Got it done! ✅

Yesterday was a good day. I took Cranky to her doctor and we then went to lunch at Los Tios where we both had a taco. We were gone for 2 hours and whatever her caregiver was doing while we were gone, she didn’t get to finish. She thought we had gotten the food to go because we were back from the doctor visit (took 10 minutes total), lunch (45 minutes total), and the pharmacy (drive through) in 2 1/2 hours. I then talked to her son via text for a while and relaxed at home.

My son had scheduled a visit with the trainer at 4:30 and told me that he couldn’t remember what the guy looked like. 🙄 He asked me to go with him to point the trainer out. Well, I was going to the gym today anyway so sure! We walked in and I got them talking about my sons goals and off I went to do some cardio.

I started on the elliptical. After 10 minutes, I kept coughing so I finally got off and decided to go biking on the stationary bike (I swear Todd, my gym needs that really cool one you use with the biking trails). I did 15 minutes on the bike before I started coughing like crazy again!

Please note that I am drinking water as well and would cough MORE when I did. So I went to the treadmill thinking walking would be easier for me.Nope! Coughing like crazy AGAIN after 15 minutes and purposely made myself walk one mile! Geez! So I quit and used the restroom and checked out the sauna but only had my tennis shoes so I couldn’t go in plus can you even take a phone in there? I’m not sure if that’s a good idea and I didn’t have anywhere to put it. If you know, please tell me! Then I checked on my son and the trainer and they were working hard so I decided to do 5 more minutes on the elliptical so I would have a total of 45 minutes of exercise today.

When I was done, I went to tell my son I was leaving but they were finished. My son started walking home and I talked to the trainer to let him know about my back. He took time to go with me to the mats and show me what stretching exercises will help the chiropractor and myself get me healed faster. He is awesome. We did that for about 15 minutes and then I walked home feeling happy.

I didn’t cook yesterday. I just didn’t feel like it. I have to take Styled to her dentist this morning. This afternoon the husband of the couple asked me to take him to the grocery store since I couldn’t last week. Umm, why didn’t you have one of your caregivers go for you??? That’s fine, I need the money. Then tomorrow evening I will be taking them to their regular Tuesday dinner. Busy day for me!

My neighbor also asked me to meet her at the gym to work out in the afternoon between groceries and dinner. I hope I have time! She’s really sweet! Her kids are with their dad for spring break so she is free other than work times so that’s good that she and I get to go hang out and do something we both like that doesn’t involve food.

Calories were good yesterday too! I can and will be the best that I can be!

I also looked at the past 2 weeks to see the difference between me being sick and not doing much and going to the gym. Remember I went over my calories at least one day a week because of having a cheat meal. Here is the difference between working out and being sick.

See how working out totally helps??? I love myfitnesspal for logging my food daily and so appreciate these charts weekly. And that’s on the free plan! I highly recommend it if calorie counting will help you get to your goals.

Anyway, that’s my day. I hope you had a good Monday and let’s make this Tuesday the best!

What a day!

Starts out normal… go to see Forgetful and then leave after an hour a bit brain tired but fine. Then run by the store because we ran out of milk and eggs the day before a holiday so I HAD to go today. Take those home and then go sign my name to about 10 forms stating that I NO LONGER OWN A CONDO!!!! Yay!!! I’d probably be a bit more excited if I got all the money or if it was only my place but I am NOT complaining.

So I leave there feeling a bit elated and even without having the money yet, go to Discount Tire and get 4 brand new tires for my car. My front tires were 9 years old (probably the same ones from when the car was bought brand new) and my back tires were just cheap and you could tell when driving the car. So $500 on my credit card later, I have Michelin tires. I was there 2 hours though. Crazy! The sales guy told me I would have to wait an hour and 15 minutes. After that time, he comes up to me and says they can’t find the tires and would I mind having Perrelli’s. YES I mind! I actually walked away from him, got someone else, and he went out to the tires and found my tires for my car. WTH is wrong with some people? Do they just not want to work? The guy that helped me could have done the same damn thing, hell, the guys doing the work could have actually LOOKED for the tires! Stupid people. So yes, I am happy with my tires and now need wheels (rims) because I hate hubcaps!

I was also going to go get tint put on my car so I called the place I have always gone to and liked and my guy there is off today so I asked if I could come on Friday when he was back so that’s all set up now. I won’t talk to anyone else there, they always try to sell you stuff you don’t need and my guy has tinted the past 5 vehicles I’ve had so I only want him. No offense to the pesky sales guys, wouldn’t you prefer someone that knows you and knows what you like?

I then took my Dad’s watch to the jeweler to be fixed up. They will change the battery, the band, and see if it needs to be cleaned and do that. I am still so happy my Mom gave me my Dad’s watch! I’m not even a fan of gold but because it was my Dad’s, I will wear it every damn day until my son is old enough to want a nice watch.

Don’t mind the blurriness, I was in the car!

I tried to go change the title on the car too. It’s been paid off since June, I really should get that done, right? But the line! Oh my goodness! It was so long and NOT moving! I just couldn’t stay there. Too much else going on. This poor man in front of me in the line asked me if he was in the right line and when I told him yes, he looked like he wanted to cry! Yes, not kidding, it was THAT bad.

SO! I came home, got some chili and casserole in containers, then went to see Cranky. She’s been complaining that her cat doesn’t use his box or his water dish and that he can sleep on her bed and she will turn on the faucet for him, etc. I think I’ve covered that in some previous post but I’m not going to go searching for it. I walked in her bedroom and guess what??? He was IN his box! He peered out and I got a picture of him.

I put the box there so he would have a sunny spot to hang out in. I think he likes it! I show Cranky the picture and she says, “Well, he’s never done that before.” Her caregiver tells me, “Every day Julie, he uses it every day.” 😂

I left to come home, eat, and relax finally. Cranky’s caregiver text me to tell me Cranky liked all the food and she said Thank You. Aww! That’s good because my mother said it was a little spicy for her but she liked it. Whatever! If Cranky actually likes it, it must taste good!

I finished The Punisher last night. Really good but I absolutely HATED the end scene. It just didn’t flow for me. Maybe the next season they do will end better! This was more like a “this is the only season we are ever doing” type ending. 😫

Now I’m going to look for something else to watch because my phone is at 7% so I need to stop typing soon. If you don’t stop by to read posts tomorrow, have a great holiday if you celebrate it!

Once again

Do things ever turn out like they are supposed to?

I just couldn’t get moving yesterday morning. Stupid cramps. So after my shower, I went downstairs to take the dog out and saw my mom had text me. I text her back and heard a beeping noise so wouldn’t you know it, she left her phone at the house but she wasn’t here. I called her job and yep, she was at work! She asked me to bring her phone up there so I did that on my way to Sleepy. That’s my name for this newest client. I seriously thought she was going to be cranky after speaking with her son but mostly she just slept yesterday for the 5 hours I was with her.

She ate lunch, she napped, we watched old game show repeats on Buzzr, and she told me that she wants me to come back more. Aww! That’s a great compliment! So I told her son and he sent back big eyes 👀, a hand clapping 👏, and a thumbs up 👍. I told him I’m not a caregiver though and unless I’m driving, I get bored. I almost fell asleep on her low couch that made it hurt to keep my neck up. Then I went to see Forgetful. She made me stay and have dinner with her which was very nice since I hadn’t had much to eat all day. I got home around 6:40pm. I was passed out by 10. Now I’m awake and ready to take Stinky to get her hair done and then pick up Forgetful’s cat at the vet and bring her home. That’s it for today.

So I was thinking about some things yesterday. I am glad I moved in here. There are many reasons why. Here are a few.

My mother is starting to not understand things as well as she used to and if she gets confused, I need to be here. I have seen and talked to a few neighbors around here but none are as nosy as the old German lady where I used to live. I like having a bigger place even though most of the things in it aren’t mine. I enjoy having a bigger bathroom even if it doesn’t have its own closet. The stalker guy seems to have gone away too so I feel safer. My dog has a much bigger area to play and do her business.

Is there anything I miss about living on my own? Well yeah, I could walk right out of my bedroom to smoke. Last night I was thinking I would just get up and go outside but oops, I’m on the 2nd floor. Can’t do that! Allergies weren’t as bad either over there but I am okay as long as I take my medicine. Seriously, that’s about the only things I miss. I have wanted to move out of that place for so long and every time I thought I would be able to, something happened where I couldn’t move yet. This is the first time in 15 years I was able to move out and not have everything just go to hell right before the move.

So all and all, a good move. Mom isn’t getting on my nerves all the time like I was afraid she would. She’s not banging on my bedroom door all the time which was another fear. My son is happy which is always good!

Not sure if I ever mentioned it but my mom makes bows and wreaths for a living. She brought home a new one yesterday for our front door and I can’t complain about this one. I like it!

What do you think?

Have a good Saturday. I’m off to get showered and dressed for work.

Cleaning day again

So I went to the condo and cleaned it all out other than the couch, freezer, and espresso machine that I am selling.

One of my caregivers said it looks smaller but I think it’s just the pictures. I think it looks larger now. Who knows.

Now I’m back at home and my moms maids are here cleaning. The only business I have today is Forgetful at lunchtime so that’s easy. My mom asked me to go by Petco and return some stuff so that’s next.

So the Astros have lost the first game and won the second. Maybe the uber driver was right! I hope so!!! It would be awesome to have a World Series win here in Houston.

Not much else going on. Watching the animals run around on the wet floor. I’m staying off it to let it dry. I found a collection of lighters and matches at the condo too. I don’t know what to do with most of them. Pitch them?

At least that’s all done now and the realtor can sell the place hopefully.

Have a great Thursday. Hugs!

It’s early here

I say here because I know I have Reader’s from all over the world. It’s 5:30am. I woke up at 3 and again at 5. I’m not sure if it’s allergies, I’m sick (and will never admit it), or my body just said I’ve had enough sleep. I feel like poo poo. I have 3 jobs today too, of course. Right after I woke up, I heard the back gate closing. Not sure what that was about! The back door is locked, and we are all here and nobody is in the house. Maybe the wind? Scary though and I’m not used to that.

I did not finish the kitchen yesterday but I did do a lot. I had to stop to go to work and then didn’t come home for hours so I’ll get back to it when I’m not working. I’m sure my mother isn’t happy how I left it! 😂

I get to go on a mini shopping spree with a clients credit card to buy stuff for a cat. Cranky’s cat has started biting and chasing the caregivers around the house. I called the vet and she said to 1. Buy a collar with a bell so we know where he is at all times and he can’t sneak up on us. 2. But a tall cat condo so he has a perch to get away from everyone. 3. A cat diffuser to help calm him (one for each room). 4. A cat food puzzle to make him work for food. The vet said if this doesn’t work after 2 weeks, I will have to bring him in for blood work and a urine test to find out what’s wrong with him. Cranky’s son is okay with this because the vet didn’t just say, “We have to put the cat down.” I agree and don’t want Cranky to lose her cat but I swear, that cat is MEAN! The vet wanted me to get a bird feeder but I have to find out if her high rise allows that first.

I spoke with Forgetful’s step daughter in law and she asked that I go at a meal time each day to make sure she has company and is making friends. I went at lunchtime yesterday and we sat with a group of ladies that told me they didn’t like her because she is not cheery and happy. I tried to explain that I know she isn’t their old friend that passed away (she was always sweet and smiling) but that Forgetful just didn’t understand that this is her life now and we are trying to make her comfortable and make friends. So maybe because I was there or they are willing to give her a chance, we sat with these ladies and had a good lunch. I always try to include everyone in any conversation so it went pretty well. I had my moving stories to tell so I even got a few laughs. So I’ll go again at lunch today and see what happens.

The couple called me last night and asked if I was all moved in. I thought I would hear from them soon, it’s been about a week. So I’m taking him to the grocery store his afternoon. I need to plan on taking him the day after Halloween because I know he loves half off prices on candy!

Speaking of candy, I have no clue if kids come here anymore trick or treating. I bought a few bags of candy that my son likes just in case. That way, if there are no kids, my son gets the candy. It will probably last him a year but it will be here if he has friends over or just gets an inkling for something sweet.

The Godfather is coming by this morning too. He is going to fix my shower head, put up my son’s curtains, and he was going to put my tv on the wall but I don’t need that. Plus I’ll be in a rush to go shopping when he gets here so at least I won’t have to pay much for the help! He only charges me $20 an hour for handyman type stuff but after moving, I’m a bit busted.

That’s it! I cut back on smoking because I’m having so many allergy issues that I can’t breathe anyway but still smoking when I’m not at home. Going up and down these stairs must be giving my legs a good workout daily too. I’m definitely not used to that!

Getting closer!

I am moving in only 4 days. I am getting nervous about moving now. With 4 days to go! What if my allergies can’t take her cats? What if I start fighting with my mother like I did most of my teenage years? What if my son ends up hating it? What will I do then? What if, what if, what if!!! As I lay here in bed after waking up at 4:45am (I don’t usually wake up until 5:30 or 6), I am plagued with what ifs. I have a nice warm doggy against my back and it is actually a cool 55 degrees Fahrenheit outside. That is normally my favorite way to wake up!

Yesterday, I went to see Indecisive and reset her Google because it wasn’t working properly. She called me at 9pm last night saying none of the links she put on her desktop are going where they were supposed to, they are all going to google. That doesn’t sound right. Resetting google shouldn’t take away what you have saved to your desktop, right? I hope someone here can give me an idea so I can go back to her place today and fix it.

And OMG, I went to my lunch with Forgetful, another lady in the home, and my German neighbor. So my neighbor and I get there early and they did not reserve us a table. So I had to ask for that. Then, they didn’t want to accept cash for my meal, they wanted to charge it to my client. Umm, NO! Then I couldn’t find Forgetful anywhere! I had 3 people looking for her too! Someone finally told me that she was getting her hair done so I had to leave the other 2 ladies and go upstairs to get her and bring her down. So she was about 45 minutes late to the luncheon I had very carefully planned out! It ended up being okay. My neighbor likes the other German woman at the home and said she would go back to visit her on her own which was why I introduced them, they are both from Berlin. Forgetful ate and then went off with a caregiver to her next activity. I was a bit stressed though!

Today are the same people plus I have to meet the exterminator at my Mom’s to respray for fleas (just in case) and ask him to spray all the ants in the patio and carport. So I thought I would do my day like this:

8-9 breakfast with Forgetful and her niece

Go by the house to grab stuff to take to my moms.

10-11 or 12 Exterminator

Make another trip of stuff to my moms

1-2 Indecisive to fix computer

After 2 – Sell my freezer that I just got a couple months ago (because I won’t need it at my moms) on Facebook marketplace (the only reason I still keep my account – once I have completely moved, I’ll probably cancel it)

Go pick up my son



Sound like a plan?

Smoking: yeah right, I haven’t quit yet although I am still only smoking about half a pack a day

Exercising: Nope! Too busy but I will get back to it. I think lifting and hauling things up the stairs at my moms is enough for now

Quitting soda: Not yet!

Son’s grades: He got 5 A’s and 3 B’s – am I a bad mom for telling him that’s great but he needs to study more and make all A’s?

So yeah. I guess I’m a bit stressed but everything will go back to normal soon. Right? Please tell me it will!!!

Good morning loveys!

We are supposed to have a cooler day today and tomorrow here in southern Texas. It will be 83 instead of 94 like yesterday. I wish it would stick around! It will be back in the 90’s on Thursday. When will winter get here? It already snowed in Colorado yesterday!

I do not have to take Mr. 95 year old to work this morning. I do have to go make sure Forgetful gets down to breakfast at 8. The place she lives has her on a locked floor and hasn’t been letting her out to go eat in the big dining hall (they do let her eat – just on her locked floor) or go to any activities because she hit someone with her purse and shoved someone when they wouldn’t let her leave out the front door like she wanted. I feel bad for her step kids that are trying to take care of her too, it’s got to be hard. I truly believe that if she wasn’t confined, this wouldn’t happen. The place has decided to charge more and have someone with her all the time to make sure she can go do things. Good concept, just the charging them more drives me batty. Then, in a few weeks, they will move her to a different floor where she will have more options and not be locked up. She is very nice and VERY smart, just forgetful!

Then to drive to Galveston. I really wish I could just stay down there and soak up some sun and smell the ocean for a while but alas, I must immediately drive back to take my son to his doctor. Here I am the last time I drove her down there.

After the doctor visit, I’m off for the day. So of course, my ex wants me to meet him at my moms so he can finish my closet. That’s okay. I’ll just pack up some pictures and take that over too. Make it worth the time and all that.

So here we go. Have a great Tuesday! See you on the other side!

Definitely a Monday!

You guys already know nothing goes as planned in my life. Especially work wise!

So my one hour job with forgetful this morning turned into a 3 hour job. Mr. 95 year old asked me to pick him and his son up later than usual when I dropped him off this morning and when I picked them up, they wanted to go stop to get dinner to go with them back to his place. And of course it was WAY out of the way but thankfully I know shortcuts around this city so it wasn’t totally awful.

Miss Priss called this afternoon and asked me to drive her to a party tonight since she’s going out of town tomorrow. I also have to pick her up tomorrow at 11:30am to take her to Galveston, and as many times as I have told her I have to back by 2, she just doesn’t listen! So I’ll need prayers for that. My son has an appointment at 3pm that we cannot miss! We shall see how that goes.

I also handed off cranky tomorrow to her caregiver to take to her eye appointment to make sure I’m on time to take Miss Priss.

So I’m parked waiting. She said she would be there an hour. We’ll see!

Have a good night. I’m going to try to!

End of today

It was a LONG day. BUT! Didn’t smoke much. My 14 cigarettes from this morning? Still have 5 going to bed in the pack!!! I didn’t even have half a pack! Okay, yes, I did have a 6 1/2 hour job but still!

October 5th:










I had my blog reblogged! I’m so excited! Thank you Oikas!

I was also nominated for an award. As soon as I can figure out why on my phone the links don’t stay while I get the next one, I will post it.

So thank you to dtill for that! I’m trying to get it together to publish.

So only 2 jobs today but the long one was with the couple. I took them to a hospital in Sugarland for a imaging appointment. We thought it would last a couple of hours but we were out within an hour. He wanted to go to the grocery store but didn’t want to take his wife. Since their caregiver wouldn’t be at their house for another 3 hours, he suggested we go to lunch. We went to Red Lobster. I don’t think I’ve been there in over 20 years! It was alright, when I asked for fish and chips, I wasn’t expecting fried catfish. I expected cod but it’s okay. The garlic cheddar biscuits are still awesome! So then we took her home and went to the store. At check out, he realized that he left his credit card at the restaurant. So we took the groceries to his house and then had to drive all the way back to Sugarland to get his card. So after all that, it was 6 1/2 hours and that was a nice payday!

Ms. S was in a mood. I have decided whenever she asks me who I am, I will always say I am her daughter in laws friend and just there to help and chat with her. I cleaned the litter box, helped her pick up all the food bowls around the place (I think there were 10 total), and talked to her for a bit about her medical issues. She said she didn’t understand why she was there in the assisted living place and no doctor had ever talked to her and she was so confused. She has been to her doctor and had everything explained to her, she just doesn’t remember it. I feel bad for her. I would hate to not remember anything.

Anyway, I’m off to bed. Have a great night. Hugs!

Geez Louise!

I have to write another post today because I am a tad pissed off about a couple things.

1. Yes I am moving. ONE neighbor saw me putting stuff in my car. I asked her not to talk about it to anyone and now I have all these people that I don’t usually EVER talk to coming up to me asking, “Are you really moving?” WTF Seriously? This is what I was trying to avoid! Plus she’s telling everyone that I’m moving in with my Mother! Why does anyone need to know this??? How did she find out I was moving in with her? I’m so confused and frustrated. I can’t even walk my dog without people coming up to me. I’m just trying to mind my own business and don’t need everyone knowing what’s going on. That’s it! Can’t people leave me alone?

2. My job with original cranky client is to be her care manager. I make all appointments, send receipts to her son weekly, send pictures of important mail to him, and check in on her and her caregivers. How hard is it for the caregivers to LET ME KNOW what’s going on??? I let crankys son know that her doctor was sending therapists to see her last week. We didn’t know when but knew they would be coming. I asked the doctor to have the therapists call me to set appointments. They didn’t. They called her house number and set it up with the caregiver at 8pm last night. And the caregiver DIDN’T TELL ME!!! The appointment is this morning too! Luckily, I don’t have a job to be on this morning so I can go over there to meet the therapists. I needed to go measure the closet and go to Home Depot for the piece of drywall but oh well!

The other caregiver issue is she is talking directly to crankys son but not letting me know what is going on. I usually take a picture of any important mail and text it to him. This past Saturday when I did that, he says, “she already sent that to me.” Well, how was I supposed to know when SHE DIDN’T tell me?!? OMG, this is NOT that hard!

I’m about to ask him why he still has me if he’s just going to have her do my damn job. I’ve been with her over 2 years! He’s talking about changing things next year (no details yet on what might change because honestly what she has now works and shouldn’t change). So he will need me if and when that happens and he has told me that he doesn’t want to lose me. Well, show a bit of respect and keep me posted when you talk to the caregiver then! See, I can’t say this to him because he would get defensive so I’m just ranting on my blog. I don’t know what to do. This is the same issue I had with her full time caregiver. Thankfully she quit and not because of me. I don’t want to lose this caregiver because she’s great although I do need her to tell me what’s going on!

ANYWAY, now I have to go over there to meet therapists instead of getting to relax a little bit. I hope everyone else has a good day! I should have known by the nightmare I woke up to that this wouldn’t be a good day for me!