Lucky is 2!

I totally forgot to share Lucky’s birthday party with y’all!

I made doggie treats and bought human cookies. It was in our park and we had a good turnout!

Those last few photos are both dogs playing with the new toys and lucky eating one of the bones he got as a gift. I still can’t believe people gave him presents!!!

Okay, I’m off to bed. Have a great Sunday!

My birthday

I left my house at 8am and didn’t get home until 9pm. It was a busy and fun day!

I picked up my oldest friend and her turtle and took them to her vet. The turtle has a shell infection and she’s treating it. Then she and I went to Denny’s for my free grand slam and Dunkin’ Donuts for my free beverage, and kolache factory for my free kolache.

I took her back and picked up my coworker and she and I went a BUNCH of other places! There are so many free things for a birthday. You just sign up for emails and they send you free coupons for food!

My list of places we went:

Kolache Factory

Dunkin Donuts


Einstein Bagels

Ben and Jerry’s

Baskin Robbins

The Chocolate Bar


La Madeleine

Taco Cabana

Jack in the Box

Smoothie King

Godiva chocolates

Honey Baked Ham

Firehouse Subs

Great American Cookies

I got a bunch more but ran out of time! I had to meet my friends at Taco Cabana for dinner (if I had known I would have saved my free taco coupon for that).

My son’s best friend moved. We saw them off the day after we had dinner. It was very sad and my son cried and so did his friend.

My friend came over last night and gave me a lavender bath bomb and a sweet card. She’s so sweet!

I hit 6 months of no smoking too! And if I can stay away from cigarettes when I was in Vegas, I can stay away forever!

Today Lucky graduated basic training at his training school.

That’s the latest and greatest on my end! How have you been?

The month of June

This has been a crazy month with my client passing away, my child having his own problems, his birthday and party, my birthday, and a concert. I have been working as much as possible and still broke between his birthday and bills and food.

His birthday was a huge success. He invited 8 kids, 4 boys and 4 girls. I made fajitas, cake, and we all went to see MIB International. My thoughts on the movie? Eh! Why would they make Thor a man in black? Thor of all people! I think Chris Helmsworth is a good actor, don’t get me wrong. I do not agree that an alien in one series of movies does well as an alien protector and killer in another series. I agree with my friend that Liam Nielsen made a good choice though. Even the kids agreed with me!

Lucky has been driving me mad. He chews EVERYTHING. Even my $300 inhaler.

I am about to purchase an electric shock collar at this point. I just don’t know how to get him to stop! We have been going to training, he can sit, go in his crate, and get off of us. That’s about it so far. Maybe I just don’t have patience? Probably. He’s adorable and I wouldn’t give him up, I’m just frustrated with him and it’s showing when I talk to people so I haven’t been talking to anyone except at work and my family.

BFF had surgery to remove a mass on her kidney. Thankfully she is fine. I have been so crazy these past few days, I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to her. Maybe tonight? I guess it depends on if I am not still running around like mad and being frustrated with everyone in my house (including the animals). I wish I could have gone there for her! She seems like she’s doing well though.

I have joined a debt consolidation place to get out of debt in the next 4 years. That will be perfect timing for when my son graduates high school so I can get back into debt sending him to college. Just kidding. I’m praying that his grades will get him scholarships! I want to be done with everything at this point so I can move on and start my life again. I feel stuck. I hate this feeling.

My son went to see Twenty One Pilots in concert for his birthday last night with his best friend. They had a lot of fun. My birthday present is to go see Harry Potter (the 5th movie) in concert with the Houston Symphony next month. Yes, I will be 46 this week. I’m not looking forward to it and I plan on watching Netflix all day on Thursday.

Doesn’t seem like much but it’s been a hell of a month. I hope things go better in July!

Good morning Wednesday!

Man, I was so tired last night I didn’t even blog. Sorry about that. You all have read that I finished school. Now I am trying to get back into work mode.

Yesterday I took Miss Priss to run a few errands. We were only out for an hour and a half but she paid me twice as much as she should. She didn’t say it, but I guess that was my Christmas bonus from her. 😂

As I was driving home, I got a phone call. I didn’t look at my phone, I just hit the button in the car to answer. So the call starts out like this:

Caller: Hey Julie! How are you?

Me: Who is this?

Caller: This is your ex lover.

Me: Huh? Who is this? (Note I did not look at my phone because I was driving)

Caller: You’re ex lover! The old Turkish man lover of yours!

Me: OOOH, my sugar daddy! Hey, what’s up?

I realized who he was when he said Turkish. I only know one Turkish guy. He is an old neighbor of mine that is constantly hitting on every girl. I call him Sugar Daddy because it always make him laugh and he is always trying to take care of people.

He needed a ride to go get his car that was towed. He didn’t say why it was towed but he would buy me lunch to take him (he drinks way too much so he probably left it at some bar and they towed it). Sure, why not? I was already off work and was just going to go home to work on my resume. I went to his place and went inside where I was accosted by the most beautiful German Shepard and a tiny dog. They were all over me and loving the attention I gave them. I haven’t seen Sugar Daddy in over a year. Now, just to let you know, I got back on Facebook (Julieh Cares) when I started my Gofundme so he has seen pictures but not me in person. He and his niece that lives with him were in shock over how I look now. She asked me if I had been sick and how I was doing and how did I drop the weight and I better not lose more (all standard things I have heard in the past few months).

Sugar Daddy and I left and went to have lunch. We went to this place he had heard of but I hadn’t. It wasn’t far from us either. So good too! I have already made plans to go back with 2 other people!

I ate on my donuts the rest of the day. I seriously did not eat anything else. I still had a total of 1600 calories for the day, just all junk. That is caramel sauce that came with them. I tried it, it was good, but didn’t want to go over my calories. His sandwich looked good too, it will be my next thing to try there. It was a Reuben sandwich with chicken tortilla soup. Their menu is great and for the 2 of us, including a mimosa, was only $20!

I took him to get his car and came back home. He also gave me $20 (for gas he said). I’m not complaining although I didn’t ask for that! Now you see why I call him Sugar Daddy!

I picked my child up at school and we couldn’t find the other kid I take home so we had to wait on him. His mom said to let him walk but I didn’t want to do that to him (walking alone is not a great idea in Houston) so when we finally got him, I snapped a photo of him in my back seat and sent it to his mom saying, I have your kid. 😂 Doesn’t he look thrilled?

I was a bit lazy for a while but got up at 8pm and did my strength training arm exercises. I think I am going to up my reps to 3 sets of 15 instead of 12 as I don’t feel like I burned many calories and I feel stronger like I am not doing enough. I also did 10 squats between sets for a total of 100 squats. Especially when you eat junk, you have to exercise! I took Amber out for a last walk at 9pm and was asleep by 10.

I have no jobs today so I am going to work on my resume and do some research for a book I am thinking of writing. It’s how to lose weight, not have to cook, and eat for less than $10 a day. I know it is doable, I want to prove it to others. I guess I will have to do it and see if it works. I am finding a lot at the store that’s cheap and healthy. That’s my next step. I really don’t want to work for other people if you can’t tell. I may have to because funds are getting lower every day but it doesn’t mean I want to!

I changed it to $10 since I know people eat more than I do. Let me know what y’all think. And don’t steal my idea please! BFF and I are working together to write this. We will then try to figure out how to sell it. We have to write it first!

Today is BFF’s birthday. She is still young. She’s always saying how close she is to 50. She’s not! When I woke up I sent her a happy birthday picture and told her that I was sorry I couldn’t stay awake until midnight to tell her. Her 10 year old did though!!! She was not happy about that. He was supposed to be asleep but stayed up to wish her a happy birthday. Sweet, right? I do agree that he should have been asleep though. Silly kids.

I saw this funny picture on Instagram yesterday so had to share. Poor cat! Look how he looks! I don’t know the guy in the photo, I just wanted the look on the cats face.

I hope everyone has a great Hump Day!

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Nice chilly day here in South Texas

Woke up to 39 degrees and frost on the car.

I gave H her birthday present a few days early since I don’t have to go to school anymore except to take my final on December 10th. Woo hoo! We were in the library for this.

She really likes her new makeup brushes. And I got them for mega cheap (don’t tell her!).

I started studying for my nutrition exam tomorrow but didn’t get too far. I do not have a choice but to study all day tomorrow and take the exam in the evening. That’s okay. It’s the last one. And the final for that class is on Saturday so I will just keep studying. 😂

My diet hasn’t been all that great lately but I haven’t gained anything. I think it’s because I am getting exercise again. Thank goodness for that!

My mother is angry at my son for not speaking when he gets home from school and has decided that she is not participating in Christmas this year. Umm, huh??? He’s a teenager! He’s in therapy for anger! If she doesn’t want to buy him anything, that’s fine. He knows the true meaning of Christmas and it’s not presents. But really? 🙄

School was good. I told my math teacher I wouldn’t be there on Thursday because my son is taking an aptitude test for high school. He just said okay. I don’t think he cares. I just wanted to let him know. And my classmates – I said goodbye to all of my newfound friends in math. They all said they were going to bug me over the holidays anyway. That’s fine. I’ll chat!

The only plans I have over the holidays are to go with BFF to see Christmas lights in a cute little town in central Texas. It will be right after her birthday and before Christmas so when that happens, I will post the photos. She told me about a huge maze in Arlington too. When I asked my son about it, he said, “Nope!” Well, I guess he doesn’t like that idea! So I won’t go up there. Oh well.

What are your plans?

Also, don’t forget I am still trying to raise money on gofundme to get excess skin removal surgery. I am meeting with the doctor in January and haven’t raised anywhere near enough!

Chat soon!

Moms birthday today

My mom is turning 75 today. I kind of feel bad because my son and I will be at his karate tournament all day. My uncle and his wife are taking my mom to dinner and I can’t even be part of that. Plus the gift I ordered for her won’t be here until Monday! I got her a Hedwig mug and it was supposed to be here today. Being broke, I couldn’t afford much but she is a HUGE Harry Potter fan so I thought that would be perfect.

Last night was his first night at the tournament. There were a LOT of people doing it!

I hope he does well today. We have to be there from 9-5. And then we have a meeting with the Sensai about the tournament (I think) and dinner. This should be an interesting, albeit LONG, day!

Here’s some doggie love this morning as she isn’t huge ready to get up yet (neither am I really).

Today is weigh in day as well. You know, I think I don’t need to weigh in first thing in the morning anymore.

So since April. I have dropped 49 pounds. I am one pound from my 150 goal weight. That’s 2.6 pounds lost in the past week. Someone please explain how this is since I ate carbs and only exercised 3 times??? The carbs I ate where from vegetables and 100% whole wheat things but still! I’m also eating 1500 calories a day. This is why I am going to see the doctor on Tuesday. I have decided that I will weigh myself on Wednesday nights from now on. 😂

I think that catches y’all up on what’s happening here in Houston in my world. Have a great weekend! I will be trying to learn all this Anatomy before Monday morning’s test while also watching my child do karate!

The day after

Great day! I didn’t get upset, not even once (I am amazed – I usually cry on my birthday! I went over my carbs but not as bad as I thought I would too!

I went out to drive for Lyft at 6am but no calls. I went to Whole Foods and they have my Zevia soft drinks on sale 2 for $7 so I got 4 6 packs. I drive and parked at a Starbucks near my hair place and gave some random stranger my birthday freebie and all I asked in return was that he pay it forward. I got to my hair appointment early and it took my guy 2 1/2 hours to do my hair. I didn’t get out of there until 12:20. This is before he started. Look at my tiny legs! All the leg excess skin is hiding under my thighs. I love how my calves look! This is after in my car. I drove home and called Uber for a ride to the game. I was late. The game stared at 1:10 and I got there at 1:20 and the lines were so long, I wasn’t in my seat until 1:45! I got a beer and peanuts (favorite baseball food plus I was starving since I ate a little breakfast at 6am) and sat in my awesome seat that I had got myself for my birthday. I cant decide which picture is better so I thought I would leave it up to y’all. I then got a Lyft to pick me up and drive me to dinner with my oldest friend and a newer friend that had never met (traffic made it an hour drive – one reason to not like Houston).

W is my oldest friend. We met when we were little and were in kindergarten together. A’s son goes to school with my son and that’s how we met. She and I go to the gym every once in a while together too. We all got margaritas at this Mexican food place not too far away (there’s places pretty much every mile or so in Houston for Mexican food but you have to know where to go).

I was starving again so had queso and chips. I only took a sip of my margarita, I just didn’t really want it I guess. I ate the crap out of the chips and queso though! My friends wouldn’t let me pay, they split the bill between them. How sweet!

I did break the no weigh challenge yesterday. I wanted to know. Remember I was 182 on May 31st. On my birthday yesterday, I weighed 173.2! How cool is that? My face looks so long in one of those pictures up there. It’s funny because the other one doesn’t look like it at all. I’m just glad I don’t look like my cheeks are caved in like some people get when they lose a bunch of weight. I like how I look. I only have 10 pounds to go to be at an average healthy weight (according to BMI scales). I am sticking with keto though because I really like it and it’s easy. Here are yesterday’s numbers. You can see I only had 3 grams of sugar and 43 carbs. I seriously thought it was going to eat like 150 carbs which is why I’m happy. I don’t even think I dropped out of ketosis. I will plan better for my trip this weekend since I don’t want to go off plan for 3 days. I will take snacks so I’m not starving, have preportioned everything, and take a bunch of food with me.

Today is a crazy day before we leave. I have to go see the doctor for what is hopefully my last treatment at 8. I am supposed to have Ms. Forgets at 10. My son has his psychologist appointment at 12:30. I then pick up Styled for her hair appointment at 1:30. That’s a busy day! My son just passed out in my bed after staying up all night. I just hope I can wake him up by noon to pick him up!

Have a great day. Let me know which picture you like better. What do you think of my birthday day?

Better today

Yep. Truly. I am! I did my dumbbells yesterday for 30 minutes and damn if those endorphins from the lifting didn’t help make me feel better! I also had a long talk with my son about how upset the things he’s been saying have been making me and he said he would try to control his anger better. Then late last night he told me that he would break something again. 🙄 Teens

It’s 4:55am. I awoke at 4:21, wide awake. Maybe it is because I woke up with my watch on my bed and not on my arm. Maybe it’s because I turn 45 today. Maybe something in the house woke me up. Maybe my dog woke me up (she went back to sleep when she realized I wasn’t taking her out). Who knows. I’m awake! After I write this, I’m going to jump in the shower, walk the dog, then take off for the day. I already warned my son that I wouldn’t be here but his grandmother is off today so he needs to be good.

I checked Snapchat this morning as I do every morning (it tells me how late my son stayed awake) and I saw he posted this. how sweet! He hates it when I take a picture of his snaps but I don’t think he will mind this one. Plus no snaps after this so he went to bed right after midnight.

I finished Night Shift on Netflix yesterday. I went to look for something else and saw that Luke Cage AND Supergirl both have new episodes so I know what I will be watching next. I love Marvel!

My exercise today will be walking around Minute Maid park at the game. I’m not going to go out of my way to do more. Last time I went to the game with my cousin, I had 13,000 steps that day. I think I will be fine! I’m also going to eat before I go so I’m not spending a bunch of money there. Although those Park peanuts sound pretty good!

Have a great day. I plan on having one. If you’re in Houston and at the ballpark, hit me up!

Happy birthday son!

photo by birthday wishes expert

Yesterday, my son was so rude that I took his phone on the eve of his birthday. Pretty bad, right? Then he did his chores, did laundry, packed, and was trying to talk me into giving it back until he finally went to bed around 10pm. I was up until 11 and then woke up at 3:45am and have been awake since. My son wants a birthday breakfast of eggs, toast, and cheese. That is doable, I don’t even mind.

I’ve been trying to figure out what woke me up. Could it be all the thoughts running through my head? His birthday and the fact that he’s 13? The week long trip he’s leaving on when we have not been apart other than when I went to Vancouver for 2 weeks for training when he was 6? A noise? My dog? I don’t know, I am awake though! Now yawning again but still awake.

I got cancelled on yet again by Ms. Forgets yesterday. I sent her son the invoice for the week of the 3 “same day cancel fees” and he said he wished it was for driving. Well me too! The bill would have been much higher! I need to be paid! He did pay me for those cancel fees though which I really appreciate.

I was kind of glad she cancelled on me. The outside of my knee on my right leg was hurting VERY badly. I googled to see what’s there and it looks like I strained the lateral muscle. According to google, I just need rest and it will be fine. So what did I do? I did arm strength training with dancing in between! 😂

Today I will go swimming, do yoga, or just rest. I’m not sure yet. It depends on how I feel. I did do 9 days in a row and I would like to keep it up (those endorphins are awesome). I am not going to hurt myself further though!

My son heard the music I had Alexa playing and came to my room and when I was done with my dumbbells and he had walked Amber, we played a bunch of different songs and were dancing and singing and talking. That was really nice. I wish we had more times like that. Even my mom said she’s glad that he and I talk so much. I think it’s because he trusts me which is great.

I am tired of waiting for people that say they will help get my tv on my wall (it’s been quite a while) so I asked my ex boyfriend if I could pay him to do it. He agreed. I haven’t seen him since last year. I have spoken to him through text but I haven’t seen him. This should be interesting. He said he will come tomorrow afternoon after church. That works out well since my son will have already left and my mom will be at work. It will be great to be able to watch YouTube workouts on my tv instead of on my iPad. Do you know how hard it is to see what to do on a tiny screen while you’re moving around?

We got my son’s snow cone maker out last night and cleaned it up and tested it. He loved being able to have it so if any of his friends come today, we will be ready. I actually had to take apart our ice maker, clean it, and let it make more ice before I could even use the snow cone machine. There was some yellow gunk in the bottom of it. Who knows when that was cleaned last! It’s perfect now and that’s what matters.

My son didn’t ask if he could have people over on his birthday. He just went on Snapchat and invited anyone to come by. This is how I found out that he was having guests today. I had a parent text me last night asking what time and I was like, well, whenever I guess! We don’t have any plans today so why not. I like having the kids come by for the most part. I like knowing they are safe. I do not look forward to the high school years when he will want to go to parties and such. I am glad that I have always told him to use Uber and call me in case of an emergency. I ingrained that into his head when he was VERY young! The funny part is, no other parent has contacted me and none of his friends have said yes or no.

I guess I should get out of bed soon. I’m cold outside my warm covers though! I have made it through half the month of June without stepping on the scale and it gets harder every day. One more week and it should be a habit, right? That old saying of habits take 3 weeks to make? Guess we will see!!!