Happy Fathers Day

I know I have a lot of readers that are Dad’s so Happy Fathers Day to you. I miss my Dad like crazy every day but today is very hard for me.

I took my son to the church this morning so he can go on Beach Retreat. He was complaining since I woke him up about “having” to go. When we were standing in line, he saw a couple of friends and then was ready for me to leave. We took a picture, I talked to a couple of parents I know, and then I left. I just got back home and I guess I am going to cook today. I’m a bit too sad to go out and drive. I also don’t feel like seeing people that are going to meet their dad’s for lunch or whatever.

Well, my son’s birthday went well in my opinion. He does not agree! He wanted his friends to come over but everybody said they couldn’t. This upset him to no end. He ended up going out for a walk because he was so upset when his dad finally left. His dad was here for about 4 hours since my son won’t be here for Father’s Day.

Today my ex boyfriend is coming over after church to put my tv on my wall. I am going to clean out my son’s room while he does that. I am trying to not be emotional too. Missing my Dad and having my son not with me is making it a tough day. I just got a couple of slices of cheddar cheese as a breakfast, going to wash towels, and then start on my son’s room. Once that is done (that will take me a while), I am going to make a cake and force my ex to try it this afternoon. I need to make sure that a non keto person can’t tell it has practically no carbs. I got a cake recipe and an icing recipe on Pinterest to try. Please God let it taste yummy!

That’s my plan for today. My neighbor wants to go out for drinks this week since we won’t have the boys. She told me to invite my next door neighbor as well so I have to see if they are back in town yet and if she can leave her kids at home to go out. I wish I had the money to leave town this week too since my son isn’t here. Oh well. Somebody has to take care of Amber too and we know my mom won’t do it!

Have a great Fathers Day and remember to appreciate your father!

Happy birthday son!

photo by birthday wishes expert

Yesterday, my son was so rude that I took his phone on the eve of his birthday. Pretty bad, right? Then he did his chores, did laundry, packed, and was trying to talk me into giving it back until he finally went to bed around 10pm. I was up until 11 and then woke up at 3:45am and have been awake since. My son wants a birthday breakfast of eggs, toast, and cheese. That is doable, I don’t even mind.

I’ve been trying to figure out what woke me up. Could it be all the thoughts running through my head? His birthday and the fact that he’s 13? The week long trip he’s leaving on when we have not been apart other than when I went to Vancouver for 2 weeks for training when he was 6? A noise? My dog? I don’t know, I am awake though! Now yawning again but still awake.

I got cancelled on yet again by Ms. Forgets yesterday. I sent her son the invoice for the week of the 3 “same day cancel fees” and he said he wished it was for driving. Well me too! The bill would have been much higher! I need to be paid! He did pay me for those cancel fees though which I really appreciate.

I was kind of glad she cancelled on me. The outside of my knee on my right leg was hurting VERY badly. I googled to see what’s there and it looks like I strained the lateral muscle. According to google, I just need rest and it will be fine. So what did I do? I did arm strength training with dancing in between! 😂

Today I will go swimming, do yoga, or just rest. I’m not sure yet. It depends on how I feel. I did do 9 days in a row and I would like to keep it up (those endorphins are awesome). I am not going to hurt myself further though!

My son heard the music I had Alexa playing and came to my room and when I was done with my dumbbells and he had walked Amber, we played a bunch of different songs and were dancing and singing and talking. That was really nice. I wish we had more times like that. Even my mom said she’s glad that he and I talk so much. I think it’s because he trusts me which is great.

I am tired of waiting for people that say they will help get my tv on my wall (it’s been quite a while) so I asked my ex boyfriend if I could pay him to do it. He agreed. I haven’t seen him since last year. I have spoken to him through text but I haven’t seen him. This should be interesting. He said he will come tomorrow afternoon after church. That works out well since my son will have already left and my mom will be at work. It will be great to be able to watch YouTube workouts on my tv instead of on my iPad. Do you know how hard it is to see what to do on a tiny screen while you’re moving around?

We got my son’s snow cone maker out last night and cleaned it up and tested it. He loved being able to have it so if any of his friends come today, we will be ready. I actually had to take apart our ice maker, clean it, and let it make more ice before I could even use the snow cone machine. There was some yellow gunk in the bottom of it. Who knows when that was cleaned last! It’s perfect now and that’s what matters.

My son didn’t ask if he could have people over on his birthday. He just went on Snapchat and invited anyone to come by. This is how I found out that he was having guests today. I had a parent text me last night asking what time and I was like, well, whenever I guess! We don’t have any plans today so why not. I like having the kids come by for the most part. I like knowing they are safe. I do not look forward to the high school years when he will want to go to parties and such. I am glad that I have always told him to use Uber and call me in case of an emergency. I ingrained that into his head when he was VERY young! The funny part is, no other parent has contacted me and none of his friends have said yes or no.

I guess I should get out of bed soon. I’m cold outside my warm covers though! I have made it through half the month of June without stepping on the scale and it gets harder every day. One more week and it should be a habit, right? That old saying of habits take 3 weeks to make? Guess we will see!!!

School and work

Wow! I did my first exam on chapters 1-4 and got a 95! Whew! Now I am studying the next 4 chapters and will take that exam in the next day or 2. So far so good! Nutrition is interesting to me so I am enjoying the class. I am liking it so much that I applied to University of Houston for a nutrition bachelors degree. Can’t wait to see if I get in!

I went and walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes yesterday. I wanted to quit after 20 but I kept on.

I went to work for Lyft this morning. I sat and drive around for an hour and got NO calls. That f’ing sucks! So I went home and printed more study guides for my class until my printer ran out of ink. I picked up Styled and we are at the hairdressers now. I also have to take Ms. Forgets to a doctor this afternoon.

Tomorrow is my son’s actual 13th birthday. He invited friends over so there’s no way I can work. Then he leaves for beach retreat on Sunday. I plan on working like crazy while he’s gone. I will get better sleep and hopefully make a lot of extra money.

Anywho, I’m off to study while waiting on Styled. Have a great Friday!

Liebster Award 2018

Thank you Adultish! I am doing it now so I don’t forget! And you guys know I would too!

The rules and regulations:

• Religiously thank the person who nominated you. (when you thank them remember they had to spend hours writing this same blog as well. You the real MVP.)

• Blast photos of the award on your blog. Work it. When no photo is given, just don’t stress about it and move on.

• Write a tear filled segment of why you love blogging and explain how it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread.

• Provide ten random facts about yourself (This is what I am most worried about. I am a WEIRDO)

• Answer the questions your fellow nominator has given you.

• Create more questions for your nominees to answer

• Nominate enough people to create a Brady Bunch family.

• Comment on the blog post from the Global Aussie with a link DIRECTLY to your Liebster Award nomination.

10 random facts about me:

1. I am weirdly nervous every morning when I ask Alexa for the daily news. I’m afraid one day it will say that WWIII started or something.

2. I need my caffeine but don’t care for coffee. I can drink 3 energy drinks a day and I will be perfectly happy.

3. I miss my Dad like crazy every single day.

4. Everything for myself comes second to making sure my son has what he needs, not everything he wants, what he NEEDS.

5. I love owning my own business but wish I could get a regular job again.

6. Sometimes I like having the excess skin so I can tell an absolute stranger that I have lost over 200 pounds.

7. I am a organization freak. When things aren’t organized in my space, I will work for hours making sure it’s done and makes sense.

8. I am not happy living back in my childhood home. I miss having my own space and freedom. Then again, I have live in child care!

9. I love to travel but get nervous about spending the money to go anywhere. I know that money comes and goes. I would just rather spend my money getting out of debt than creating more debt.

10. I am allergic to almost everything it seems, including flowers so the flower I have next to my bed is a fake from IKEA.

Questions asked of me:

1.If there was one lesson you could instill in another person, what would it be? Listen to your elders! You could learn something. If I had listened when I was young, I bet I would have done things a lot differently!

2. What is one quote you live by? Every day is a new beginning.

3.People say that first impressions are everything; what do you hope people take away after meeting you? That I am polite, conversational, and that they hope to run into me again.

4. What is one thing that will undoubtedly turn a bad day around for you? A hug from my son.

5. If you could have any animal in the world, like even a chinchilla, what would it be? I would love to own a llama. I couldn’t tell you why, they just look so cool!

Questions for whomever wants to answer them:

1. Is there a specific reason you started blogging?

2. If you could meet someone famous, who would you pick and why?

3. Do you blog from your phone, tablet, or computer and which do you prefer?

4. Do you drink the recommended daily amount of water – 8 8 ounce glasses a day?

5. Are you organized or is everything just where you last left it?





Renew or Redo



And anyone else that wants to do it!

Cancellations and the rest of the day

I hate being cancelled on last minute! How is my business supposed to flourish when I don’t make money???

I started the morning by driving for Lyft. I did 3 rides and made $50 in 2 1/2 hours. That’s not bad at all.

I get home and my phone rings. Ms. Forgets is calling to cancel for the second time this week! Geez Louise woman! Okay, you are having stomach issues. Well, here’s the answer to that. EAT and don’t take pain pills on an empty stomach! I can understand you don’t want to go to pool therapy when you have stomach issues. I wouldn’t want that either. BUT… if you didn’t take a pain pill without eating for hours, you most likely would not have that problem!

Okay, I will stop complaining. I just hate not working. My mom’s maid came and cleaned her place and left mine and my son’s room alone. I can’t afford to pay her so I will just clean my own room and my son can do his. That’s no big deal.

I am taking my son to therapy and then will go to the gym. I have been exercising at home for what, 4 days now? Maybe 5? I like switching it up. Today I want the treadmill though. I want some Swiss alps walking. I love the virtual walks on the gyms treadmills!

Since I am not working today, I guess I will just print out these chapters for my class and study. Fun fun! It’s too hot to be outside. Amber doesn’t even want to go out!

Money well spent

I got my glasses and the eye doctor said that my son is starting to get an astigmatism. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. I’ve worn glasses or contacts since I was 8. He may have to get glasses next year but as of now, he’s still okay. I told my son to maybe not watch so much tv and he just laughed. I should get my new glasses in 10 days so I will show them off then.

I did take Mr. 95 year old last night. And Mr. Happy and Miss Priss. I didn’t get home until 9pm but that means it was 3 hours instead of 2 1/2 so I did make a few extra bucks. Mr. 95 year old has to have his legs lifted into the car now. It’s so sad seeing the decline of people I care about! I know he’s really up there in age but he’s always been so active and working since I started driving him so it’s tough to see him that way. He was in good spirits though and we all chatted there and back.

Amber only had to get one shot thankfully. I was told she has gained 2 pounds since last year and they put her on a diet. I have to measure her food and count her calories daily too. 220 calories a day! That’s half a cup of food and one treat. Poor Amber! She’s at 12.9 pounds and she is supposed to weigh 10.

I’m up early and I may go work for Lyft. I didn’t yesterday since I had so many appointments. I don’t mind driving for Lyft in the mornings. I do mind driving in the afternoon. It’s too hot! Mornings are usually business people flying out of town or people going to work. Afternoons seem to be when I was getting more flavorful people (including that scary ride I took a while back).

I did arms yesterday with dumbbells for 30 minutes. I also peed on a stick to make sure I was in ketosis and doing well diet wise. yep, doing good there!

Yesterday the doctors office weighed me. I didn’t look! Go me! I almost accidentally got on my scale this morning just not thinking but I didn’t. Whew! I can’t wait until June is over so I can weigh! I did measure myself so I could buy a bathing suit. The one I bought last month is already too big and not tight. I have lost another 1/2 inch so I know I must be losing something!

I started my nutrition class while I waited for them at dinner. I read the first 4 chapters and it’s going to be a good class. It’s not going to be easy though! There are people in my class from all over. I didn’t realize that so many people went to a Houston community college!

Quite a few people in the class are looking to see if they want to take nutrition at a 4 year college so they are taking this. I hope I can get a job with just this! Lol

I hope you guys have a great Thursday. I’m also driving Ms. Forgets to therapy and taking my son to therapy today.

Should I get up and get working this morning or play on my phone and get exercise before work?

Helping people

This is what I enjoy doing. I want to help people whether it be giving them rides where they need to go, being a friend to lean on in times of strife, or just going out to enjoy life a little.

I have limits. Everyone does. There are days that even I don’t feel like helping anyone. I will usually stay in bed and watch Netflix on those days. Luckily for me, today is not one of those days.

Yesterday and today are all about helping my son get to all of his appointments before he leaves for camp on Sunday. Today is the eye doctor and taking Amber to get her shots. I overslept and woke up with 20 minutes to get out the door to get to my doctors appointment first. I jumped up, showered as fast as I could, made sure my son was awake and would take Amber out for a walk, then ran out the door.

The eye doctor appointment is for both of us. I decided to get transition lenses and just wear glasses and will tell him when we go. Last night I was able to do yoga with my glasses on so I figure I should be able to do other things as well. I have noticed that I have been getting styes quite a bit lately wearing contacts which helped my decision.

I also submitted a letter to TLC for the skin removal. Not that I would get picked, I did it though. Here is what I wrote:

I was heavy since 7th grade. My mom put me on diet after diet to no avail. I kept gaining weight. At the age of 24 on January 6, 1997, I decided to get my life in order and has gastro-plasty (band and staples). I lost 150 pounds with the surgery and then plateaued. I got pregnant in 2004, had my son, and lost 30 pounds right away and plateaued again. In November of 2017, I decided I was not going to live like this anymore (stuck at 230 pounds) and started exercising as well as watching my calories. In April 2018, I was diagnosed with foot neuropathy and the doctor put me on a special diet along with the exercise that I was and still am doing. I am at 182 as of May 31st and would like this extra skin off of me so I feel better about dating and finding a full time job. Right now, I drive the elderly that can’t drive but I would love to get a full time job again. I am going back to school this week to be certified as a nutritionist as well.

So that’s my letter. What do y’all think? I doubt I will get picked and if I do, I won’t be able to blog about it (their rules – no social media if you are picked). I guess if I disappear for a while you will know! Lol

I also cancelled my trip to Colorado. I decided to take my son to visit family instead. We will drive the hour and a half and visit my sister and hang out on the lake. I still plan on going to Vegas in October or November. I would love to meet the couple of friends I have from here while I’m there. I just need to start working more!

That’s about it. I haven’t heard from Mr. 95 year old about tonight but I hope I can take him. That would be my only job today and if I go, I’m going to walk around the golf course for my exercise while he’s eating instead of just sitting doing nothing in my car.

Y’all have a great day!