Happy 2019!!!

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What are you going to do this year? The same old thing? Better yourself? Find new work? Any new goal is better than staying the same, right?

I don’t do resolutions. I make goals. 2018 was my year to lose weight and start exercising more and I accomplished my goals better than I ever thought I could! 2019 will be even better!

Let’s talk about 2018 for a minute. Here is where I started.

Here are all of the stats from this past year.

I did my final weigh in and measurements today. I cannot believe how far I went this last year! I am amazed at how I stuck to my guns too. I started with low fat last January. Because of my podiatrist, I went keto in April. I continued keto through October when I hit my goal weight of 150. Since then, I have still tracked my calories but slowed down losing because I am not trying to lose any more weight. I am so happy at 150!

As you can see, I am happy today! Happy that in 2019, I am starting my next goals and I will do great at these too.

1. Be a non smoker

As of tomorrow, I am a non smoker. Not “I will quit smoking this year.” I am a non smoker. I am ready. When I met with my son’s psychologist, he told me that it will be okay. I only smoke about half a pack of cigarettes each day so it’s not like it is for heavy smokers and I can do this. He advised me to get some coffee stirrers to chew on so I’m not munching on food all the time. That’s what I was truly worried about – I refuse to gain weight again! So I got the stirrers and I am ready to go. I also printed out this sheet and stuck it on my closet door so I will see it every day. I will check it off daily that I did not smoke.

2. Quit caffeine

Oh this is a toughie! I am quitting caffeine but I am ready to do it. I got too hooked on Bang and Zevia this past year and I want to be free of chemicals in my body. Therefore, the first step is getting myself off caffeine. I will still have soda at first, just caffeine free. I am so used to having caffeine when I wake up and before bed so I got some Caffeine free Diet Pepsi to hopefully make myself think I am still doing the normal thing each day.

3. Pay off credit card debt.

This will be more tough since I was using my cards for everything other than bills this past year. I’m in a HUGE financial hole but I am going to get myself out. I am not going to ruin my credit by going through a consolidation place or claiming bankruptcy. I am going to use Dave Ramsey’s snowball idea. I am using this to help me. I have put this on my closet door as well.

4. Budget and spend less

This kind of goes with number 3. I put a list on my closet and will put up a new one each week. I have it also for my son to see what he’s spending money on. My son loves Starbucks and I am hoping that if he sees exactly what he’s spending there, it will help to stop him from asking if he can go (sometimes 3 times a week!).

I also put a calendar up there so he can see who I’m with each day or if either one of us has an appointment.

I also put a yearly calendar up there to keep track of my weight to make sure I am not gaining as I don’t smoke anymore (as of tomorrow the 1st).

What do y’all think? I am letting you guys know my goals for this year to help keep me accountable. I think that will over 1000 people checking on me, I am more likely to get my crap done!

If I can stick to keto and lose 70 pounds in a year, I can quit smoking and drinking caffeine. Plus that will save me money already! I was spending $110 each month on cigarettes and $150 a month on Bang and Zevia. That’s a savings of $260 in the first month! I got this!

You can do whatever you set your mind to. You just have to remind yourself the what, the why, and the how. You may have to do it more than once a day but you can do this just like I can!

2 more days to 2019

Oh man..I didn’t do much yesterday because of this stupid back of the knee pain. I’m getting better by resting though. I want to walk to get groceries today but I’ll see how I am when I get out of bed today.

What I did do yesterday was write down all of my finances and print out some budgeting papers. I’m trying to let my child see why he doesn’t need to spend so much money. Let’s hope it works!

I also joined LinkedIn and built my resume. I either hope to get new clients or get a job in my nutrition field as I go through school. I love running my business but I am not making any money doing it.

I applied for upteen scholarships online as I got an email from my school saying that I have almost reached the limit of what I can get in loans for an undergrad degree. Huh? Really? Whatever. I don’t understand why I didn’t get grants but maybe I will for the 2019-2020 school year. I applied late for this school year.

I am also going to really start trying to help more people on social media. I get so many dm’s from men saying “Hello Beautiful” or other stuff which scares me a bit. I just delete them. You never know who some people really are online!

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