Special airport post

So we got to the car lot early and hung out listening to music for a while.

Then we got our ride to the airport. Restroom stop and then go through security.

For the first time IN MY LIFE, I had a pat down. The woman said my shoulders and my groin area set off their monitors. HUH???

The shoulders I understand actually. I asked them if I needed to remove my earrings and they said no but they hang down so yeah. But my groin area??? I am wearing stretch pants, no belt, and no metal at all. What set it off? And then, she wiped my hands with that strip to see if I had shot a gun recently. REALLY???

I am asking what y’all think. I am glad they check people, I am. I wonder how terrible the machines must be though to think my stretch pants were dangerous.

My opinion is that all the excess skin hanging looks like I could be hiding something. Yes people! I am hiding my excess skin! That’s why I wear high rise pants people! I asked her if it was because it was “that time of the month” and she said “not usually “. So I really want to know why. I don’t want this to happen every damn time I fly from now on! It’s embarrassing and frustrating.

I called BFF because I was about to start crying. I ate a croissant too. I don’t usually eat when I’m upset anymore but I can’t even use my vape since I’m in the airport. So now I have to deal with the possibility that this will happen on my way home as well. Maybe I should wear my pants under the excess skin. I doubt they would appreciate that!

I’m trying to stop thinking about it but it is really bothering me still. I just want to have a good trip. First my son yells at me this morning for accidentally opening the bathroom door when he was in there and now this.

Sigh 😔

Too early

I hit over 500 likes yesterday and just want to say thank you. I enjoy telling you what’s going on in my little world.

So I have a job at 7am today. I have to take this man to the airport so he can go see his great grand baby in Wisconsin. My son is not thrilled because that means he has to catch a ride with someone else. He has choices too. He said he would rather I drop him off at 6:30am at school than take a ride from his friends Mom. That’s a bit weird so I still said no and told him his grandmother can take him and then he really rolled his eyes! Too bad! I don’t like to think of my child being by himself at a school when it’s still dark outside!

So I had to get up early. Thank goodness for WordPress! I’ve been catching up on my reading and looking at great pictures and stories to wake me up and get me going. My son just came in here screaming at me and even cussed because I forgot to put my freezer pack in the freezer last night. Too bad! Use yours! It’s too early to deal with that.

So I’m not sure about what’s going on so I thought I would ask a lot of other people that aren’t doctors. 😂 I keep almost falling asleep (even when driving! 😳), stuffy head, runny nose, and no energy. I take my Zyrtec daily too (that’s over the counter allergy medicine). I feel worn down all the time and I stopped taking Hydroxycut because i didn’t like how it made me feel after just 2 days. If you guys haven’t noticed, I don’t stop much. I’m very busy and like being that way. When I get truly sick, I still try and take my DayQuil and get something done! This could be the changing of the seasons, allergies, or it could be something like chronic fatigue. Who knows! But when you are driving for a living, wanting an almost falling asleep while behind the wheel is NOT good! Thoughts?

So I get my 6-8 hours of sleep and then wake up and get moving. I have a lot to do today like usual. Airport ride, doctor ride for stinky, go by my moms, then go pay my caregivers. It’s going to be a long Thursday! I hope you all have a great day!