The past couple of days

Have been a whirlwind. I have been studying my butt off! School was good yesterday. One of the girls in my math class invited me to come to the Korean festival here this weekend. So I talked to BFF and she may come too which would be awesome! Get to hang out with my bestie AND have fun? Plus my son said he is going to a friends house this weekend? Sounds good and like a fun weekend to me!

I started talking to this guy. He’s actually the guy who was my first. We were 16 and dating and he hung my bra on a door at his friends house and we had sex for the first time, for both of us. Almost 30 years later, he wants to go out (maybe?). He sent me his address and said to come over whenever. I told him how busy I am but that I would love to schedule to go out sometime and his reply was that we can schedule something and that he was going to bed, at 8:30pm. So either he really just wanted a booty call or he goes to bed really early! I guess I’ll see if he contacts me again. 😕 🙄

My other bestie leaves for Israel today. I wish I could go with them! That would have been fun. I love her family and call her parents mom and dad. Every time I go to Kansas, I’m asked to stay with mom and dad, and mom wants to feed me. 😂

I’m working today. My one job this week taking Styled to get her hair done. I think I am going to go by and see Cranky too. Ms. Forgets said we would go to the bank this afternoon too but she may cancel on me again so I’m not counting on her.

Weight: I gained a pound this week. Probably because I have been eating more like the silly doctor said. So that doesn’t work either. Guess it’s time to visit with a nutritionist and get a schedule that works for me. i also only worked out 3 days. 2 days walking at school and one day in the gym. That could have something to do with it too.

So today through Sunday:

Friday: Work and study

Saturday: Korean festival, hang out with bestie, study, wash everything in the house

Sunday: cook and study

Sound like a fun weekend? 😂


I went and I am so glad I did! I strayed off the keto plan for the night as I didn’t think there would be anything I could eat or drink and boy was I right!

The best homemade Mexican food, beer, cake. It was all so good! I don’t feel awful this morning but I tried to just have one serving of each thing. I took my bestie with me and we stayed for 5 hours. We didn’t dance because the dancing didn’t start until almost midnight. The birthday girl and her court danced, just not everyone else.

I got hit on by a guy too. I had 3 Modelo’s so I just talked to him. He gave me his phone number and I am definitely not going to call this guy. He barely spoke English, he had coke pinky nails (do y’all know what that is?), and he was saying how he wanted to have babies with me. Uh, no thanks dude!

We had a blast!

My son came home from beach retreat and has not changed. He was cussing up a storm, being rude, and slammed his door after he talked to his grandmother. So I had to get involved. Come to find out, he was having a snow cone while sitting on the couch downstairs and she told him to go outside with it (it was in a cup too). When he didn’t listen or comply, she poured out the rest of the entire gallon of snow cone syrup! What the hell! So I went off on her. The syrup hard to find, expensive, and that was just over the top. She went off on me saying she told me that he couldn’t have it in the house (she actually said he couldn’t have it upstairs) and it’s her house and she doesn’t like “that kind of stuff” in it. Huh??? Crazy woman!

I talked to my bestie and he said that Walmart carries the syrup in the summertime so I am taking my son there to get more today. Then we are going to put it in his room so she doesn’t see it. I told her it reminded me of when she would throw out any sugar that I brought home and that’s not how I raise my child. She said it’s her house so I told her that when I get a good job, she can have her house. I mean it too. That’s ridiculous! If she has sweets and sugary sodas (and being diabetic that’s not too smart), it’s okay but if me or my child has something sweet, she feels like she can throw it out? ARGH!!!!!!!

My son decided that since he didn’t want to go to the party with me and especially didn’t want to be here, he went to a friends house to spend the night. I don’t blame him, do you? So I haven’t spent any time with him since he came home yesterday and I want to! Now he’s asking me about going somewhere tonight too. I told him I’m not sure yet but we will talk about it.

Have a great Saturday!