Teeth issues

Ever since I got my braces off at the age of 14, my teeth have gotten worse and worse. I always brushed my teeth like I was supposed to, I went to the dentist every 6 months, I did everything I was told. I always had cavities and my mom would blame me, not knowing or understanding that in part it is genetics.

When I met my biological siblings, I noticed everyone's teeth were horrible and my sister 6 years younger than me has dentures. So I talked to my friends dentist and he said teeth are part how you take care of them and part genetics. I was so happy to have been validated!

This is a picture of myself before I did something about it.

They kept getting worse. One of my friends brothers friend happens to be a dentist and did it for the military overseas for a long time before coming home and setting up shop here. So I listened to my friend and went to see him.

I came out of his office with a price and a plan. He agreed with me that I was missing too many teeth in the back and the front ones were so bad that my best bet was to get the bad teeth pulled and get dentures. I have heard horror stories of implants and actually had a couple of people that after a few years, the implants started falling out!

Before my Dad passed, he drove me down to the dentist (30 miles away from where I live – he's in Clear Lake) and he paid for everything up front. I went to sleep with bad teeth and woke up with beautiful teeth. When the numbness wore off, I was in pain! I was in pain for 2 weeks, I even had to go ask for better pain killers. I never take pain meds either! Over the next 6 months, I was down at his office at least once every 2 weeks having them adjusted. All of those visits were covered too!!! So that was in March 2016.

After a year, when my gums are supposed to have stopped receding, I got to go back and get my permanent dentures. They look just like my real teeth, without all the disgusting stuff and missing teeth. All the pain in the first few months was totally worth it! It really was painful at first too.

This is the difference between the temporary dentures and my permanent ones. The first set was really small teeth and I hated them! I told the dentist every time I would see him that I wanted my permanent ones to look like my original teeth. He used his cell phone and took close up pictures of my teeth and he made my new set himself.

The difference between my real teeth and my dentures. I am SO much happier with my smile now!

The dentist did an awesome job and I would recommend his office to anyone, I even take my son there now that they have a pediatric dentist.

Clear Lake Modern Dentistry is the BEST!!!