Exercise and inspiration

I am on Instagram (crazedmama31 if you want to follow me – I follow back!). I follow this guy that posts the funniest and also the most inspiring posts!

Also, I went to the gym and got an hour of cardio in. 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the stationary bike.

This is my third try taking a picture after I was done:

You have to see the first one though. You might laugh!

Yeah, I was wiped out!

Have a great night!

Whew – what a week!

Image from Pinterest

I watched The Details last night. OMG it was so funny!!! I don’t think it was supposed to be (maybe dark humor) but I laughed throughout the entire movie. Laura Linney plays the crazy next door neighbor and she always does such a great job! The cast is all stars and it was really good.

I needed that laugh after being so busy yesterday! First was the yoga, then working for 5.5 hours, then went to the gym and did all of the weight machines. I am trying something new to see how it goes. I am doing weights every other day and cardio on the other days. I will walk or do yoga on the days I do weights so I get my exercise goals of the day in too.

Today I take Styled to get her hair done and run errands. Then I will take the husband of the couple to the grocery store. He’s going to owe me for 10 hours or more for the week. I need it too. I hate being broke! I need more clients. My cousin is sick and she paid me $20 to go buy her groceries. That was nice of her and unexpected. God really does work in mysterious ways.

This morning I started something new. I am taking the suggestion of the modern health monk on YouTube and doing a morning ritual to get up and get my blood flowing and to start my day right. It sounds great! I shook my entire body for about 10 minutes like he suggested and made a mental note of my goals today. I think he’s onto something. I am more awake than normal. Allergies are sucking the life out of me (I think I’ve sneezed 10 times in a row already) but I have made my sons breakfast downstairs, taken my vitamins, and meditated. You guys may know that I don’t drink coffee, I have an energy drink each morning. That helps wake me up but not always so that is why I watched his video this morning and I’m awake now, ready to start this Friday off right! I gained .4 pounds AGAIN this week so I am stepping things up and making changes.

Cranky enjoyed her cake. I’m happy about that. My son had a friend come over last night and they had fun inside and at the park. The husband of the couple is fine so I guess I don’t need to worry about him being in pain, and my mom is already up this morning getting ready for whatever she has to do today. It’s 6:20am!

Have a wonderful Friday. I think I will. I’m trying to be positive.

Lunch with a friend

I’m spending a lot of time with B lately it seems! First his birthday at Perry’s, yesterday we went to Whiskey Cake, and we are going to see Chinedu live on Sunday evening.

Whiskey Cake. That was a great place! The food is good, the atmosphere is calm and relaxed, and we were able to get reservations last minute for lunch at 11am.

The 2nd picture is their wall of Whiskey. I’m not sure if it’s enough! đŸ˜‚

We had fried green tomatoes as an appetizer, I had chicken and waffles, he had some kind of meat that just fell apart with a fork (awesome!), and dessert was a chocolate whiskey cake. Then he ordered a French press coffee and our waiter Joshua was showing him what to do. We had a great waiter too! He was very nice, turned up the air conditioning when I told him how cold it was, and stopped by often (attentive). It is in Baybrook mall so it’s not close to me but I would go there again!

I finally got to see B’s apartment. It’s simple but nice. He’s very clean so his place looked immaculate. We went to the grocery store and his bank just to be out and about. It was a good day!

I bought us tickets to see my latest favorite comic Chinedu Ogu (check him out on YouTube). That’s on Sunday at 7pm. I hope I get to meet him after the show!

It’s only 8am???

My alarm went off at 5:30. Cue turning it off and rolling over. My 2nd alarm went off at 6. Okay, fine. I’ll get up. Took son to school at 7 and came home. Took Amber on a long walk. Came home and ordered my moms coffee and a protein box from Starbucks and she has gone to pick that up. After I placed the order, I pulled up YouTube and picked a beginners morning yoga. 30 minutes later, I am stretched out, sweating my butt off, and crawling back in bed. Not to sleep mind you, I just need to get my heart rate back down before I go take a shower and get ready for work. Here’s the link to what I did this morning. Please feel free to try it out and see if you sweat as much as I did!

I’m still waiting on my mom to get home. My protein box has a hard boiled egg, peanut butter, and cheese. It’s my favorite one from there and I have been wanting a hard boiled egg for a while now but am out of eggs at home. Hence the Starbucks box.

I have to be at the couple’s house at 9:30. They have a haircut appointment at 10. Then they have a hearing test appointment at 12. Then they need groceries and probably the bank. So it’s going to be a long day. Plus the 2.5 hours I was with them Tuesday evening. I did not call to check on the husband yesterday so I am hoping he’s okay today. I’m sure I would have heard if he isn’t, right?

I am going to the gym later to do the weight machines. I didn’t do much yesterday. I walked a bit, did a nighttime yoga thing on YouTube, and my lunch with B will be another post.

Yay, she’s back! Breakfast! Have a great day guys!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all

Yep. It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m single but I have a kid so I feel like I have to be happy about today. He has a crush and he told her yesterday but didn’t get a reply so he’s not too excited today. The brownies are half gone and a bag of the cookies is gone though so my “gifts” to him went over well. I also gave him a card and a box of sweettart ropes that he likes. I heard him open the box already this morning. He came in here and pretended like he didn’t get anything but finally said thank you.

I am spending the day with one of my oldest friends B. He and I are just going to hang out today and maybe grab lunch somewhere. I will go see Cranky on my way down south to where B lives. At least his roommate will not be there. The past 3 times we have hung out, his roommate was there. Can I just have some time to talk to him? Geez! Who knows what the day will bring! When I get back from down there is when I will go work out. I wonder how dead the gym will be or will it all be the single people around here?

My mom slid a Valentine’s Day card under my door when she went to bed last night. I opened it this morning and it has 2 gift cards to Barnes and Noble. Nice, right? She probably got them for Christmas from friends and is just passing them on (both are for $10) but whatever. I’ll take them. I love books too! I gave her some chocolates and a card from me and a card from the pets. She hasn’t opened them but she did see them.

I guess I need to get moving! Have a great Valentines Day guys! Who cares if you are single or with someone? Who cares that this is a made up holiday to sell stuff? Thanks Hallmark. Just have a good day however you choose to spend it.

Tuesday dinner

Tonight was taking the couple to their weekly dinner. It started out weird. The husband was in a pissy mood and yelled because I wasn’t right there to shut his car door (he can’t). I was making sure their front door was locked! Then we start driving and his wife couldn’t hear what he was saying so he starts yelling at her. She says, “You don’t have to yell.” The car goes silent the rest of the ride there. Thank goodness it wasn’t too far away.

We went to an Italian restaurant and it is priced about the same as going to a Carrabbas’s here but the food was SO much more impressive!

Started out with Noki and a bottle of wine for them (not me since I have to drive and I’m sorry but I couldn’t eat that – it looked like turds in cream sauce):

The husband ordered Veal Piscotta and the wife ordered Veal Marsala while I got lasagna.

The place is cozy and nice but was pretty empty tonight. Maybe because all the people are waiting until tomorrow to go out to eat?

Dessert looked yummy although I did not partake. They both ate every single bite. He got an Apple dessert and she got chocolate cake.

What a great place!

The other issue was when we were leaving. I went out with the wife because I needed to pull the vehicle out so they would have room to get in it. The husband comes out on his scooter and goes the wrong way where there is no ramp. Come to find out, there is no walkway either! He ended up driving off the curb and landed on his shoulder into the car. She screamed for help. I jumped out of the car and ran up to him just to have him yell for me to turn it off so back I went to do just that. Some stranger comes up and between him and myself, we miraculously get the husband to his feet and back on the scooter. He keeps saying he is fine, he doesn’t need a shitty hospital, and to let it go. He does not want me saying a WORD to his kids either. That was made very clear on the ride home. I got them home and inside the house. As I was leaving, the overnight caregiver showed up. I did NOT tell her what happened since she is as nervous about the 2 of them as I am but I did let her know that he ripped his jacket. She said she will take care of it and wished me a good night.

About an hour after I got home, the couple’s daughter in law text me asking how dinner was. I had to play that off like nothing had happened. I wanted to tell her but I respected his wishes. Thank goodness it was text and not on the phone! I felt really bad for not saying anything especially when she told me how much they appreciate me. Eek!

Now I’m home, have made plans for tomorrow, and I’m off to bed. Have a great night (or if it’s already Wednesday where you are, a great day)!