oops! I still stayed under my total calorie count, I just had way too many carbs. Oh well! I fully admit I ate them and even tracked them in myfitnesspal. I don’t lie to you guys or myself, that is counterproductive and pointless.

The thing I love about keto is that I can get right back on it, get back into ketosis in a couple of days, and be back on track. So I had a few crackers. Oh well. I will be doing my brisket today and eat well all week.

I think I have rambled enough. Have a great Sunday!

Yesterday šŸ™„

It started out good. I went to Walmart to get school supplies for my son and I. His school list is really long and thankfully we have a bunch of the stuff so I only spent $30.

I took Styled to get her hair done and groceries so that was 2 hours. I went to school and got my student ID. It was a 30 minute line and the woman behind me talked on FaceTime THE ENTIRE TIME! And loud too! I finally put on headphones and listened to music while I stood there. That was much better than listening to this woman!

I walked around campus and found that the Starbucks there doesn’t have cold brew. How? I guess they think everyone should drink either hot coffee or high sugar drinks all day. Silly. I did not find the nutrition department. If I don’t hear from them on Monday, I’ll go find them on Tuesday when I have my first Anatomy class. It took me 4 more tries but I got a 100 on the stupid policies test and after opening the next practice test to “review” algebra, I was thinking to myself, “I’m screwed.” This math is going to take a LOT of work but I have to do it. I want to be a nutritionist and work for a weight loss doctor or clinic. That’s my goal.

My mother decided to tell me that she told everyone at her job that I was going back to school and that somebody said I wouldn’t be able to find a job. You think so? Too bad for you! I know that with my story, my surgery, and finally getting to a healthy weight will land me a job where I want. I’ve already talked to 2 clinics that said to come back when I get licensed! Don’t listen to stupid people.

I came home from school to my child being happy and upset. He is upset because his father is coming this morning. He’s happy because he gets to have friends over on Sunday to play. 13 year olds. šŸ™„

I text my cousins wife last night to tell her that I went where she recommended to get bras. Then she starts up on keto stuff since I got her onto it.

Cousin: Nice!! They’ll last for a good while. I keep mine for a couple of years. Good quality!!

No, did not quit Keto but results still VERY slow to none…. I was losing more on WW… But I like the food better on Keto and I’m not hungry all the time and don’t have sugar high and lows… I’m even doing strict Keto – way more than you and still nada…

Who knows…

My thoughts: What the hell??? She doesn’t know what I eat and don’t eat! Way more than me???

My reply: Maybe if you relax a little on it, it might be easier for you and you may lose more? (YEP! I went there! )šŸ˜‚

Come to find out, she’s not eating enough. 1200 calories a day. And she’s not having 20 carbs, more like 10 a day. So her body is in starvation mode. She said she will try it my way and see if it helps.

Cousin: Yeah I want to go to lazy keto but haven’t done the research on how to manage fat and protein and Calories that way vs strict keto… moving more towards counting carbs, no bread, pasta, potatoes etc… but being ok with eating processed foods if needed like packaged shredded cheese, low carb tortillas, Diet Pepsi, deli meat etc…

My thoughts: So I guess I’m LAZY??? Gee thanks cousin! What I’m doing works for me. You have to find what works for you. Don’t listen to other people because they don’t know your body.

For some reason, I didn’t feel that great after my taco dinner and was asleep by 9. I got up at 10 and went to the bathroom and was then out until 4:30 this morning. I’m fine this morning too. BUT I started my monthly so I’m sure that’s why. So today is Saturday and it’s my weigh day. Last week I was at 165 and I had that Twix this week so I didn’t think I would lose anything. BUT…

HOLY COW!!!! No way! How did I drop 5.2 pounds this week??? I’m telling you, the body is a weird thing! After a couple of weeks of barely any loss, BAM!

The reason my ex is coming today is to actually help me. I have a guy that wants to check out the car. Since I don’t know him and he’s this huge guy (I looked up his profile on Facebook), I asked my ex to come with me. My ex is not a huge guy but I would feel better if I wasn’t alone with a stranger. He said he would help so he’s coming here after work this morning, going to nap until 10:30, then we will head out. He knows I cook and that there’s food here too so I’m sure he’s happy to come over.

Y’all have a great Saturday!

How is it Friday already?

Ms. Forgets cancelled on me yesterday. She left my weekly pay outside her front door in a little envelope which is fine. I got it.

I was a bit busy too. When she cancelled, it was 10am (I was supposed to pick her up at 11). I had not had breakfast so I got to it. I had taco meat with cheese, 4 oz of the beef and one ounce of shredded cheese. This is usually perfect for me. Well, I could only eat half of it. So I put that in the fridge and went shopping.

I went to Soma and got 2 bras that fit. A woman measured me and helped fit them and said I look amazing. That was very sweet. Then I walked across the parking lot and picked up the MacBook Air that I had purchased online. Okay, I have to give you background. See, I got this cheap Acer computer 2 years ago and it SUCKS. I removed as much off it as I could and STILL the computer has always said that there’s no memory and I need to delete things for more space. Umm, other than what Acer put on it in the first place, there’s nothing else on there, so huh???? I will need Word for school and all the teachers have apps for their classes. How would I get those on the Acer with no memory??? All I can use that for is to go online and do stuff. I needed a good computer for school (life too) and I decided to get a Mac. I’m tired of android computers and I already use everything else Apple so why not. I went on the Apple website, did some research, and decided to go with their cheapest model.

I used a credit card that was paid off to get it but I can pay that off again. I needed a reliable one, especially since I am in school. I told my Mom and she said she’s glad I got it and she will help me pay it. I told her she’s as broke as I am and not to worry about it. That was a nice thought though. It has 8GB RAM, 128 GB memory, and everything is great!

My son had to go to school to get his schedule for the year and have his 8th grade orientation. My friend took them and I was picking the boys up afterwards. After my $1200 shopping trip, it was only noon so I went to visit Cranky. She said I haven’t come to see her in weeks (totally not true). We chatted for a while and then I talked to her caregiver while she read the paper. When I left, I still had some time before I had to pick my son up at school. So I went to get gas in the car and realized I was hungry again (at 1:30pm). I got a snack of cheese at the gas station (not many keto items available there). Then I went to the school and got my son a new gym uniform and a couple more shirts for school as well as a car sticker that I will probably never put on my car, I was just supporting the school. I still had 20 minutes left so I sat in my car until the boys came out and then took them home.

After I dropped them off, I went up to my school to pick up my books. I had no idea that all of my actual books are online! All I picked up were some flash cards for my anatomy class.

I also went by to visit an old neighbor that works there at the school and we made plans to get coffee on my first day of class which is Tuesday. She is very sweet and has a lot of hardships at her young age of 29 and I enjoy her company. So I am glad I will get to hang out with her more.

I got home around 6pm (traffic took me an hour to get back to my house from school). I chatted with BFF while I drove. I set up my computer and got everything I needed for school downloaded. I logged into my online math class to find out that I had a test waiting for me on class policies. You have to make a 100 in order to open anything else so I took the test. I made a 90. Huh??? I printed out the pages with the answers and retook the test. It took me 30 minutes of looking through the papers to answer each one and that time I got an 85. What??? That pissed me off so I decided to do the test again today. I will later on. I just can’t believe how frustrating it was! and that’s just on class policies!

I haven’t found anything about my nutrition class either. No emails, no websites other than the book which I got from the bookstore and not from the teacher, nothing. After I take Styled to get her hair done and probably get groceries, I am headed back up to the school to get these testing things my math class says I need, a student ID card (because you can’t take tests in the testing center with your license – you have to have their student ID), and go by to see if my nutrition instructor is there to ask about the class. With school starting on Monday, I want to be ready!

After all the schoolwork done for the moment, I realized I had not eaten. I went down and finished my breakfast and then got some cheese and crackers with a couple of keto cookies (I only had 21 carbs and 1100 calories total). I didn’t finish eating until 9pm so I couldn’t go to sleep until 11. I woke up this morning to go back to the school but nothing there opens until 8 and I have to be across town to get Styled at 9:30 so I changed my mind and will go after. It sucks because Friday afternoon traffic here is the worst but I have to get it done and be ready for Monday! Then I will come home and retake the stupid test. Fun, right? I just need to remember to eat today! I can’t eat like I did yesterday, that’s not healthy. I need my veggies! Maybe I will pick up a salad at the grocery with Styled.

Alright, I’m off to walk the dog and get dressed for the day. I hope you guys have a Fantastic Friday!

Random stuff today

Yeah, I’m not awake yet. So here’s some random stuff I did online yesterday and this morning.

I took my son for his yearly checkup yesterday before school starts. He mentioned the word “depressed” and got them all upset and calling for a psych consult. Luckily, we knew the woman they sent to make sure he wasn’t going to commit suicide šŸ™„ and we had literally JUST told her that he was seeing a great psychologist so she let us leave. The visit took almost 2 hours! And most of the time, they made me stand in the damn hallway. So I took a picture of his closed room door while I waited.

My son also went to the movies after that fiasco at the doctor. He met up with 4 friends and they saw Slenderman, the Meg, and the Darkest Minds. I had to go back and pick him up at 10pm and the boys (and the one girl) seemed to have fun.

He has to go to school today to get his 8th grade schedule. He is excited to see his friends but doesn’t want to “darken the halls of that place” (his words).

I took Ms. Forgets to her therapy yesterday and today she has a doctors appointment and that will be it for her this week. A whole 8 hours of work not including Styled tomorrow. I just didn’t care about working this week. I will have to get with it next week when I START COLLEGE!!!!

I finally got my financial aid to come through after calling the school. I got an email that said if I didn’t pay for my 3 classes yesterday, I could be dropped from them. Since I have been waiting to hear from financial aid, I freaked out and called the school. There was some error on their part, they fixed it, and an email came through with the money around 5pm last night. Whew!

And last but not least, I always see this woman on Instagram that shows how much she has lost and compares it with a real life object so I thought I would too. I didn’t realize that I have lost more weight than a baby elephant!!! Wow. I made this, I’m such a happy camper.

So, still haven’t sold my dad’s car, have to buy textbooks and pay for school parking today, and I am going to try to relax this weekend before my life gets crazy on Monday!

Have a good Thursday!

One year comparison

I told you guys I wanted to research the difference between how I used to eat and how I ate yesterday. I’m in shock of how much sugar I used to have! I looked at Myfitnesspal from last year and yesterday and got the nutrient amounts. Prepare to be shocked! It’s no wonder I dropped the weight so fast when I changed how I ate!

August 14, 2017:

August 14, 2018:

Now yesterday’s fiber was a lot lower than it normally is these days since I had no vegetables. I usually eat around 25 a day. I also usually have about 20 net carbs and MAYBE 1 gram of sugar. So yeah.

Cutting sugar is a HUGE part of being healthy. Sugar promotes growth of cancers as well as will keep you heavy. If you just cut soda out of your diet, your sugar level will drop. Don’t drink soda? Great! Where is the sugar coming from? Did you know that eating sugar makes you tasty to mosquitoes? I have studied and watched many documentaries about how sugar is killing us all. Most of your carbs are coming from sugar and preservatives. You can change this!

If you can (and it doesn’t have to be organic), eat fresh. Don’t drink your calories and lower your sugar intake. I know it helped me!

Don’t forget this either – probably the most important thing. One meal or one day of bad eating will not derail you. Just get back on track! Hugs you guys!

I caved and Iā€™m not sorry

I had those cravings for 2 days. Very specific ones too! Luby’s fried fish and a Twix. I decided to cave in to my cravings and I ended up having a great day yesterday!

See? 28 carbs for one entire piece of fried fish. That’s not so bad! With the Twix, I had 27 grams of sugar and a total of 69 carbs for the day. That’s it! I want to do a bit of research on how I used to eat to see how that stacks up. I do not regret my decision, they were both very tasty, and I did not go over my calories for the day. Plus now that I fulfilled those cravings, they are gone and I am right back on track!

I took Ms. Forgets to a kidney doctor yesterday. He seemed like an idiot. Very smiley, gave her a new prescription with a diuretic when the reason we went was because she has constant bathroom issues, and looked into her eyes saying you can tell a kidney problem from there. Really? Is that true? I’m just glad we are going to her regular doctor on Thursday. Maybe she can tell us.

I started the 7th Dexter book yesterday as well. I couldn’t put it down either! I’m over halfway through the book and had to make myself go to sleep at 11pm. It’s that good.

I have been ignoring my phone for a few days now for the most part. I would rather read. I haven’t even turned on Netflix! If you have called, I’m sorry. I just don’t feel like chatting. Text is fine. I missed going to a baseball game yesterday with a friend since I really didn’t want to do anything. I missed chatting with my oldest friend as I was reading and didn’t feel like talking. I’m not in a funk anymore, I feel SO much better, I just still don’t feel like talking. And that’s okay!

It’s 7am and I have to go take Ms. Forgets to therapy at 9:30, take my son to his doctor at 2, then drop him at the movies at 4, then pick him back up later. He wants to go see Slenderman with the same girl he was at the mall with the other day. Based on my sons pool party, the mall, and now going to the movies, maybe this girl likes my son. He doesn’t have a clue, I have just seen the way she looks at him. It’s very cute. I hope he doesn’t break her heart!

At 5:30 this morning, I hear a loud bang outside my bedroom. I jump up and barely crack open my bedroom door. Wouldn’t you know, Oliver has slammed my Mom’s door open and is sauntering out. Geez he scared me! Then he was under my feet when I tried to go downstairs. Crazy cat!

Yes, he likes to be wherever you are, even in the fridge.

Have a great Wednesday!