Update 10/12/19

So first of all I have to say GO ASTROS!!!!

Crazy week like usual. Monday and Tuesday I didn’t have to go to work which was VERY nice. I watched Netflix, played games, relaxed, cooked, you know, what I used to do when I didn’t have a crazy job!

Taco meat, taco rice, mexican cornbread, this sausage rice veggie casserole recipe thing I found on allrecipes, hamburger helper, and brownies. I made these last Wednesday and am still eating on them.

I happened to walk in my patio and look in my garden box thinking I need to get it all cleaned out and start over and guess what??? All those dead plants from last year aren’t dead!!! Broccoli, carrots, and onions are growing. It’s amazing! How does that happen? I am excited that maybe I will actually get to eat some home grown foods this year!

Last night we had a staff meeting at work. It was about donating a percentage of our check to the company and other charities. Everyone that came got one raffle ticket. The more you donated, the more raffle tickets you got. Well, I got ONE. There were only 5 prizes and there’s about 100 people that work there so I figured my chances of winning were very slim but threw my ticket into the bag for a new slow cooker. There was also a spa package, a movie night package, a tv, and something else that I can’t remember.

I lent a coworker my slow cooker a few months back and never got it back from her. I was going to ask her to bring it to work this weekend so I can make chili when it is cold out. Well, I won! How that is possible I don’t know but karma was on my side last night! A spoon and food cake with the prize. So I told the coworker to keep my old slow cooker. Obviously I don’t need 2! No complaints from me!

It got cold last night. Down to 53. Yay!!!! The high here today was 70. Gorgeous day. I worked this morning, went to Costco for toilet paper and paper towels, came home, walked Lucky for a mile, and started baking. I made sugar cookies with and without sprinkles, peanut butter cookies, and double chocolate chip cookies.

I ate too many but oh well. Still at 150, I will just watch myself better tomorrow.

Enjoy some memes from this week and I’ll chat with y’all later!

The day after

Great day! I didn’t get upset, not even once (I am amazed – I usually cry on my birthday! I went over my carbs but not as bad as I thought I would too!

I went out to drive for Lyft at 6am but no calls. I went to Whole Foods and they have my Zevia soft drinks on sale 2 for $7 so I got 4 6 packs. I drive and parked at a Starbucks near my hair place and gave some random stranger my birthday freebie and all I asked in return was that he pay it forward. I got to my hair appointment early and it took my guy 2 1/2 hours to do my hair. I didn’t get out of there until 12:20. This is before he started. Look at my tiny legs! All the leg excess skin is hiding under my thighs. I love how my calves look! This is after in my car. I drove home and called Uber for a ride to the game. I was late. The game stared at 1:10 and I got there at 1:20 and the lines were so long, I wasn’t in my seat until 1:45! I got a beer and peanuts (favorite baseball food plus I was starving since I ate a little breakfast at 6am) and sat in my awesome seat that I had got myself for my birthday. I cant decide which picture is better so I thought I would leave it up to y’all. I then got a Lyft to pick me up and drive me to dinner with my oldest friend and a newer friend that had never met (traffic made it an hour drive – one reason to not like Houston).

W is my oldest friend. We met when we were little and were in kindergarten together. A’s son goes to school with my son and that’s how we met. She and I go to the gym every once in a while together too. We all got margaritas at this Mexican food place not too far away (there’s places pretty much every mile or so in Houston for Mexican food but you have to know where to go).

I was starving again so had queso and chips. I only took a sip of my margarita, I just didn’t really want it I guess. I ate the crap out of the chips and queso though! My friends wouldn’t let me pay, they split the bill between them. How sweet!

I did break the no weigh challenge yesterday. I wanted to know. Remember I was 182 on May 31st. On my birthday yesterday, I weighed 173.2! How cool is that? My face looks so long in one of those pictures up there. It’s funny because the other one doesn’t look like it at all. I’m just glad I don’t look like my cheeks are caved in like some people get when they lose a bunch of weight. I like how I look. I only have 10 pounds to go to be at an average healthy weight (according to BMI scales). I am sticking with keto though because I really like it and it’s easy. Here are yesterday’s numbers. You can see I only had 3 grams of sugar and 43 carbs. I seriously thought it was going to eat like 150 carbs which is why I’m happy. I don’t even think I dropped out of ketosis. I will plan better for my trip this weekend since I don’t want to go off plan for 3 days. I will take snacks so I’m not starving, have preportioned everything, and take a bunch of food with me.

Today is a crazy day before we leave. I have to go see the doctor for what is hopefully my last treatment at 8. I am supposed to have Ms. Forgets at 10. My son has his psychologist appointment at 12:30. I then pick up Styled for her hair appointment at 1:30. That’s a busy day! My son just passed out in my bed after staying up all night. I just hope I can wake him up by noon to pick him up!

Have a great day. Let me know which picture you like better. What do you think of my birthday day?


I know sometimes family time can suck ass. I feel that way about some people in my family. Not my cousin that’s visiting though! He and I are tight like siblings (we are both only children). He was raised here in Houston until he was 12 and he and I were always together at each other’s home, our grandmothers house, etc. We stayed really close throughout our lives even after his mom remarried and moved him away from me, so when he comes here or I go wherever they are living at the time, we have a blast! It’s usually all about drinking and baseball and sometimes it’s sad like when his mom passed and my dad passed.

This time it’s fun. He and his family flew in night before last and got checked in to their hotel. His wife told me that yesterday morning he dragged her to Whataburger at midnight. I didn’t see them but it was late when they arrived.

Yesterday morning, his wife text me and said she’s been following my Instagram and was wondering if we could go work out. I had woken up at 4:15am and didn’t really want to go but of course I did and it was good. By the way, crappy picture of the actual workout (I guess I was still walking). 45 minutes on the treadmill!

I took her back to her hotel and came home and decided to go jump in the pool.

Then I took my son to his therapy (after I showered of course)!

We came home and my cousin had gone to visit his dad so I watched the new Steve Martin and Martin Short show on Netflix. When that was over, it was time to drive to the hotel to meet up with them and take a Lyft to the ballgame.

We get to Minute Maid Park where the World Champions Houston Astros play at 5pm. The game didn’t start until 6:15. Cousin was glad we were early. His wife and I went shopping for jerseys and proved it probably wasn’t a great idea to have us there so early. LOL

I got a Carlos Correa jersey and she got a Jose Altuve jersey. We had a blast looking at all of them and deciding which one to get. Okay, I was not going to spend money on a jersey since I have one at home BUT I put on my jersey before I left and was able to double cross it across my body AFTER I buttoned it. Yeah, WAY too big! I’m not getting rid of it though, it’s a Jeff Bagwell jersey and I love it.

I stuck to my keto even at the game. I drank Michelob Ultra (I had 3) and had peanuts. I’m happy about that! I did end up with a few more carbs than I wanted but I’m not worried, it was 24 for a whole day.

Today, we are meeting for brunch at 11am. B had asked me to have breakfast with him but since my cousin is here and B has met him many times in the past, I told him that we will all go. Then my cousin invited his Dad which I don’t mind, I adore my uncle! That makes it 8 for lunch. We are going to dinner with my mom on Monday evening. We have to keep the actual siblings apart because they tend to fight after 30 minutes around each other. I don’t know why but they do. How my cousin and I ended up so tight with those 2, I’ll never know.

Here’s my cousin and I.

We really did have fun last night. Today they are going to the game again. I am so jealous! Before they go, his wife wants me to go work out with her again. After everything I did today, I have to go again tomorrow?

I’m sure I will. I will just stick to weights. That can’t kill me like cardio would, right? Maybe I’m just still tired.

They are here until Tuesday so I plan on having some fun while they are here.

Have a great day!

Stayed up late

Wow. I didn’t mean to stay up until 2am! It was an interesting day. What did I do? Umm, oh yeah!

I woke up early as I told you yesterday. I finally got up at 9am and got ready to leave the house. I went to the dreaded mall. I went to Sears and ended up spending way too much money. I got 5 shirts, 3 pairs of pants (one of which I am returning as I don’t think I would put a size medium with what I was buying), 2 bras, and 2 shapewear things as well as another bathing suit bottom. I then walked to the other side of the mall and got some new earrings from Claire’s. They had a sale of buy 3/get 3 free so I came home with 5 pairs of earrings and a box of backings (because I keep losing those itty bitty things). I went to The Great American Cookie and got my son some of his favorite sugar cookies since I was there too.

Shopping at Sears took me 2 1/2 hours! I definitely got my 10,000 steps in. I was very disappointed in Sears because they had like 4 employees in the entire store and 3 of those were doing checkouts in the middle of the entire store. I had no help finding anything, had to go back and forth with different sizes to the dressing room (which I had to find), and nobody around to ask any questions to! It was very disappointing. I was hoping for bra help since I haven’t bought a bra in forever. Oh well. I got it figured out, it just took me a while.

I rested when I got home, I was very tired. Ate some taco meat with cheese, and then took off to my friends son’s baseball game. I walked over there. It was hot. I put on my new size large clothes as well as the shapewear to go to the game. My friend said it looked really good too. Size large here!!!

I shared some peanuts and water with them since I forgot to bring anything with me and I was starving. I am so very grateful that they were so sweet to share! My friends team ended up winning their championship game 14-4. I am so proud of her son!

I walked home and took off the clothes and just about collapsed into my bed. If it hadn’t been 7pm, I would have gone to bed right then. I decided to turn on Netflix.

The Clapper – I was SO happy to see Tracy Morgan!!! It was a very cute movie with a bunch of stars and comedians. It’s funny, sad, romantic, and sweet. I always like comedies and this one was different so I thought it was really good. Did I mention this is one of Tracy Morgan’s first movies since his car accident (Fist Fight was the first)?

My Perfect Romance – Oh my! Boss/employee love? I guess it happens. It’s about a CEO and a programmer that end up working together and falling in love. I’m not usually one for sappy movies. I watched this because Jodie Sweeten is in it. A small part but since I watched her grow up on Full House (Stephanie), heard about her drug use and how she has overcome it, and now in the new Fuller House series plus movies, I really like her.

Then I finally went to bed at 2am. I haven’t gotten out of bed yet this morning. No plans today really so I guess I don’t have to yet! I do need to go grocery shopping and cook but that’s it.

I hope everyone has a nice Sunday!

Astros Fanfest

Yes, we went! No, we’re not huge Astros fans or anything. HAHAHAHA…I totally am!!!

I took my son and his friend. I think they had a great time. They ran the bases, they took pictures in the dugout, had ice cream, and I got to take all the pictures!

I know I’m not supposed to walk a lot but I had to at the stadium. How else were we going to get around? Have my son push me around in a wheelchair? No way. I walked 4,600 steps and I’m okay with that even though it hurts a little.

Now I’m waiting on this woman to come pick up the doors. She is driving a long way for a good deal (I asked for $500 for both doors). After she’s been here, I bet you guys can guess what I’m going to do!

No…not taking a nap although that does sound super good right now!

I’m off to the gym. Yep. You heard it here first! I missed yesterday because I had to work, take my son to the dentist, work again, then had 2 people come by for pots. They are ALL GONE! Yay!!!!!

I did just find a few more in the garage (dammit) but I can deal. I sold every one of the ones from the original picture. My mom made $75 from them too. Woo hoo! Now after the doors are gone, I can start on the front half of the garage.

I gained .6 pounds but since I’ve been doing weights, I’m not sure if it’s gaining muscle or I ate too much so I’m sticking with muscle gain. We will find out when I measure myself at the end of the month.

I hope y’all are enjoying your Saturday as much as I am mine.

Oh my poor honey

I swear, if this man didn’t have bad luck, he wouldn’t have any luck at all. And yes, I did tell him this! He’s still in Arkansas (first problem), he’s driving with a broken left foot (although it’s his left foot and he has an automatic), and guess what?

He was stopped and a lady going 40-55 miles per hour slammed into the back of his car!!! He has his nephew with him too. Pictures below. I told him that even though they think they are fine, they need to go to the hospital because you never know what’s going on INSIDE the body. So he’s going to let me know how things go but Oh My God!!!

The lady slammed into him and kept going into the side of the road.

His 2016 Volkswagen saved their lives it seems!

Another scary thing tonight. The Astros are winning 5-1 in the 9th but the Dodgers are going to do whatever they can to come back! Maybe we can pull this off. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!? I’ll post in the morning because I’m so tired I want to pass out.

Talk soon!

Cleaning day again

So I went to the condo and cleaned it all out other than the couch, freezer, and espresso machine that I am selling.

One of my caregivers said it looks smaller but I think it’s just the pictures. I think it looks larger now. Who knows.

Now I’m back at home and my moms maids are here cleaning. The only business I have today is Forgetful at lunchtime so that’s easy. My mom asked me to go by Petco and return some stuff so that’s next.

So the Astros have lost the first game and won the second. Maybe the uber driver was right! I hope so!!! It would be awesome to have a World Series win here in Houston.

Not much else going on. Watching the animals run around on the wet floor. I’m staying off it to let it dry. I found a collection of lighters and matches at the condo too. I don’t know what to do with most of them. Pitch them?

At least that’s all done now and the realtor can sell the place hopefully.

Have a great Thursday. Hugs!


So for the 2nd night in a row, I am sitting at a bar watching my Astros. Last night ended up being awful as we lost to the Dodgers 3-1. Right now, in the bottom of the 6th, we are tied 1-1. We have to win tonight! My Uber driver last night said he bet that we would win games 2, 3, and 4 as well as 6 to take the Series. And uber drivers can’t be wrong, right???

As I’m sitting here, I started talking to this cute couple. Sickeningly cute. Kissing, she’s sitting in his lap, feeding each other, etc. So adorable that I had to show them a picture of my “husband” who is visiting family out of town and broke his foot. Yep. I did that. Even showed the girl a picture!

There’s also this guy here. His name is scott. I know this because he has now told me 3 times since the first time I ever came to this bar in May. He’s a cute dork but he’s a drunk. He’s here almost every night drinking. Yeah, not my type. He’s been hitting on this poor girl for the past 2 nights and she just laughs but walks away at the end of the night. Aww. Poor guy! Aww shit. The Dodgers just scored 2 more runs. It’s a repeat of last night. Damn!

I had 3 jobs today. I had 3 yesterday. I’m just a bit busy. Which is good although I would prefer to sit and watch my Astros! So anyway, I think I’m leaving after this beer. Stella Artois is my favorite. It’s pretty and in a pretty glass.

So have a good night. Talk later. Hope the Astros can come back tonight!