Another nothing day

Woke up, took my son to church, went grocery shopping, came home, cleaned out the downstairs coat closet and the upstairs linen cabinet. I finished reorganizing my room and washed clothes and sheets today. I finished watching Marie Kondo on Netflix too.

School starts again tomorrow for my son. The last half of junior high. My baby will be a high schooler in 8 months!!! I planned my vacation for spring break with my son and planned his 14th birthday. I’m ready for him to start school but not ready to start myself. I have a meeting with my advisor on Tuesday finally too. H is back in Houston too so I will see her when I go to school.

I have to take my son in the morning and work too so I’ll chat with y’all later!

Nothing kind of day

Seriously, I didn’t do much today at all!

I met my friend for lunch at The Toasted Yolk, switched dressers with my son, started Marie’s tidy show on Netflix, and that’s it. My room is not done, this is the in-between stage. I am saving up the money I am not using on cigarettes to get a smaller bed frame and put my bed under my window to have more space in here.

I didn’t smoke all day and was perfectly fine with my vape.

I hope you are having a great weekend!

My Saturday

The only thing I did yesterday was clean and reorganize my bedroom. I’ve been putting it off for months so I really needed to do it and what better time than yesterday?

Can you believe it? I actually took before pictures this time too!!!

It took a while and my bed was completely covered with everything for a a couple of hours but I did it! I went through and found my dads stuff and listened to tapes he made. Most of them were work tapes he made but is not on but one had him singing on it. I wish I knew when he made it. I cried. I made a box of his stuff and put it away.

I went through and got rid of a lot of jewelry that I never wear and put the rest into a real jewelry box instead of this bag.

As you may have seen above, my movies and music was all messed up in the box because my son and his friends took the box and don’t seem to know how to put them back. I even numbered them to make it easy and the music is alphabetical so why is it so hard to put back??? That took me 45 minutes to fix.

Here’s the after photos. I feel good today.

This morning I went to the grocery store and got drinks but not much food. We were out of eggs and cheese so that’s all the food I got. I had to get my mother her Dr. Pepper, my son his chocolate milk and water, and me enough Bang to get me through next week.

I then went to my friends house at my old condo neighborhood and we exchanged presents. She gave me a new lip color and a homemade ornament. I have her the American Horror Story key chain and that little creepy girl. The lip color actually looks nice!

So now I am back home and I am chatting with BFF before I decide to cook something (not sure what I’m making yet though). Y’all have a great day and chat later!

Finally half a lazy day!

This morning I took my son for his last day of school and took my dog in to have her nails clipped and get yearly blood work done.

On our way home, we stopped at the bank to get money to pay my moms maid. I saw a classmate of my sons walking down the street and text his mom because school had already started so that was strange. After about 10 minutes of texting with her, she called the school and got a hold of her son who said swimming practice got out late and made him miss the bus so he walked home to get his bike. Umm, really? You would rather walk a mile and a half home to get your bike when you could have walked the half mile to school? Kids, I swear. At least he was safe! I told her I’m sorry if I scared her and I hope she would do the same for me. She said she would. It really does take a village to raise these kids!

After that mess, I got home and started to do dishes, clean the litter boxes, and take out the trash (the maid is pregnant and I wanted to make sure she didn’t go near the litter boxes or lift anything heavy). I played on my phone until 10:30 when she came. I had her go through and pick some stuff out she liked Christmas wise in the garage and she as well as her parents cleaned the house while I started organizing everything.

My son is having some friends tomorrow evening and I want the house to look nice and be presentable (even if it is just for teenagers). Why do I never remember to take before pictures??? Well here is the after.

I love my table! Even with all of my moms stuff behind it, I just keep focusing on the nice table. I left my moms couch and coffee table mess out of the picture (it’s to the left of the 2nd photo) because it still looks horribly messy but I didn’t want to go through her personal stuff. I played on my phone a bit more and then went to pick up my son and his friend. Right before I left, I got a text from my sons friend asking if he could come over too. There was a catch though! He wanted me to pick him up 30 minutes after school in the park so he could hang out with his girlfriend and her friends for a while. Whatever. I had nothing else to do and he’s a good kid. I got all the boys in 2 trips and now his friend is spending the night. They are in his room playing music and video games.

Notice I did not do much today, for once, right? It was nice. I didn’t cook, I didn’t exercise, nada! I guess since I was running all over the place organizing the downstairs is how I got 18 minutes of exercise according to my watch. And hit my daily move goal.

When I got home from school today, I found that Oliver had gotten a Christmas ornament off the tree again and was batting it around.

It seems like he climbs the tree, takes just those off somehow, then plays with them and leaves them for me to put back on to start all over. Doesn’t seem to matter how high I put them or that there are plenty of other balls on the tree, he likes mine.

It’s only 9pm but I am exhausted so I’m in bed curled up with Amber. Have a great night!

Stuff to do on a Monday off

I don’t think I’ve done enough yet today.

It’s 1:30pm. I leave at 3:15 to pick up the boys at school (it’s a beautiful day, I wish I could talk them into walking but one of the kids parents doesn’t like their kid walking so I will pick them up).

So far I have done:

Took the teen to school (today is the first day of finals). I sent him with a package of double stuf Oreos to give his friends from me for luck plus I wished them luck on Snapchat. I asked my son why all of his friends follow me on there and he said it’s because all of his friends love me and think I’m the best mom out of all of them. Umm, wow. Thank you.

4 loads of laundry (2 of my moms and 2 of ours). My mom is going to market with her job tomorrow through Thursday and needed to wash her clothes for her trip. She doesn’t want to go up and down the stairs though so guess who gets stuck doing her laundry? 🙄 Plus I had towels from the past 3 weeks to wash and mine and my sons few clothes that made up a load together. Laundry will always be there!

Returned some gift bags that my mother bought (24 of them – why does one person need 24 tiny gift bags???) I got her refund on her card. I’m sure it will be spent again as soon as she gets it. She is going on a work shopping trip.

Went to the gym to renew my discounted membership. I wouldn’t be able to afford my gym otherwise. Plus my son hates karate so we must keep the membership to make him keep going!

Dishes – do dishes ever stop? If it wasn’t so earth unfriendly, I would seriously just start using paper and plastic everything so I wouldn’t have dishes anymore.

Threw away my papers from school – I forgot what a good feeling it is to throw that stuff away! And my room seems cleaner without all those papers everywhere.

Took out the trash (5 bags total from the entire house). My room, my sons room, all 3 bathrooms, kitchen, plus my moms room. We hadn’t taken it out for a week so yeah.

30 minutes of strength training arm exercises – I had to get my exercise in!

Walked the dog twice – once before taking son to school and again after I ate lunch.

Ate (breakfast and lunch) – not very healthy as I was getting rid of snack foods from my trip but very tasty!

Now I am going to attempt to make some bread that I promised a couple of people I would make. Honestly, I hadn’t done it because I have to whip the eggs until completely frothy and it seems to take forever to do that. Plus I want to make more cheese crackers.

I may have to wait until I get home from picking up the boys so I don’t leave with the bread in the oven though! So I am going to try to get that done today, no guarantees!

Y’all have a great Monday!!!

Been a few days!

Hello everybody! School is tough! I had my exam yesterday and made a B so you know it was tough. Haven’t been posting because I’ve been studying for it.

Eating has been alright. Low carb and I’m back down to 150.8 so that’s good. My son has been a constant complainer of late. Every day he has karate, he got “hurt” in gym. Uh huh, sure! And tonight I am having him go to the junior high church event instead of karate. I think he’s been sick too. He goes to sleep by 7pm and doesn’t wake up until 7am! He refuses to miss school though because he would miss his friends.

Went back to the Mexican bakery yesterday with H and the Asian kid from Math. He complained the entire way to this place! “We should have taken my car. I drive a Lexus with heated seats. I hate sitting in the back seat, I haven’t done it since I was a kid. I’m used to Chinese food so I don’t think I’ll like anything at this place.” Blah, blah, blah. See if we invite him again! 🙄

Monday H and I went to the Galleria mall on Monday. We got makeup for my costume. I’m excited to dress up! We are going to do it this Friday for the elementary school carnival as a test run. We also got an Icee and a cookie. We had fun!

I procrastinated all day but my kitchen is clean, my hair is washed, laundry done, rooms clean, and yeah, I need to get started on my schoolwork now.

Have a great night!!!

Well hmm

Ms. Forgets cancelled on me again today! So I made a whopping $40 this week since I took Ms. Styled to get her hair done this morning.

Thank GOD for having a little savings! I don’t know what I would do to pay my bills without it! I have gotten 2 donations to my campaign which I greatly appreciate! I am hoping that the word gets out, it becomes viral, and I’ll have the money I need come next year. Thanks again Andrea!

I’m at home having a burger for lunch with one piece of 100% whole wheat bread (9 carbs). It’s yummy. I need to figure out what to make this weekend for next week. I was thinking about a keto meat pie but I will have to make the pie crust too. I guess I can take the time to do that.

Tonight starts my sons karate tournament. He is NOT thrilled to be going. He said he would rather go to the mall and follow girls around holding their bags. 🤣 Sorry kiddo! He forgot to wash his uniform so guess what I’m about to do???

I also need to study my butt off from now until Monday when I take my exam. I have read half of the information and then will make an outline of everything and study. Sounds fun, right?

Have a great weekend! Happy Friday!!!