Good morning everyone

I set my alarm for 7 but woke up at 6:30. Oh well, not too early! And here’s why I could sleep in.

I got a call, a text, and an email from my son’s school yesterday that said there is no school today because the Astros won the World Series and they are letting the kids have off to go to the parade and celebrate our teams first ever big win. Umm, ok? The information they sent said it was due to traffic concerns for the kids getting home. I then saw on the news that almost 1,000 employees in our district asked for today off so they just decided to close. Alrighty then! So all the parents that still have to work today, like me, what do we do with our children all day? I just checked the local news station app and no other school districts are doing this. My son is happy but I’m not.

So yes, I do have to work today. Today is the day to go actually meet the new client who, I’m told, is just like cranky. We shall see. That’s 11am to 4pm. So I have to go see Forgetful before that. That’s it but it’s still 6 working hours which I’m not complaining about!

When I woke up, I went to the restroom, and then came back in my room along with my dog and the girl cat. Well, I guess she wanted attention because she was all over me to pet her and was purring away. Very sweet. I am so glad I got this filter!!! Now my dog is asleep on the pillow next to me while I write this. Yesterday, the girl came in my room and started eating dog food. I had to pick it up but didn’t realize my dog was hungry! I finally had to pick up the cat, take her outside my room, come back in, and give my dog her food. Darn cats and poor chihuahua!

Cranky’s cat got his new pet dispenser yesterday too. It was delivered on the 25th but the building didn’t tell us and we just got it. He checked it out but prefers the box like most cats. From what I heard, you have to give him time to figure it out but he won’t let himself starve before he does.

Yesterday turned out totally different than expected too. I could not take the couple because cranky fell and busted her head open. The caregiver brought her and met me at the ER. She had to have 3 stitches and a ct scan but she’s fine. Since that was at 8 am, and I’m sure everyone reading this knows how long an ER can take, you know there was no way I was making it to the couples house for their appointment! I called the husband and he said it was no problem, they could reschedule theirs because it was an arthritis doctor and that wasn’t near as important as a trip to the emergency room.

Forgetful’s step daughter in law had the vets office come pick up the cat yesterday. Then when I arrived to see her at 2pm, she was on the phone with the vet who was telling her that the cat has back pain, is too big, etc etc. They are running tests on the cat and she will be able to go home today or tomorrow. Poor kitty! And she asked the vet twice how old the cat was and she’s 12. As soon as Forgetful hung up about a minute later, her caregiver (she got one again thankfully) asked her how old the cat is and Forgetful said, “Oh, about 9.” That’s pretty bad short term memory loss! I hope everything is okay with the kitty.

My man finally went to the hospital yesterday. This is what he told me about his trip to the ER, “Sending me home w a neuro specialist follow up in 3 days. Has to be past 48hrs for any other type of neck injury to subside before they truly know what is what. He is sending me home with, extremely surprisingly an opiate (shitty 30mg of codeine but hey it’s 15 codeine pills.”

So! I guess he’s doing okay. I haven’t heard back from him last night or this morning. He will probably do the follow up as recommended which would be a good thing! I do want him to be okay. He actually drove his own car to the hospital. It still runs but not well anymore!

And that’s it folks. I’m already wishing I could go back to bed. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

Moving Day

Good morning fellow bloggers and readers! I am awake, hurting, tired, but ready!

I went to my moms last night with another car load of stuff (will it ever end?) and saw she hasn’t taken all of her stuff out of my room. She was downstairs, fresh from a nap, watching a Law and Order rerun on tv. So I asked and she says, “It will get done. Calm down. I have 18 hours.” Okay, minus 8-9 more hours sleep, 1 hour eating, probably 1 hour in the bathroom, etc etc. And no, I didn’t reply with that, I just said Ok mother.

So I guess she tried to put my son to work last night too because he called me from his friends house saying he was going to spend the night over there. Umm, ok? I just told him to make sure he goes back home to walk the dog since I’m not there and we all know my mother won’t do it! I took my son’s tv and all of the add ons over yesterday. I hooked everything up and last night he was really complaining that he couldn’t make anything work. Hmm. I gave him the WiFi password and he said that wasn’t working. He tried to watch a video and the dvd wasn’t working. He couldn’t get the WiFi for his wii either so I really think that’s why he went to his friends house. Silly kid. God I hope she’s done cleaning out my room already. I don’t have time to go check before the movers get here.

I have stinky this morning to go get her hair done. I even called her hair salon and asked if somebody can wash my hair while she’s having hers done. Does that tell you how tired I am? So I’m getting that done, yay. Then of course go check on Forgetful. I hope she’s doing better today. I tried to have a talk with her about why she’s in the home because her step daughter wants to be more direct with her and it backfired on me. This is why I just listen dammit!

All that’s left in the condo for me to move:

Clothes that were in our dressers (5 drawers in mine and 2 in his)

Dishes (pots and pans and bowls)

Refrigerator foods

Bedding (mine)

Bathroom stuff I left here in case I needed it

2 Wind chimes

Astros Door mat

Dirty clothes

3 small and one large Trash cans

That’s it! Whew! One or 2 more car loads. My mom had this great idea. Since I don’t want to mount my tv again on a wall and the tv stand is too big for my dresser, she will take my dresser and give me her lower and longer one so my tv will fit. So I had to take everything out of the bookcase in my room and move that against a different wall. I moved my mini fridge to the corner of the room. So now I will have my bed and a dresser fighting for space. That’s it. Not too bad!

I got a pic from my man last night. He’s still in Arkansas healing. Such a sweet gay man! He doesn’t know any sports though and was confused on what I was saying about the Astros. I guess I’ll have to teach him!

Anyway, it’s already 6:30 and I have to leave by 8 to get to work so I need to get moving! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Wow. Thanks guys!

I am not associated with these blog sites that gets you tons of followers, yet in 2 months of starting my blog, I have 51! I really appreciate everyone that follows me and hope that my life is interesting enough to keep all of you plus more some day!


Yesterday update: I did clean off my bed of all the files. Mostly by throwing away stuff I don’t need and then stuffing all that was left over into the one box. It all fits in one though! I can organize it any time. I ran out of time before I could get to do more at my Mom’s so when I say stuffed, I literally pushed it all down into the box well enough for me to close the lid and put it away. ✅

I had to drive yesterday evening for my normal Wednesday job. I was not able to get laundry done (which is not good). My son is complaining like crazy this morning because I didn’t do it. I just told him, you could have done it too. I mean, come on, he’s 12! He can do his own laundry! I’ve showed him how many times. These days, it’s pretty easy too! He had nothing to say after that. HA!

Today I am not sure how this is going to go. I have to take this woman to get her license renewed at 9. Then, I have to go by this other woman’s place to check on her and see pictures from Africa that her caregiver said she would bring. By 1, I have to pick up this couple and take them for groceries. I also have to pick up my son and his friend at 3:15 after school, take his friend home (I told her Mom I would), and get my little guy home. I also have a job this evening taking this man to pick up his girlfriend at the airport but that’s not until later so I’ll have some free time in between.

So, my issue is this. How can I get back from the DPS, see a lady, take a couple to the grocery, and pick up my kid within 2 1/2 hours (that is guesstimating that the DPS will take a couple hours at the very least)??? When I get home from taking him to school this morning, I’ll just pay the lovely condo laundry room rates and get laundry done. I don’t have the 2 hours it takes to do it at my moms. Here: Wash – 30 minutes, dry – 45 minutes so that leaves me plenty of time to get to my first job at 9. After that, my day may be a problem! What I HOPE happens is that this woman is correct and she won’t have to wait and I’ll have her home by 11. Then I can take the couple grocery shopping at 11:30, go by and see the pictures around 2, then pick up the kids at 3:15. Please note this is best case scenario. Reason 1 is because the DPS office she wants to go to is WAY far out (well, Julie, they don’t make seniors wait so I want to go to that one)! Reason 2 is that she may decide she needs something else after getting it renewed which of course will mess up my entire schedule.

You may have noticed that I haven’t talked about my man lately. That would be because he up and left and moved to Arkansas. So there’s nothing really to talk about! He has been talking to me, complaining about some oil change place, how he couldn’t leave Houston when he wanted to, whatever. He’ll be back. I’m not worried. He won’t like it there over the winter. For some reason, he doesn’t think it snows there much. 😂😂

So that’s it for the day. It’s time for me to get off my boodie and get ready to take my son to school. Y’all have a great day now!


Oh my, I was lazy yesterday. I did not leave my house all day! It was spectacular!!! Netflix, didn’t get dressed, made my son walk the dog, Ahh! It was nice.

I got up early this morning and took my client to his work. We almost got hit twice. People on the freeways really need to watch for other cars. I had on my blinker, moved into the lane, and then – here’s a car on my right about to smash into me! They weren’t paying attention to other people I guess. Scary!

My commode is finally getting fixed today. My man was supposed to fix it last week. I waited and waited as my poor bathroom got worse and worse. I finally gave up and posted “Looking for recommendations” on Facebook. Almost immediately, my sons godfather texts me and says, “I’ll come fix it.” Yay!!! So he will be here in a couple hours and I won’t have to deal with this anymore.

This man had been such a crybaby lately. He went home and all he has done since then is be so negative and just complaining (oh wo-is me) nonstop that I don’t want to see or talk to him. I have my own stuff going on and don’t need to hear all that. So I’m pretty much ignoring him for a day or so. I don’t need any more negativity in my life. My son is negative enough!

Speaking of my son, he has been watching the Apple TV in my room. Yesterday, I asked him if he just wants my Apple TV in the living room and I’ll put the cable in my bedroom (I rarely turn on the tv). He loved the idea so we just made the switch. I told him that he can’t watch it until he does his chores. He said okay, and then yells “You’re welcome!” Umm, kid? I asked you to do it 2 days ago! Pre-teens. Geez

If you have noticed, I have not been talking about exercise. That’s because I haven’t done anything lately. The hurricane screwed me up and now I am going to have to get back in the habit. Not easy either! I took a few pictures of things to do and am going to try and get started on Sunday. We shall see!

So, my weekend plans. I work all day tomorrow and off on Sunday. So basically not doing anything! lol I have no life and that’s okay by me. Maybe I can get some peace and quiet (yeah right).

Google images are the best!

Grocery day

No jobs today but crazy busy again tomorrow and I can’t complain about that! This man wants me to take him to work 3 days a week and at $30 per trip, I’m perfectly okay with that!

So I decided earlier that I will attempt to go to the grocery store today, specifically Costco. After the man stayed here a week, I need to replenish supplies and refill my freezer. God this freezer was a great idea! BUT… I haven’t gotten out of bed yet. I’ve been awake for 3 hours thanks to another client calling and waking me up and all I’ve done is some computer invoicing work.

Traffic is still a nightmare as well so do I really want to get out in it when I don’t really HAVE to? Until the city fixes the water problem on our tollway, all streets will remain ridiculous and too busy. So I’m not sure if it’s grocery day or not. I may just stay at home and veg out.

Thanks to ABC13KTRK for the picture of the water on that bridge.

What do you think?

Labor Day

Small business owners, retail workers, even some city workers do not get today off. Yes, it’s Labor Day! I will be working for 4 hours. I’m going to do laundry and bake a cake while I’m over there. It keeps me from going insane just sitting there.

Woke up to realize that I am out of energy drinks. Since I’m broke, I will not be buying any either. I’m having a Pepsi instead. SO not the same though!!! I prefer Full Throttle. It tastes like Mountain Dew and works well. Everyone gets on me telling me that I shouldn’t drink them. I’m sure those people will be happy now! So I have my Pepsi, I ate flavored rice with cheese for breakfast (yes, I know that’s not a normal breakfast), and now getting moving to go over there.

I looked at my calendar for this week and I have one job a day. That’s one more a day than I had the past week and a half so I’m okay with that! My man needs to come over and fix the commode. He thinks it is leaking due to a broken ring. I think it’s just a cheap toilet (only 2 months old) that only cost $80 and it’s broken somewhere underneath that we can’t see. I guess we will find out!

My son has another week off school. He is now supposed to go back on September 11th. I see irony in that. Let’s change that date into a good thing. Yay for school starting!!! His school district here has flooding at different schools and therefore will have to crowd the other schools so they can start. The state gave us 4 days and we will have to make up 6. My son is worried that it will cut into his next summer vacation. 😂

He had a friend over yesterday. They watched videos, ate, and seems like they had a good time. I hope the kid wants to come back. My son, with his aspergers, loses friends at times. The kids Mom said thanks for having her son. I think that’s a good sign!

Harvey victims are still cleaning up here. We are having other cities come in with garbage trucks to help get rid of all the water damaged property people are cleaning out of their homes. We as a city thank all others for everything they did to help. Y’all have a good day and I hope you’re off!

Rest Day…maybe

Yesterday was good. I had 2 jobs and they were both very generous to me and tipped me well. Doesn’t make up for the loss for the whole week but it’s helpful getting back on track!

Traffic is horrendous but since there is still flooding, it’s understandable. I got a picture from ABC13KTRK here that shows the satellite view of the Harvey.

So yeah, it was pretty bad here. You couldn’t see all the waterways before this storm from a satellite (taken from ABC13KTRK). Also from the same website, this shows you where the water from the reservoirs is going.

This is actually my working area too so it’s difficult to see my clients and friends homes being flooded.

My man went home yesterday, no more cat in the house. My dog is VERY happy and even slept with me last night. My allergies will thank me when I wash the sheets today too.

My son is having a friend over today. He is excited especially since we can’t get to his other friends. I told the kids mom that if she will drop him off, we will keep him and bring him home after dinner. Now I just need to figure out what to make them. I’m thinking they can eat the leftover burgers. Why not?

My wedding ring came in yesterday but no regular mail. Weird. It’s beautiful! My dress and ring shows how much of a Doctor Who fan I am. My dress is a Tardis dress too. Naw, I don’t like that show at all!

Tungsten wedding band (Walmart)

Tardis dress from Torrid

Now he wants to dress like the 4th doctor so we are on the lookout for his outfit.

Google pics of the 4th doctor

Yes, we are serious about going through this. We just got through a week of living together and sleeping in the same bed and sharing a small space and didn’t hate each other. No, that’s not a lifetime, it was stressful because of the storm and we both have no money and the fact that we were able to get through it and still be talking about it is awesome. We can get through anything!

He wants to move to Arkansas. I don’t want to leave my mother by herself here or move until I have clients to drive and be able to work there. So I don’t know what we are going to do. We will figure it out.

So I am watching HGTV Property Brothers and about to shower. Also wondering what to cook for the week. I still have some leftovers from a few days ago when I went crazy in the kitchen too which have to be eaten. Are we having fun yet?

Y’all have a great day. The boys will probably just sit here and play my sons Wii U or watch YouTube like usual while I am cleaning and cooking. 🙄

Friday is today!

I was so sleep deprived yesterday I thought it was Friday. Oops!!!

My son wants me to drive him to the other side of the city in an hour. While he is at his friends house, I am going to drive back, go see my client, go “fix” my mom’s Apple TV, and then go back to pick my son up. Since his friend lives near where the military placed my father, I figure we will go see his site after his friends house. My mom wouldn’t let me have a service there so I would like to see it.

My man is going to go check on his place AGAIN, then run some errands. I told him to take the key in case he beats us back here.

So that’s our day here today. The only concern I have is getting my son to his friends house. I checked Waze (if you don’t have it, it’s the best GPS app) and it shows that I can take the freeways now. That’s good that they are clear and not covered in water anymore. Getting TO the freeway is a bit more tough. The city released water out of the reservoirs so that means there are still streets under water and according to the city, will be for some time. One of my clients was told they cannot get to their house for at least 2 weeks and it’s about a foot under water. That’s not good. At least it was empty since she’s selling it and she lives in a retirement home now!

The man and I have been talking about my son and how he needs someone to talk to about all that stuff that is NOT me. I’m so happy they have talked and he trusts my man enough to talk to him. As my son hits his teenage years, he really needs someone. I told him he can talk to his Dad and he said, “Oh HELL no!” He doesn’t trust his Dad. Well, neither do I but I would never tell him that!

I went to the store yesterday!!! I drank some milk last night. I haven’t had any in a couple weeks so I was so happy. The small stuff is always good.

So I’ll get in the shower and get out of here. Y’all have a good day!

Friday Morning

Good morning!!!

I got 6 hours of sleep. I woke up because I was supposed to have a job at 8:30. I left at 8 to drop off recycling and go by this other ATM because the one by me isn’t working. Of course, that one isn’t either. Whatever!

There are 3 ways to get to my client. I went down the easiest road, turned on the back street to go to her and it was flooded. So I went to the middle street and it was flooded. Only one other option! I went down that street and IT WAS FLOODED!!! Needless to say, I can’t get to her. I called to let her know and she says, “Well, the van is picking people up and bringing them in so why can’t you get through?” WTF lady. I refuse to possibly hurt my small car just because a huge van can get through! I watched the van too. He barely made it through the water. Even he said there’s no way in. So there you have it. I missed out on $30 because of standing water.

So I’m back home and a bit cranky. I stopped at the store on the way home and was told they should be getting a truck in today for supplies. I think I’ll wait a bit more. All I need are eggs and milk and I can wait.

My man says he is going home again today. Why I don’t know. That’s his thing. I think he just wants out of the house. I can’t blame him. We’ve been stuck here for a while.

I have my son out back pulling weeds. He has taken over an hour already and my patio is not big. If he would stop talking and complaining, he would be done. Then he still has homework to do for the beginning of school, whenever that is. The superintendent of our schools put out an announcement yesterday advising parents that the schools may not open next Tuesday because of water, power, or other issues. NONONONO… my kid NEEDS to go to school!!! They were supposed to start last Monday but couldn’t because of the storm. Pray hard that he can go to school!!!

Chat with y’all later. My neighbor’s kids want me to go back in the mold house and do a couple things. Yuck!

Is it really over???

The rain stopped around 10pm last night. Thank God! Maybe it’s finally over for Houston! Now we have to pray for Louisiana since the storm went that way. Hopefully they will not get it as bad!

I woke up to sunshine. A VERY welcome site! It was at 7:21am today that a “Mama” woke me. I jumped up, ran into my living room, and saw my son is still asleep. The man is still asleep as well so where did that come from??? Maybe the cat meowed and I thought it was Mama? I don’t know but it woke me right up!

I have someone checking to see if I can work tonight. I want to be able to take my 95 year old to his country club like any other Wednesday evening, plus I haven’t worked in a week and am broke!!! I still have to pay the bills, even in a disaster. We all do. We need to work. If it wasn’t for bills piling up, I would relax about it more. I heard people can apply for lost wages during this time and I hope it applies to me too. I only need what I would have made this past week, not much. I haven’t done it because I don’t want to take money away from others that have lost everything! It’s a moral dilemma. I probably won’t do it though. I have friends that don’t have a home and they need help more than I do.

My ceiling is fine. My neighbor is ecstatic that it stopped raining! We are now waiting for our property management to have someone come out and fix everything. That could take a while. She has covered her ceiling with plastic so she can stay there and stay dry.

My friend went to the grocery store at 7am today. She waited as the 15th person in line for the store to open at 8. When she got in, they had no regular bread but had fresh baked, only a little milk, and not much else on the shelves. I think I will avoid going to a store for a few more days. It will give the stores time to get supply trucks in and for us to eat all that I cooked too. My clients son asked me about his mom going to the store. I told him she should wait a few days. I wouldn’t want to see an 86 year old trying to get food and wait in line just to see there’s not much available. That would break my heart! She just had her birthday yesterday too. My plan was to make her a cake but, you know, Harvey. So, as soon as I can get eggs and milk again, I will bake her the best birthday cake ever! I will make it even better than the one I made for little man for during the hurricane!

So that’s it. I am going to shower and then try to venture out for a bit today to check on people and see how our entire area fared as well as check on my mom. Talk later!