Me? Complain? Nah! 😂

Oh wow. Just wow. I seem to be in a heated discussion with a client over my 2018 rates. I went up on my weekly fee by $25 a week and hourly fee by $2 per hour. I didn’t put that I wanted an extra $100 a week for being a companion or $5 to $10 per hour for driving which is technically what I could charge for my services in this area (I never will because Uber is pretty cheap and they are my only real competition).

This is my first complaint about the new rates. This person wants to be “grandfathered” in because they are a friend. Sorry chickeeda! I can’t do that! I have to make money too! I understand you want to save $25 a week but look at it this way. I take care of all of your parent’s needs whether it be phone calls to doctors, fighting with insurance, or even dealing with the retirement homes.

Expenses have skyrocketed since I moved in with my mother. The Toyota I got from a client was never driven much for years and now everything is breaking, including the electrical system, since I drive it daily. My mother seems to think I’m made of money as well and doesn’t have to pay me back for all of the little things she asks me to “pick up while I’m out.” The list of things that have gone up in price goes on and on.

I had breakfast with Forgetful this morning. I took her breakfast from La Madeline and she was very happy. Her step daughter in law came too and that was fun, not! She screamed at her and told her she’s lying and doesn’t care, blah blah blah. Forgetful didn’t notice when I left either. Oh well. I’ll see her tomorrow.

The only other thing I have today is taking the couple to dinner unless someone calls me to take them somewhere. I guess once my food settles (I think I ate too much), I’ll go work out at the gym. Which is another expense! 😂

Last night I went outside to take trash out and the sky was clear in between heavy downpours so I took a picture of the creepy looking sky.

Weird, right?


Yet another day of no jobs. I have one tomorrow and 2 Saturday. Basically no money this week. And I had to buy groceries with the money I had last night so I'm glad I have a full tank of gas and no bills coming up!

The woman that bought my Dad's car in June is supposed to pay me the balance of $650 by the end of this month. She gets paid on the 1st and 15th. She came by this morning and gave me $120. How, with only one more check this month, does she expect to pay the car off owing $530 by the end of August? I don't think she can. Well, $120 will help me this week since I'm not making anything so I'll take it.

Anyway, I am taking the day off of exercise too. I am still doing 250 steps an hour no matter what walking around my house because of the weather. Yesterday I did really well but had a dull pain between my shoulder blades all day. So I figure I need a small break.