Long week already

Sunday – good day! My son had friends over and then stayed up until 2am working on school projects that he didn’t tell me about until 6pm on Sunday.

Monday – I let my son stay home from school because he had a dentist and orthodontist appointments. We drove down there for his dentist to say that he is not taking care of his teeth (duh) and has to rinse twice a day with a prescription plus put this goop over his braces twice a day. On both he has to put it on (or swish) for one minute and then spit it out. Then he’s not allowed to eat or drink for 30 minutes. He is not happy but he did it to himself!

I had school today. I still left mega early because 1. Parking and 2. I am not telling my son I dropped that class. I got breakfast and went to the library. I kept moving around because of loud kids plus I was freezing. After my 3rd move, I said screw this and left and went to the business building and sat studying there in the window getting sun until H text about lunch.

Had lunch and saw chocolate cupcakes as we were leaving. I couldn’t resist! I asked the lady if I could have one. She picked one up, put SO much icing on it, and hands it to me. Umm, thanks? I took 2 bites of the actual cupcake (a couple licks of the icing – it was too sweet) and threw the rest away. I enjoy icing but not that much! Even H laughed and said I’m so skinny that the lunch lady is feeding me. Lol! I’m still 150, not a twig like so many girls at school!

I left Math early (after being there all day, I leave early?!?) and pick up my son’s mouthwash at the grocery store. I came home and relaxed for about 30 minutes before I took my son and his friend to a concert here. The friends parents are picking them up after to bring them home. I was a bit worried about them being there alone until my son told me that the girl he likes will be there too with her dad and sister. Okay so they will probably never see each other but I feel better knowing another adult at the same place! So I text the Dad and he told me where they are sitting in case my son needs help. So nice! Us single parents have to stick together! Even though he’s a busy guy, he still makes time to have fun with his daughters.

Tomorrow I am taking doughnuts to Cranky for breakfast. My mother asked for some, the caregiver asked for some, and my son asked for some. So yeah, I’ve got a list for Shipley’s in the morning! And if you have never had Shipley’s, watch this YouTube video from my favorite comedian and then you’ll know!


Y’all have a great night! I am going to relax!

Nice Sunday

A nice beautiful day.

I did not do the foot reflexology. I want to ask my doctor first since I’m having foot issues. Plus I still haven’t heard back from them about the treatment or my insoles and it’s been over a week!

I made half a brisket yesterday. This picture is after I cut it up and had already packaged up half.

I took half to Cranky and decided to work out while I was at her place. She lives in a high rise and they have a nice little gym next to a beautiful pool area.

I then came home and watched Netflix.

I stayed within my calories.

I have to say. These protein bars help me SO much! Why didn’t I find these sooner? It gives me the sweet fix I like without much sugar (1-2 grams in each), fills me up, and has tons of fiber and protein. I like them a lot. So much in fact that I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and because they were having a sale, I bought out their peanut butter protein crisps (1 box) and a box of vanilla marshmallow protein crisps. It’s like I get to eat this huge Rice Krispie treat every day. It tastes like one too which is amazing. I tried the Gatorade brand of them and literally threw it away after a couple of bites. The BSN brand is my favorite. I also got a couple of quest cookies in case I had that cookie craving. I could eat these all day (I don’t but I could)!

My Mom ate half the brisket I had kept for us for dinner last night. That’s my fault. I keep forgetting that I don’t eat like a normal person and most people eat much bigger servings than I do. So I probably should have cooked the whole brisket instead of just half. Cranky didn’t like it but her caregiver told me that I’m a good cook and it was great. That was sweet. My son wouldn’t try the brisket but wants to try bacon (finally). He’s always turned his nose up at bacon before but yesterday decided he wants to try it. Now, do I make it crunchy like I like it or a bit floppy like my mother likes it? I’m just glad he’s willing to finally have some!

I couldn’t go to sleep last night. I was in bed at 10 and couldn’t go to sleep until 12:30. I’m up at 5:30 though! I have one job of taking the wife of the couple to her dentist today and that’s it. So plenty of time to go by the grocery store, go to the gym, and watch Netflix. I hope it’s another good day. The weather is nice here now, cool in the mornings and in the 80’s in the afternoons. If only it stayed like this.

I hope y’all have a great Monday. Motivational Monday coming later too!

Happy Columbus Day!

My life today has nothing to do with the holiday other than I won’t get my money deposited because of it! 😂

I wasn’t sure what to tell you other than taking Mr. 95 year old to work as usual and then something happened. At 1:15am no less.

I had just fallen asleep around 11pm. My phone rings at 1:15am. It is my caregiver who has not had a great weekend in the first place. Her car broke down on her way to work Friday and she had to deal with cranky being, well, cranky all weekend. The reason for the wake up call was that the cat had bit cranky’s leg and she couldn’t stop the bleeding. Me being asleep, I told her to call 911 because honestly, I had NO idea what to do otherwise. So I woke up a bit after hanging up with her and text her (in case she was on the phone with 911) asking why it wouldn’t stop since cranky doesn’t take blood thinners. So she replied that she got it stopped because cranky said she wasn’t going to the hospital over a “damn cat bite” in the middle of the night. My poor caregiver! I bet she’s ready to go home today but she has no car! I offered to take her home or to her car after I take Mr. 95 year old to work but I don’t think she wants to wait until I get back around 9-9:30. She said she will take uber. 😞 I feel so bad for her with all this and now today will be a long day and she probably just wants sleep!!! I know I would!

Before I passed back out (which took 20 minutes to get back to sleep), I text cranky’s son and let him know that this is the 3rd bite in about 2 weeks. We have to figure out what to do about this cat. He can’t be biting people all the time! He’s only 8 years old, is fixed, and has no front claws. He’s a Maine Coon so he’s huge though! Guess I’ll have to wait and find out what he thinks after his reply of “I’ll think on it”.

So if you’re off today, lucky you. My son has school and I have work so off we go!