Just studying

I am working one job a day this week and studying when I’m not working.

I do have good news on the cigarettes though!

25 days now not smoking! Woo hoo! I love my Cue vape. I truly believed it helped save me from smoking.

I had lunch with my oldest friend. We met in kindergarten and have stayed in touch all these years. She would kill me if she knew I put her picture on here!

And here’s Oliver sleeping and not letting me study.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Saturday morning

I was woken up at 6am this morning after not going to sleep until 11. I wanted to sleep in. My mother seems to have other plans though because she has the royal wedding playing at top volume downstairs. I am happy for Harry, I don’t have to watch the wedding though. ๐Ÿ™„

I am not working this weekend. I just don’t feel like it. I worked hard this week so I am just going to relax. I lost 2.6 more pounds this week! I’m at 182.8. This keto diet is awesome! Why wasn’t I doing this when I was young???

I text my cousin last night because I saw his wife had posted on Snapchat that they were in Brazil. He didn’t look too excited walking around so I had to ask him. His response was that he was going on an hours sleep. Well yeah, that makes sense! The reason I mention this is because HE’S COMING TO VISIT!!!! I am so excited! He will be here the first weekend in June. His Dad lives here (my uncle) and my uncle has been sick lately so my cousin is coming. I get to reap the rewards though and see him too. Plus he wants to take me to see the Astros play the Red Sox while he’s here. Woo hoo! So I am planning on not dieting at least one day while he’s here.

You may remember my cousin from this post https://juliehcares.com/2017/11/16/sorry-๐Ÿ˜/ because he’s the one I sold the condo with. So there’s a refresher for my friends that have been listening to me complain for months and new to others that I am happy to have with me!

I drove Styled and she got her hair done and then we went to the grocery store. She had me run all over the store to get her stuff while she went to the pharmacy. Oops, hang on. Hard to type with a cat pushing on your hands. He just nibbled on me so I need to kick him out of my room.

Anyway, where was I? So I got Styled home at noon and had to rush off to get Ms. Sick. I started getting texts from my friends asking about Santa Fe and emails from the school about lockdowns on my way to pick her up. I wanted to go pick up my son. When I picked this woman up, she had decided that not only would I take her to get her hair done, I would take her to lunch and grocery shopping as well. Not cool. I didn’t get her back home until 5:15!!! I really hope she’s better and can drive herself soon. That really upset me.

I was just about to pull up to my house after that when I got a call asking if I wanted to go to dinner. This is the other new client, Ms. Forgets, daughter. I hadn’t met her yet so I said sure. She told me to meet her at a Mexican restaurant not too far away and I happily went.

She had quesadillas and I had fajitas combination plate. I ordered my food with just the meat and a side of cheese, no beans, no rice, and no tortillas. I also had a margarita that didn’t taste great so I only had half. Ended up only 4 carbs! I did really well sticking to my plan! So that was my day.

I am not working today. I worked hard this week and want a day off so I am taking one. I wanted to go to the beach again this weekend but changed my mind when I saw all the road closures around town. Maybe I will just go to the park and walk the 3 mile trail instead. Who knows! Have a great weekend!!!

Lazy Sunday maybe…itโ€™s only 2pm so weโ€™ll see!

I woke up at 8am. That’s 2 extra hours of sleep. Yay me! I woke up at 2am to use the potty, woke up at 4, looked at the clock and said oh hell no, then woke up at 8. I made peanut butter cookies today. I went grocery shopping and spent almost $200. This good better last!!! I also went to the closest smoke shop.

So I was doing some neuropathy research and came across this oil called CBD. It’s made from the marijuana plant. It does NOT make you high. After reading about 10 articles, I could not find one that spoke ill of this oil. So I decided to buy a little thing of it. 100mg (the lowest strength) was $40! Online they are even more. Wow! So I will have to keep you posted on how that does for me. It’s supposed to relieve pain and since there is no THC in it, it won’t make you test positive for the drug.

So now just getting in a bit of relaxation. I ate a low carb tortilla stuffed with cheese for lunch. I forgot to make taco meat yet but I will and that’s why I got the tortillas.

I just played with the cats and now ready for a short nap. I didn’t exercise today and I probably will just take a rest day.

Tomorrow should be super busy. I have to go have blood drawn at 8am while fasting. Then I have a doctor appointment at 9:30. Then drive for the company. Yesterday was such a good driving day, I hope tomorrow is too!

What did you do this weekend?

Couple of pics this morning

After my post early this morning, I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until 9am. The storm outside helped me sleep really well too!

So well, in fact, that I’ve been taking a couple of pictures this morning. ๐Ÿ˜€

Yep. I’ve lost over 25 pounds and have another 25 to go total. I am so excited and thankful for everyone’s support!

Driver license photos from 2005 and last June. 80 pounds gone since I gave birth to my son. 211 total pounds lost since 1997! I’ll find my license from 1996 and take a new face pic to show you guys that soon too. I have kept all of my old licenses and I’m glad I did, I can show how far I’ve come from the age of 16!

Oliver and Eliza do not have front claws so I am always amazed at how they can still climb things and hold on! Oliver loves to get on the top edge of the chair to try and get more attention! In this particular photo this morning, he was getting away from Amber who had just come in from being outside in the rain to go potty.

I hope you’re having a great Saturday!

Tuesday, why?

I told you guys I had to go to the podiatrist’s office. That was NO fun! 5 shots yesterday right into the nerves in the legs and suction cups that bring on the electric currents running through my legs and feet!

Then I took Cranky to her appointment which went well. She wanted to eat lunch out but didn’t want to go sit inside anywhere so we stopped for burgers and I had no problem getting my burger with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. I guess a lot of people ask for that?

The cats were looking at something outside the window and knocked a chicken off the window to get up there. Sorry mom, they are YOUR cats though! Your strange chicken toy is fine too.

I went to the gym, signed my son up for karate (he starts tomorrow), and got 35 minutes on the treadmill.

I still had tons of calories when it became dinner time so I ate macadamia nuts, chicken spread straight out of the can (no bread or crackers), and half of a power crunch bar. It tasted like a white chocolate kitkat but was very filling. I didn’t get near my carb allowance for the day but that’s okay. It just means I had fiber which is always a good thing!

When I woke up and opened my bedroom door, Eliza came running in. I used the restroom and then had to go retrieve her and get her out so Amber wouldn’t start barking and wake everyone up. It’s like she was sitting outside my bedroom door waiting on me to open it! Makes you wonder how long she sat there!

Today I am taking the wife of the couple to her dentist appointment, the husband is still a bit sick so I didn’t take them to dinner. And then to my sons karate lesson. He’s not excited about it but I say too bad. He needs some way to help get his frustration out so why not karate?

What are you up to today?

Much better!

Yesterday was SO much better! The doctor said the reason I got Keto flu is because I wasn’t having enough carbs. I guess I need to shoot for 20 instead of 13 a day. Oops.

I didn’t work. The couple went to the doctor and he is still sick although he didn’t have to go to the hospital. I will be going today for what I was supposed to yesterday.

I did hit the gym. I think I did well! I did 35 minutes on the bike and all of the arm/stomach/back machines for strength.

My hair was a mess and I was sweating my ass off on that bike! I stayed within my calories, I wasn’t very hungry.

I’m back down under 200 (199.8) and tomorrow is my usual weigh day. Hopefully I will drop that other .6 so at least I wouldn’t have gained this week. I found the coffee that I like the best. It’s Starbucks cold brew. I brought it home, added a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream and a shot of stevia and it tastes just fine.

I got cute pictures of the cats.

They were sleeping in my mom’s room. Amber is as adorable as ever too. I love my dog!

Today I plan on doing my 2 jobs (normal Friday with Styled and then the couple) and then only doing cardio. I have to rest a day between lifting weights. I am staying off the treadmill for a bit because my feet are not 100% yet.

Y’all have a great Friday and I’ll chat with you later!

Busy busy day

2 jobs plus helping my mom. Whew!

Took Cranky to her dentist to pick up her partial. She was very happy. That only took an hour and a half total. I went home and my mom had gone to the closest recycling center and was told that she had to go to a different one way across town. So guess who got to take her van and get that done? Yep! I drive there and the men working there only took about half and said we could just throw away the others. Really??? After all that we were told about not throwing away old paint cans, these environmental workers tell me to do just that? Stupid.

I went back to my side of town, got barbecue from my moms favorite place, stopped at the grocery store to get her snickers ice cream bars and finally get back to the house 2 hours later. I ate, relaxed in my room for a bit, walked the dog, and decided to get my fat booty up and to the gym.

What I’m finding is it’s hard to go there but once I’m there, I work my butt off. I got on the stationary bike and picked the variety button instead of interval button. OMG ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I thought I would die when it hit level 18! It starts easy on level one, jumps to level 6 (still easy for me), jumps to 10 (umm, this is a bit hard), then just jumped to 18 for 2 minutes before it went back to 10 or 8 and just kept going up and down levels for the full 30 minutes! I had to do the cool down so I did 35 minutes on the bike.

I also wanted to walk some so I got on the treadmill and started walking at 3.6 miles per hour. After 10 minutes, I did 3.8. At one mile, my foot started screaming at me so I quit which is fine. I still did a lot.

After all that, I took Mr. 95 year old and Mr. Happy to dinner. Mr. Happy asked me if I would drive him Saturday evening but I can’t work on weekends. I would love to make the money but I need my weekends for my son. Plus if I was going to work on Saturday evening, I would have to take Mr. 95 year old and Miss Priss to dinner first since I used to and that wouldn’t be fair to Mr. 95 year old.

With the 4 oz of barbecue (split between lunch and dinner), I went way over on my sodium but other than that, my calories were great again. It helps when you take the meat out of the sandwich (no bread) and just eat the meat with a little sauce.

Since I am eating more protein, I stay full longer and don’t eat as much. I hope 1500 calories is enough for my body. I don’t want to go back to all those bad carbs. I’m not trying a meat only diet like Atkins or Keto, I’m just trying to have more protein. I am loving Quest snacks and the other products I found! I had a peanut butter Rice Krispie treat earlier for 20g of protein and 10 grams of fiber. Plus I weighed 203.2 this morning. Woo hoo!

And with the rest of my barbecue for dinner while waiting, I had a cookie. It wasn’t as good as the Rice Krispie treat but I have other flavors to try.

Yum yum! Helps the sugar addict in me too and it’s got pretty much NO sugar!

Today I have to go to the couples house, take one of their cars to be inspected, and then take the husband to the bank and grocery store. It’s going to be a long day. But also payday. I like that as long as he doesn’t get mad at me again. That’s one of those things that makes me want to stop doing this.

I’m also meeting my friend for coffee at La Madeleine in the morning. She has Girl Scout cookies for me. I need to give them away. I told her I just want to pay her and not take them and she said, “I don’t want them in my house!” ๐Ÿ˜‚ So I’ll just have to give them away. That’s fine.

So I took pictures of the cats yesterday so I just have to share their cuteness.

My ex husband wanted to go see his son last night. Thank goodness I was working and my son was with his friend. I’m not a fan of people being in my house when I’m not there.

That’s it for today. I hope it’s an easy and no argument day. I want to try and work out again after work is done.

Baking in the rain

Not really OUTSIDE in the rain but I decided to bake while it was raining.

I made the chocolate cake for Cranky and because I had enough cake mix, I made another one for us.

So then I decided to bake my son his favorite sugar cookies with sprinkles because, you know, he is my valentine.

Then I made pumpkin brownies from the Hungry Girl website because my son loves them and they are really easy to make.

Then I took a few cat pictures and was talking to my mother all morning.

Now I am charging my watch and phone so I can take off to the gym to try that elliptical again.

Chat later!

An interesting Tuesday

So last night, Home Depot calls my mother and lets her know that they are coming this morning to replace our lower cabinets. Basically, they gave us 12 hours to clean everything out and be ready to have our kitchen taken over by a contractor. So before I took the couple to dinner last night, I took out everything that was in 3 of the cabinets. This morning, I emptied out all of the other drawers and cabinets and just removed a couple of drawers as they’re filled with junk and set the entire drawers aside. The rest of the drawers were pretty organized so they were easy to clean out. The 2 I just set aside were basically junk drawers.

I have asked her to go through all of this stuff of hers while we have to have it out anyway too. She gives me this exasperated look and tells me, “I guess I can.” I cleaned out my stuff before I moved in here. Now it’s her turn. She has these 2 deviled egg trays but she doesn’t make deviled eggs, she has all this outdated cookware that I don’t use so why are we hanging on to it all? She put stuff in boxes but didn’t go through it. ๐Ÿ™„

The guy came and was here all day doing the first step. He will be back tomorrow to do the next step. It’s one guy! That’s it??? So I had to wait to go work out. While my mom was home, I went to take the couple to their dermatologist. Then I went by to see Forgetful who was in a pissed off mood saying that everyone tells her what to do and she’s an attorney and shouldn’t have to stand for it. Umm, sorry?

Speaking of working out, I kind of took yesterday off because I had worked so hard on Sunday. I did a 20 minute YouTube video of sitting exercises while I waited on the couple to eat last night but that’s it. At least I did something, right? Plus I guess I needed a day off since my foot was hurting. I want to get back to the gym today. I’m so scared that I’m wasting money if I don’t go at least 5 times a week!

I was so worried yesterday about not exercising that I was nervous about anything I put in my mouth. I ended up having 100 calories left over. Whew!

I went to the gym after the guy left at 5. I was nervous that the place would be packed but it wasn’t! There was no wait for the bike or the leg machines. I did 42 minutes on the bike and 22 minutes doing legs. Not bad! I should have gone last night but I really didn’t feel like it. I guess we all need a day off sometimes.

I didn’t take any pictures at the gym because there were a lot of people there. They just weren’t using what I needed to use!

Tomorrow I have to spend about 4 hours with Forgetful. She wants to go have lunch and then go to get her hair done. Again. What is it with that generation and getting their hair done so much? Every 4 weeks she gets it cut, colored, and styled. Every other week, she gets her hair styled from where she lives. I wish I could afford $500 a month just on hair!

Y’all have a good night. I have to go downstairs to break the news to my mom that the doors in her garage cannot be used as a front door for our house. They are a double door set and they are not in the correct direction she needs either. Plus she would have to buy a new frame because the doors she wants are twice as heavy as what we have now and the frame won’t hold it. Wow. She’s not going to be happy!

Not sure if I showed you what a mess the little guy made of my toilet paper roll the other day. He just stands by it proudly too!

The other are both cats looking at me like, “What? We didn’t do anything! You left the door open to our newest play area!”