I watched 2 movies on Netflix late last night.

This was really good and based on a true story. It’s about a girl that started to get brain fuzzy and the doctors just thought she was crazy. Note: she wasn’t! That’s all I will tell you. I like movies based on real life. They are much more realistic!

This is one of those Hallmark movie types that a girl is getting divorced yet stays to help her ex mother-in-law pack up her house in some random town and falls for another guy. Eh. It was cute, don’t get me wrong. Just unbelievable to me.

I also read an entire book yesterday too.

Man this was a great book! A few years old but I’m telling you, Stephen King withstands time when he writes! It’s about a preacher man and his love of electricity and a kid that knows him and keeps running into the preacher throughout his life. I couldn’t put it down!

I watched the movies and went to sleep around 1am. I woke up at 6:30 to my alarm. My son wanted to go to church this morning for the free donuts at 8am. I am SO tired that I came home and I am writing this whilst back in bed.

I got into an argument with my son last night. He wants to have people over to swim on Tuesday. I work that afternoon so I told him he needs to change it to Wednesday. He had his friend ask his Dad to supervise instead! OMG I was pissed! I told him to change the date and stop trying to tell me what he’s going to do instead of asking. It was one of those “I’m the adult and you’re the child” arguments. And then this morning he lies about taking a shower that I told him he needed to take before going to church. I swear I’m going to have to ground him in the next few days if he keeps this up. And he’s only 13?!? Lord help me!

I have plans to cook today. I went to the store and spent $80 on stuff that I can cook and bake with. I hadn’t been able to find xanthan gum anywhere but got some yesterday at Kroger. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a thickening agent for baking.Whole Foods didn’t even have it. Whole Foods DID have macadamia nuts which was good other than the price of $10 for 8 ounces. Highway robbery at that place!

I also got sugar free cherry jello to make meringues. They sound very sweet from the recipe but maybe it will help those cravings around that time of the month. I got a lot of stuff and my mom offered to give me money when I got home but honestly, I may be broke, if I take it from her she will hold it over me later and I don’t want to deal with that. I have to have the ingredients to cook and bake so I will deal. It’s not like I have to buy these ingredients all the time!

Lastly, I am going back to sleep. I hope y’all have a great Sunday!