Christmas Eve

I’m not in the Christmas mood this year. All I want to do is veg out and watch Netflix. Although Criminal Minds makes me wonder why I am on social media at all. That’s scary stuff to think about! It’s why I don’t say names.

It’s 73 degrees here in Texas. It’s my 3rd Christmas without my dad. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I lost my weight so I don’t eat much junk, what do I have left to pull back these feelings? My own mother isn’t even in the spirit. We just don’t care this year.

This is what’s keeping me sane. Well, this and taking care of my neighbors cats. Nothing else to do.

I hope y’all are having a better holiday.

Christmas 2018

What a day! I ate nothing but carbs today. It was so good too.

Woke up at 7am. Went downstairs and made waffles. My son came down and decided he wanted eggs so I made eggs for him instead. All morning I was in my Christmas pajamas.

After we ate breakfast, we opened our gifts. My mom got socks and a Starbucks gift card from me as well as cinnamon butter.

My son loved his gifts. A little cash, shirts, cherry butter, candy, and a Nintendo card for his switch. The picture where he is on his phone is when his father called and they chatted for a few minutes. Both cats had their picture taken behind him too.

Amber loves her bone and new toy. She only left her bone once it was safe in my room away from the cats. She barked like crazy every time a cat came near it while we were downstairs. The bow looks so cute on her too!

I’m pretty simple to shop for. Money and candy? Yes please!

So after all that was done and Amber got a good walk, I showered and got dressed for our Christmas lunch. Thanks to BFF, I now know how to set a timer on my phone and take a selfie that way.

I love these pants! We went and ate at Saltgrass Steakhouse. I was not impressed. At all.

We sat down and nobody came by for 10 minutes. My mom grabbed somebody walking by to get drinks. That woman told the manager and he came to apologize. Another woman finally brought our drinks another 10 minutes later. I saw the manager and told him that nobody had still come by. He asked the woman that brought our drinks to be our waitress so we would have one. Problem was, she had her own tables in another part of the restaurant. We finally got our food 45 minutes after we arrived. It was nothing special. My mom got a steak, I got a baked potato, and my son got mac and cheese. We never even had our waters refilled! The manager gave my mom a free dessert and so we all decided to get dessert. We should have all gotten free ones but whatever. I had chocolate cake, my son had a caramel brownie alamode, and my mom had this pecan pie bread pudding. I will not be going back.

There was this elderly man sitting alone at another table. I felt bad for him being alone so I paid his bill. He sat there for a long time before anyone even told him that it was taken care of too. Thankfully I stayed anonymous because I wasn’t trying to chat with him. My son said, “What if he thinks it was Mama?” We all laughed and started joking that she could go out with him. He was at least 10 years older than her and a lot more frail. It was funny though!

Even though the service was crap, it wasn’t the girls fault, so I gave her a tip. I did put the entire story on Yelp with one star. I guess I shouldn’t have expected more from a Landry’s restaurant. I’m not a fan of the owner, Tillman Fertitta. He didn’t pay for the Landry name until after Mr. Landry had already passed and his first bank loan, they had to take him to court twice to get their money. And now my school has named their new basketball arena after him? ๐Ÿ™„

Okay, back home and decided I needed to go walk off my lunch and dessert (plus I was bored in the house). I set out and ended up walking almost an hour and 3.5 miles (a little over 3 km). That last half mile ruined my numbers because I slowed down. Oh well, I still burned off half the calories from that cake.

Now I am back home and watching a new Netflix show called Wanted. It’s based in Australia and the first episode was very good!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and does not have to go back to work tomorrow. Chat later!

My Saturday

The only thing I did yesterday was clean and reorganize my bedroom. I’ve been putting it off for months so I really needed to do it and what better time than yesterday?

Can you believe it? I actually took before pictures this time too!!!

It took a while and my bed was completely covered with everything for a a couple of hours but I did it! I went through and found my dads stuff and listened to tapes he made. Most of them were work tapes he made but is not on but one had him singing on it. I wish I knew when he made it. I cried. I made a box of his stuff and put it away.

I went through and got rid of a lot of jewelry that I never wear and put the rest into a real jewelry box instead of this bag.

As you may have seen above, my movies and music was all messed up in the box because my son and his friends took the box and don’t seem to know how to put them back. I even numbered them to make it easy and the music is alphabetical so why is it so hard to put back??? That took me 45 minutes to fix.

Here’s the after photos. I feel good today.

This morning I went to the grocery store and got drinks but not much food. We were out of eggs and cheese so that’s all the food I got. I had to get my mother her Dr. Pepper, my son his chocolate milk and water, and me enough Bang to get me through next week.

I then went to my friends house at my old condo neighborhood and we exchanged presents. She gave me a new lip color and a homemade ornament. I have her the American Horror Story key chain and that little creepy girl. The lip color actually looks nice!

So now I am back home and I am chatting with BFF before I decide to cook something (not sure what I’m making yet though). Y’all have a great day and chat later!

Christmas Tag

Hunida posted this for anyone that wanted to do it and it looks fun so I thought I would give it a whirl. Thank you for the fun questions at Christmastime!

Hunida’s questions:

1. What does your perfect wrapping paper look like?

A bag ๐Ÿ˜‚ I used to wrap presents but it is so time consuming and people just throw it away so I now use bags that can be reused to help the planet just a little bit.

2. Have you been to any Christmas festivals or light shows this year?

I wanted to go look at lights (we have an entire themed neighborhood near here) but I would have been alone so I decided to just look at lights that my friend text me when she took her boys out.

BFF in Fort Worth TX with her boys:

3. What will you be having for dinner on Christmas?

We have decided that we are going to eat at Saltgrass Steakhouse for our Christmas dinner. They are open from 11-4 so I called and got a reservation.I wanted to do a La Madeleine dinner but found out you had to buy 10 people worth and there are only 3 of us. Why waste the money? And to buy a 12 pound turkey or 10 pound ham and cook it, half would be wasted at least after a week in the fridge.

4. Have you ever had to travel for Christmas?

When my son was 6 months old, before my divorce, we drove to Kansas and Arkansas to have Christmas with his family and to visit my aunt before she passed. It was a great week long vacation and traffic wasn’t that bad (or i blocked that part from my memory or I don’t remember if it was).

5. What was your absolute favorite gift you ever received?

That’s a tough call! Was it the Barbie Dream House I got when I was 8? Was it the Astros shirt my aunt gave me the Christmas before she passed when I was 32? Was it that my son survived pneumonia when he was 6 (that was a hard Christmas as he didn’t even want to open presents as he laid on the couch barely moving – I didn’t sleep for 2 weeks).

6. Do you know how to ice skate?

I used to. I live near the Houston Galleria Mall with a huge skating rink in the middle that I used to have a great time at. I’m sure I would fall flat on my face if I tried it now.

7. Do you give your snowmen a real scarf and a carrot nose? If you’ve never made one, would you?

A real scarf and hat, yes. I don’t think I’ve ever used a real carrot because I’m afraid of nighttime animals coming out and pulling my snowman down to eat the carrot. Yes I live in Houston but I have traveled to places with snow so I have built several snowmen with my Dad in the past.

8. Is there one specific thing you are really hoping to open up this year?

An envelope stuffed with cash would be nice but not going to happen. So no, I just want to let my son open his stuff up and hope he likes it (he only asked for cash).

9. Do you think pets should get presents too?

Of course! We have 6 stocking hung, one for each person and one for each animal. You may have seen what I got Amber in my post from my trip and I hope she loves her new toy! My mom got the cats a gift too.

10. Did you buy anything new or special to wear on Christmas?

When I was on my trip, I got a set of pajamas to wear on Christmas morning. I’m sure it will end up in photos!

11. What are your favorite Christmas colors?

I love the classic red and green but also think light blue is good.

12. What do you think of The Elf on the Shelf?

Oh that stupid toy that somebody came up with to torture parents with. You have to move it every night or make it do something crazy to “teach your kids to behave”. Uh huh, right. It ended up sitting on our shelf for 2 straight years because I don’t have time for that!

I do follow a great blogger that has crazy adventures for her Elf though. Y’all should check her out! Choppy.

I tag anyone that wants to do this. It was fun! I love the Christmas season!

My questions:

1. Do you have something that goes in your stocking every year?

2. Do you wake up early to open gifts or just not care and sleep in?

3. Of you don’t have kids or family near you, do you still decorate and celebrate by yourself?

4. Does it snow for Christmas where you are?

5. What’s your all time favorite present to give?

6. Do you do Friendsmas? If so, how?

7. If you have one, do you think your pet knows or cares about Christmas?

8. Is there something special you eat just for Christmas?

9. Are you traveling this year? Tell details!

10. Not a question, just have a very Merry Christmas! ๐ŸŽ„

Always debating

Exercise was good again yesterday. I think going out walking in the morning helps me kick off my day and do more.

My dog is still passed out in my bed, not ready to get up for Christmas yet.

My son woke me up at 6:30am ready to open presents. He knows today is really about Christ but he loves getting gifts. So I was smart and brought a few upstairs to my room and he can wait to open the others once his grandmother wakes up.

He got SouthPark seasons this morning. The main reason I brought them up here was so my mom wouldn’t see that I let him watch that show and he could get them for Christmas. She would have a hissy fit! She probably still will when she sees him open his drone. Did you know they have gotten really cheap now? Even the ones with camera ability are under $100 now! So he got one.

His DS broke a few months ago and I am replacing it because he’s had his current one for over 5 years and has always been very careful with it and took care of it. I’m proud of that! Plus he’s getting 2 new Pokรฉmon games (his favorite). Plus his stocking which is filled with junk food he likes.

I love being Santa and filling my own stocking with the snacks I love. Since we are now with my mom, she put stuff in them too. Eek! I put her favorite junk in her stocking as well. She likes Jordan almonds and expensive chocolates. Yep, me enabling again! Lol, no, it’s only a couple of them in a tiny box.

My mothers tree has stockings for each animal, balls, and lights. It’s not like the tree we used to do but then again, hers is 7 feet tall and ours is 3 feet!


Favorite Christmas movies

I’m not able to do a post a day on Christmas stuff but I’ll give you a few over the month. I don’t have too many favorites but I do watch a few because it seems like my son would just watch Anime all year if I didn’t make him sit with me and watch Christmas movies at least a few times!

So if somebody doesn’t like Home Alone (although as an adult I still can’t believe they actually left their child at home) I don’t know what to think. I can watch this movie anytime during the year! We own all of them even though the last one wasn’t nearly as good.

The Grinch will always be a classic. I really prefer the old cartoon to Jim Carrey but I love the Grinch! The Houston Symphony will be showing this film and playing all of the music from it live this year. If they weren’t also doing Harry Potter (which we already have tickets for), I would be going to that!

This is on television for 24 hours straight on Christmas Day which I can’t stand but I do watch it once. I had never seen it until my son’s father had it on and it’s been a tradition ever since.if you don’t know, this is really about Thanksgiving but it is a holiday movie! They made a great team in this movie and I watch it every year! It is actually an all time favorite movie of mine. I thought John Candy was a great actor (Uncle Buck) and Steve Martin has always been funny.Who doesn’t like watching Chevy Chase get electrocuted? LOL This is a must watch each year. I love all of the classic National Lampoon movies and this is my Christmas one! Yes, I own them all. I do love Chevy Chase movies (Fletcher series too).

I actually hated Elf when I first saw it but now I love it. My son always rolls his eyes when I pull it out to watch at the beginning of the season and refuses to watch it with me. I still watch it though! SANTA! SANTA’s coming! I LOVE SANTA! Makes me laugh every time.

There you have it. My favorite Christmas movies that I watch every year. This year is a bit different because we live with my Mom and I’m not sure if she likes these movies but I guess we will find out!