Long week already

Sunday – good day! My son had friends over and then stayed up until 2am working on school projects that he didn’t tell me about until 6pm on Sunday.

Monday – I let my son stay home from school because he had a dentist and orthodontist appointments. We drove down there for his dentist to say that he is not taking care of his teeth (duh) and has to rinse twice a day with a prescription plus put this goop over his braces twice a day. On both he has to put it on (or swish) for one minute and then spit it out. Then he’s not allowed to eat or drink for 30 minutes. He is not happy but he did it to himself!

I had school today. I still left mega early because 1. Parking and 2. I am not telling my son I dropped that class. I got breakfast and went to the library. I kept moving around because of loud kids plus I was freezing. After my 3rd move, I said screw this and left and went to the business building and sat studying there in the window getting sun until H text about lunch.

Had lunch and saw chocolate cupcakes as we were leaving. I couldn’t resist! I asked the lady if I could have one. She picked one up, put SO much icing on it, and hands it to me. Umm, thanks? I took 2 bites of the actual cupcake (a couple licks of the icing – it was too sweet) and threw the rest away. I enjoy icing but not that much! Even H laughed and said I’m so skinny that the lunch lady is feeding me. Lol! I’m still 150, not a twig like so many girls at school!

I left Math early (after being there all day, I leave early?!?) and pick up my son’s mouthwash at the grocery store. I came home and relaxed for about 30 minutes before I took my son and his friend to a concert here. The friends parents are picking them up after to bring them home. I was a bit worried about them being there alone until my son told me that the girl he likes will be there too with her dad and sister. Okay so they will probably never see each other but I feel better knowing another adult at the same place! So I text the Dad and he told me where they are sitting in case my son needs help. So nice! Us single parents have to stick together! Even though he’s a busy guy, he still makes time to have fun with his daughters.

Tomorrow I am taking doughnuts to Cranky for breakfast. My mother asked for some, the caregiver asked for some, and my son asked for some. So yeah, I’ve got a list for Shipley’s in the morning! And if you have never had Shipley’s, watch this YouTube video from my favorite comedian and then you’ll know!


Y’all have a great night! I am going to relax!


Man yesterday was screwed up!

I started off being out the door early for school. I went to biology class and made a couple of new young friends. Sweet girls, we’ve been talking before class each day and now I officially have a couple more followers on Instagram. Lol

In the middle of class, I start getting texts from Cranky’s caregiver. Cranky has been waking up dizzy each morning for a few days. After class, I left school and headed to her place. Not sure if you remember but I live 12.5 miles from school. Cranky’s is almost as far from the school. And with traffic, it’s about 30-45 minutes during the day to get that far.

She seemed okay to me. I stayed there, chatted with them both, and did my after school work for biology. Then I had to drive back to school to go to Math. I couldn’t miss it again! I told the caregiver to take her blood pressure in the middle of the night for a few days and we will see if she needs to go to the doctor or just get her some electrolytes. Not really sure what’s causing it but at her age, who knows.

Before I leave her place, I get a call from my sons school. The dean was on the phone. Well, seems like my child got into an altercation at the park after school yesterday and has been suspended for 2 days. What?!? My son told me that he and his friends were horsing around and he got hit in the nose. What my child failed to mention was that he had told some kid he wanted to fight and then met in the park to do just that. Somebody videoed it and sent it to the dean. My son didn’t even get a chance to punch this kid but he got punched. I had my sons friend send me the video because the dean wouldn’t. Both kids got suspended and I now have a meeting with the dean this afternoon. If you can think of anything I should ask him, please let me know! I want to know how this affects his permanent record (I have no idea how suspension works), if he will still be able to get in to a good high school, and why is he suspended when he didn’t really fight, he just got hit.

My son is going to work today with his godfather and then going to school with me tomorrow. I took him to dinner yesterday so we could talk without me getting overly upset and so I could have a beer (actually had 3). He cried and said I didn’t understand him. Well I can’t understand why anyone would fight. That was very frustrating. I called his psychologist and left a voicemail. Never got a call back, maybe he will today. I have grounded my son from everything, he doesn’t even have his manga collection in his room anymore. Took the tv power cord even!

I did go back to school. Math was good. The professor said since there’s a football game going on Thursday that he will do class online. That’s great! I can leave school after biology. My sons teachers gave him assignments to do while at school with me. His science teacher said to take notes in my class and show him what he learned, his English teacher wants him to write a paper about my university’s history, his math teacher wants him to do math quizzes online and take notes in my class, and his history teacher sent me a website for him to do work at my school too. I think I will take him to class, then go to the library, then eat, then head home to listen to the math class. But that’s tomorrow.

My son was in bed by 10 and I just woke him up to get ready to go to work. Now he’s complaining that he won’t have time to do assignments because he’s having to do this. I told him it is an assignment. After he works today, he needs to write a one page paper on what he learned in the experience working and why he needs to stay good in school, not let other kids get under his skin, and not get into any more trouble.

Let’s all pray this child stops his nonsense and gets back on track. What happened to my sweet baby boy that came to me about everything?

It’s an EH kind of day!

So this will be short. I was just with Ms. Forgets for the past 3 hours. She had therapy, wanted me to stop and buy her cigarettes (with her credit card), go get a chocolate shake from Whataburger, and… she had me take a written prescription to a different than normal pharmacy to try to get it filled because her kids have hidden all of her medication and put what she is supposed to have inside a locked medicine ball that only opens at specific times.

Well. The pharmacy would not honor the prescription because they said she is 10 days too early. I’m kind of glad the pharmacies are all connected and then again, she’s 77. If she wants an extra Xanax, let her have one! Not my problem though.

Now at home and had a Quest chocolate chip cookie bar for lunch. I have cramps so I’m staying in bed and watching Netflix.

Y’all have a great day!

How sad

I just heard that I lost a previous client. The husband of the couple passed away last week. I heard it from one of my other clients this morning because they belonged to the same church. The church sent out a bulletin so she told me. How sad!

I had dropped him as a client because he had started to act very rude and I couldn’t handle it. So it’s only been a few months since I stopped driving him and he’s gone? How horrible!

May he rest in peace and I hope his wife will live a long time. I’m afraid for her though because she is sick as well, obviously I don’t want her to go too!

Still in shock

I feel like I’ve been on the phone since I woke up. There is so much to do when somebody dies. And it’s not my family so I’m supposed to just sit here? I want to do something. I guess I will just figure out how to pay them back the $100 petty cash they always wanted me to keep on hand. Probably PayPal.

I’m sorry about my news this morning. She was a argumentative and cat loving old lady that was too young.

This is yet another reason I need to start going to the gym and be in shape. You never know what can happen. The gym is supposed to open at noon today. I think I’m not going today but will get back to it tomorrow. I can’t think and really just want to turn on more Netflix and zone out.

I was within my calories until I stayed up until 3am last night. I had a glass of milk and one ounce of shredded cheese so I went WAY over (by 400 calories). At least I wasn’t drinking soda, right?

Anyway, nothing else to report. I’m about to go wake up my child and eat a very late breakfast. Y’all have a good day.

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Not a good morning

I slept in because I didn’t go to bed until 3am. That was nice. I walked the dog. That was normal. I came home and told my Mom to be very careful going to work because her job is past a bridge and that’s still going to have ice on it.

I came upstairs, called the doctors office to reschedule Cranky’s appointment, and opened a game on my phone. A caregiver from an assisted living facility called me and she was screaming and crying. Forgetful passed this morning. One of her blood clots burst as she was coming out of her bathroom and she died quickly. Her step son and step daughter in law are at the home now and going to have her sent to the funeral home for cremation.

I am stating everything simply because I am in shock. I just talked to her last night. She was fine. We were talking about me coming to visit tomorrow and she told me to stay safe and not drive in this today. This is the part of my job that I hate. I know my clients are all elderly and will die eventually, I’m just not prepared for it. She is the first one I have lost. Since she is only 76, I did not think I would lose her first.

The caregiver told me that another resident passed last night as well. How crazy is it over there? That’s 3 in 6 months that I knew at that facility. Forgetful’s step daughter in law just called me again. They are going to take the cats to her house and just go by daily to take care of them until they can find homes for them. She’s such a sweet person and to have to do all this I’m sure has been hard since Forgetful could be difficult at times.

Anyway, I’ll post again later. I’m going to miss that angry woman. I will definitely be at her memorial service.

Friday Morning

Good morning!!!

I got 6 hours of sleep. I woke up because I was supposed to have a job at 8:30. I left at 8 to drop off recycling and go by this other ATM because the one by me isn’t working. Of course, that one isn’t either. Whatever!

There are 3 ways to get to my client. I went down the easiest road, turned on the back street to go to her and it was flooded. So I went to the middle street and it was flooded. Only one other option! I went down that street and IT WAS FLOODED!!! Needless to say, I can’t get to her. I called to let her know and she says, “Well, the van is picking people up and bringing them in so why can’t you get through?” WTF lady. I refuse to possibly hurt my small car just because a huge van can get through! I watched the van too. He barely made it through the water. Even he said there’s no way in. So there you have it. I missed out on $30 because of standing water.

So I’m back home and a bit cranky. I stopped at the store on the way home and was told they should be getting a truck in today for supplies. I think I’ll wait a bit more. All I need are eggs and milk and I can wait.

My man says he is going home again today. Why I don’t know. That’s his thing. I think he just wants out of the house. I can’t blame him. We’ve been stuck here for a while.

I have my son out back pulling weeds. He has taken over an hour already and my patio is not big. If he would stop talking and complaining, he would be done. Then he still has homework to do for the beginning of school, whenever that is. The superintendent of our schools put out an announcement yesterday advising parents that the schools may not open next Tuesday because of water, power, or other issues. NONONONO… my kid NEEDS to go to school!!! They were supposed to start last Monday but couldn’t because of the storm. Pray hard that he can go to school!!!

Chat with y’all later. My neighbor’s kids want me to go back in the mold house and do a couple things. Yuck!