Great Wednesday!

The day started like normal. Wake up, shower, run out the door afraid you’ll be late because you have to drive 45 minutes in traffic to get to your dental appointment on time.😂

After the dentist, I stopped at HEB and picked up some eggs and bacon and took off for B’s apartment (my guy best friend) near my dentist’s office. I cooked the eggs, he made the bacon. He wanted toast too so he made himself some. We ate and chatted and then we went to work out in his apartments workout room. The machines were nothing like I’m used to but I was having a good morning so I went with it.

30 minutes treadmill walking and running and 15 minutes on the recumbent bike. I think it was more fun because we were hanging out too. We did a sweaty selfie after and then it was time for me to go home. 😢

The CPA came by the house and we got all of my paperwork in order and he’s going to do my taxes for me within the next week. I hope to god I don’t owe anything this year! I worry since I got a 1099 from a client plus sold the condo and car this past year.

I relaxed for an hour at home and then left to take Mr. 95 year old to dinner. Mr. Happy came with him too! How exciting! This man is always happy and when he seems grumpy, I can tell a silly joke and he gets happy again. I waited for them, took them home, got paid, and got home and went to bed.

Today is hell day. I have a podiatrist appointment at 9:40 and have to be at the couples at 10:30 for the rest of the day. I say hell because they have 2 different appointments plus they want to go out to eat (of course). It’s difficult for one person to handle them both in and out of the car, especially multiple times. Oh well. I need to make money!

I can’t wait for the day to be over already. I’m thinking of waiting to work out until after I am with them in case I am frustrated and need to get it out. I’m afraid I will be too tired to work out after being with them all day too. 🙄

I had 5 calories left last night. That’s cutting it a bit close!

My son stayed up all night on Tuesday night and yesterday went to bed around 11am. He woke up at 10pm complaining that I shouldn’t have let him sleep so long and said now he will be up all night because he slept so much. I just looked at him and told him to never speak to me like that and maybe he should leave and start over. He did and I wasn’t really listening to him anymore. That upset me. It’s not MY fault you stayed up all night or slept all day!

That’s it for today. Have a good one! Follow me on Instagram juliehcares .

Got it done! ✅

Yesterday was a good day. I took Cranky to her doctor and we then went to lunch at Los Tios where we both had a taco. We were gone for 2 hours and whatever her caregiver was doing while we were gone, she didn’t get to finish. She thought we had gotten the food to go because we were back from the doctor visit (took 10 minutes total), lunch (45 minutes total), and the pharmacy (drive through) in 2 1/2 hours. I then talked to her son via text for a while and relaxed at home.

My son had scheduled a visit with the trainer at 4:30 and told me that he couldn’t remember what the guy looked like. 🙄 He asked me to go with him to point the trainer out. Well, I was going to the gym today anyway so sure! We walked in and I got them talking about my sons goals and off I went to do some cardio.

I started on the elliptical. After 10 minutes, I kept coughing so I finally got off and decided to go biking on the stationary bike (I swear Todd, my gym needs that really cool one you use with the biking trails). I did 15 minutes on the bike before I started coughing like crazy again!

Please note that I am drinking water as well and would cough MORE when I did. So I went to the treadmill thinking walking would be easier for me.Nope! Coughing like crazy AGAIN after 15 minutes and purposely made myself walk one mile! Geez! So I quit and used the restroom and checked out the sauna but only had my tennis shoes so I couldn’t go in plus can you even take a phone in there? I’m not sure if that’s a good idea and I didn’t have anywhere to put it. If you know, please tell me! Then I checked on my son and the trainer and they were working hard so I decided to do 5 more minutes on the elliptical so I would have a total of 45 minutes of exercise today.

When I was done, I went to tell my son I was leaving but they were finished. My son started walking home and I talked to the trainer to let him know about my back. He took time to go with me to the mats and show me what stretching exercises will help the chiropractor and myself get me healed faster. He is awesome. We did that for about 15 minutes and then I walked home feeling happy.

I didn’t cook yesterday. I just didn’t feel like it. I have to take Styled to her dentist this morning. This afternoon the husband of the couple asked me to take him to the grocery store since I couldn’t last week. Umm, why didn’t you have one of your caregivers go for you??? That’s fine, I need the money. Then tomorrow evening I will be taking them to their regular Tuesday dinner. Busy day for me!

My neighbor also asked me to meet her at the gym to work out in the afternoon between groceries and dinner. I hope I have time! She’s really sweet! Her kids are with their dad for spring break so she is free other than work times so that’s good that she and I get to go hang out and do something we both like that doesn’t involve food.

Calories were good yesterday too! I can and will be the best that I can be!

I also looked at the past 2 weeks to see the difference between me being sick and not doing much and going to the gym. Remember I went over my calories at least one day a week because of having a cheat meal. Here is the difference between working out and being sick.

See how working out totally helps??? I love myfitnesspal for logging my food daily and so appreciate these charts weekly. And that’s on the free plan! I highly recommend it if calorie counting will help you get to your goals.

Anyway, that’s my day. I hope you had a good Monday and let’s make this Tuesday the best!

Ice and Forgetful day

It’s been a sad day.

I took pictures of my frozen car and the house I wanted to share yesterday and had totally forgotten to.

So now you see all the ice we had. Most has melted now thankfully. School is back in tomorrow so yay! Still waiting on my mom to go through stuff I put out in the back yard for her which is why it’s packed.

I talked to Forgetful’s step daughter in law tonight and she and I decided that between all of us, we did everything we could for Forgetful before she passed this morning. The daughter in law is a very sweet person and I’m grateful to have gotten to know her as well as Forgetful over these past few months. I will miss Forgetful as she was, for the most part, always sweet to me. We had fun shopping and going out to eat. I am going to go help clean and pack up her room at the retirement home this Saturday and then will go to her memorial service next week. I still have my black dress from my Dad’s service so that will be fine to wear.

I took the time to call on a lot of my clients today and check on them. I know that may sound silly but I felt like I needed to. Everyone is good they say. I’m not busy much lately. I am sure God will provide me with more clients when I’m ready.

My guy friend called me this afternoon out of the blue and asked me to go with him and his roommate out this weekend. We are going to go have Columbian food and then go to the bar I like after. It will be nice to get out and see my friend too. I haven’t seen him in at least 6 months.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Chat with you later!

Me? Complain? Nah! 😂

Oh wow. Just wow. I seem to be in a heated discussion with a client over my 2018 rates. I went up on my weekly fee by $25 a week and hourly fee by $2 per hour. I didn’t put that I wanted an extra $100 a week for being a companion or $5 to $10 per hour for driving which is technically what I could charge for my services in this area (I never will because Uber is pretty cheap and they are my only real competition).

This is my first complaint about the new rates. This person wants to be “grandfathered” in because they are a friend. Sorry chickeeda! I can’t do that! I have to make money too! I understand you want to save $25 a week but look at it this way. I take care of all of your parent’s needs whether it be phone calls to doctors, fighting with insurance, or even dealing with the retirement homes.

Expenses have skyrocketed since I moved in with my mother. The Toyota I got from a client was never driven much for years and now everything is breaking, including the electrical system, since I drive it daily. My mother seems to think I’m made of money as well and doesn’t have to pay me back for all of the little things she asks me to “pick up while I’m out.” The list of things that have gone up in price goes on and on.

I had breakfast with Forgetful this morning. I took her breakfast from La Madeline and she was very happy. Her step daughter in law came too and that was fun, not! She screamed at her and told her she’s lying and doesn’t care, blah blah blah. Forgetful didn’t notice when I left either. Oh well. I’ll see her tomorrow.

The only other thing I have today is taking the couple to dinner unless someone calls me to take them somewhere. I guess once my food settles (I think I ate too much), I’ll go work out at the gym. Which is another expense! 😂

Last night I went outside to take trash out and the sky was clear in between heavy downpours so I took a picture of the creepy looking sky.

Weird, right?

What a day!

Starts out normal… go to see Forgetful and then leave after an hour a bit brain tired but fine. Then run by the store because we ran out of milk and eggs the day before a holiday so I HAD to go today. Take those home and then go sign my name to about 10 forms stating that I NO LONGER OWN A CONDO!!!! Yay!!! I’d probably be a bit more excited if I got all the money or if it was only my place but I am NOT complaining.

So I leave there feeling a bit elated and even without having the money yet, go to Discount Tire and get 4 brand new tires for my car. My front tires were 9 years old (probably the same ones from when the car was bought brand new) and my back tires were just cheap and you could tell when driving the car. So $500 on my credit card later, I have Michelin tires. I was there 2 hours though. Crazy! The sales guy told me I would have to wait an hour and 15 minutes. After that time, he comes up to me and says they can’t find the tires and would I mind having Perrelli’s. YES I mind! I actually walked away from him, got someone else, and he went out to the tires and found my tires for my car. WTH is wrong with some people? Do they just not want to work? The guy that helped me could have done the same damn thing, hell, the guys doing the work could have actually LOOKED for the tires! Stupid people. So yes, I am happy with my tires and now need wheels (rims) because I hate hubcaps!

I was also going to go get tint put on my car so I called the place I have always gone to and liked and my guy there is off today so I asked if I could come on Friday when he was back so that’s all set up now. I won’t talk to anyone else there, they always try to sell you stuff you don’t need and my guy has tinted the past 5 vehicles I’ve had so I only want him. No offense to the pesky sales guys, wouldn’t you prefer someone that knows you and knows what you like?

I then took my Dad’s watch to the jeweler to be fixed up. They will change the battery, the band, and see if it needs to be cleaned and do that. I am still so happy my Mom gave me my Dad’s watch! I’m not even a fan of gold but because it was my Dad’s, I will wear it every damn day until my son is old enough to want a nice watch.

Don’t mind the blurriness, I was in the car!

I tried to go change the title on the car too. It’s been paid off since June, I really should get that done, right? But the line! Oh my goodness! It was so long and NOT moving! I just couldn’t stay there. Too much else going on. This poor man in front of me in the line asked me if he was in the right line and when I told him yes, he looked like he wanted to cry! Yes, not kidding, it was THAT bad.

SO! I came home, got some chili and casserole in containers, then went to see Cranky. She’s been complaining that her cat doesn’t use his box or his water dish and that he can sleep on her bed and she will turn on the faucet for him, etc. I think I’ve covered that in some previous post but I’m not going to go searching for it. I walked in her bedroom and guess what??? He was IN his box! He peered out and I got a picture of him.

I put the box there so he would have a sunny spot to hang out in. I think he likes it! I show Cranky the picture and she says, “Well, he’s never done that before.” Her caregiver tells me, “Every day Julie, he uses it every day.” 😂

I left to come home, eat, and relax finally. Cranky’s caregiver text me to tell me Cranky liked all the food and she said Thank You. Aww! That’s good because my mother said it was a little spicy for her but she liked it. Whatever! If Cranky actually likes it, it must taste good!

I finished The Punisher last night. Really good but I absolutely HATED the end scene. It just didn’t flow for me. Maybe the next season they do will end better! This was more like a “this is the only season we are ever doing” type ending. 😫

Now I’m going to look for something else to watch because my phone is at 7% so I need to stop typing soon. If you don’t stop by to read posts tomorrow, have a great holiday if you celebrate it!

Good morning everyone

I set my alarm for 7 but woke up at 6:30. Oh well, not too early! And here’s why I could sleep in.

I got a call, a text, and an email from my son’s school yesterday that said there is no school today because the Astros won the World Series and they are letting the kids have off to go to the parade and celebrate our teams first ever big win. Umm, ok? The information they sent said it was due to traffic concerns for the kids getting home. I then saw on the news that almost 1,000 employees in our district asked for today off so they just decided to close. Alrighty then! So all the parents that still have to work today, like me, what do we do with our children all day? I just checked the local news station app and no other school districts are doing this. My son is happy but I’m not.

So yes, I do have to work today. Today is the day to go actually meet the new client who, I’m told, is just like cranky. We shall see. That’s 11am to 4pm. So I have to go see Forgetful before that. That’s it but it’s still 6 working hours which I’m not complaining about!

When I woke up, I went to the restroom, and then came back in my room along with my dog and the girl cat. Well, I guess she wanted attention because she was all over me to pet her and was purring away. Very sweet. I am so glad I got this filter!!! Now my dog is asleep on the pillow next to me while I write this. Yesterday, the girl came in my room and started eating dog food. I had to pick it up but didn’t realize my dog was hungry! I finally had to pick up the cat, take her outside my room, come back in, and give my dog her food. Darn cats and poor chihuahua!

Cranky’s cat got his new pet dispenser yesterday too. It was delivered on the 25th but the building didn’t tell us and we just got it. He checked it out but prefers the box like most cats. From what I heard, you have to give him time to figure it out but he won’t let himself starve before he does.

Yesterday turned out totally different than expected too. I could not take the couple because cranky fell and busted her head open. The caregiver brought her and met me at the ER. She had to have 3 stitches and a ct scan but she’s fine. Since that was at 8 am, and I’m sure everyone reading this knows how long an ER can take, you know there was no way I was making it to the couples house for their appointment! I called the husband and he said it was no problem, they could reschedule theirs because it was an arthritis doctor and that wasn’t near as important as a trip to the emergency room.

Forgetful’s step daughter in law had the vets office come pick up the cat yesterday. Then when I arrived to see her at 2pm, she was on the phone with the vet who was telling her that the cat has back pain, is too big, etc etc. They are running tests on the cat and she will be able to go home today or tomorrow. Poor kitty! And she asked the vet twice how old the cat was and she’s 12. As soon as Forgetful hung up about a minute later, her caregiver (she got one again thankfully) asked her how old the cat is and Forgetful said, “Oh, about 9.” That’s pretty bad short term memory loss! I hope everything is okay with the kitty.

My man finally went to the hospital yesterday. This is what he told me about his trip to the ER, “Sending me home w a neuro specialist follow up in 3 days. Has to be past 48hrs for any other type of neck injury to subside before they truly know what is what. He is sending me home with, extremely surprisingly an opiate (shitty 30mg of codeine but hey it’s 15 codeine pills.”

So! I guess he’s doing okay. I haven’t heard back from him last night or this morning. He will probably do the follow up as recommended which would be a good thing! I do want him to be okay. He actually drove his own car to the hospital. It still runs but not well anymore!

And that’s it folks. I’m already wishing I could go back to bed. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!


It’s November already? Halloween has passed already? Well doesn’t this just suck!

We had 2 kids ring the bell last night. 2! That’s it! You want to know why? It seems that Mother Nature decided to give us a rain storm ALL night. PLUS, there was an Astros game (Game 6 of the World Series) and a lot of people stayed at home to watch it, perfectly understandable! I know I watched as we were winning, then losing, and finally lost and now it’s game 7 tonight to find out who wins. Today is the last day of baseball season. I’ll be a bit more bored until April.

Yesterday I left here at 9:30. I went to Home Depot and bought 2 smoke detectors, a new doorbell, and bulbs for my bathroom. Come to find out, my parents had ONE smoke detector and it was in the attic with the battery taken out! Umm, you could have burned down and slept through it. Hello! So I’m installing those today. I put in the doorbell yesterday for any kids that might come by last night and it worked for the delivery guy and the 2 kids trick-or-treating. My son now has blackout curtains and I’m kind of jealous of how dark his room is at night now! I may have to order more of those and put some in my room! I ordered 72 inch curtains because I already knew his windows were 52 inches in height and wow, I’m so glad I did! They don’t reach the floor like mine do but if I had gotten the ones they recommend, they would barely cover the window!

I did go to Costco for hotdogs and buns. I also bought my son’s school lunch (yep, a hotdog!). So after Home Depot and Costco, I stopped for some juice and gas at Valero before going up to the school to have my son’s lunch for him. Then I rushed home, put the food away, and rushed off to my job. I got stuck there an extra half hour because now she doesn’t have the 24 hour care and someone had to help her get done with her meds! Forgetful also made herself a doctors appointment for today but since I can’t take her today, I had her son change it to next Monday when I am available. So that’s that.

Today is half price candy day. So! I’m going to see Forgetful. Then taking the couple to the grocery store where I will stock up on candy too. Then it’s Wednesday so I have Mr. 95 year old tonight. Oh! RC text me and told me she has coupons for me when I go to the club tonight! I have to say I have enjoyed making more young friends lately. Whether it be fellow bloggers or people I see each week, it’s fun! I did not dress for work yesterday. I wore an Astros shirt and shorts. I didn’t care. It was nice! 😂

My dog has been sneaking into my moms room and I finally caught her and found out why yesterday too. She and the male cat have bonded and are napping together in there. The cat ran off but I did catch a picture of her on the pillow.

You can see the space for the cat I’m sure. Crazy dog. She also peed in my mother’s closet which I had to clean up. She did that AFTER a 15 minute walk too! I swear. She looks like she’s upset the cat ran off. Too cute!

I’m walking more now since I have to take my dog out of the neighborhood to potty. I’m also climbing the stairs many times each day (usually because I forgot something). But it’s not showing on the scale. I’m not eating much junk. I prefer to eat peanuts for a snack because I can! Oh well. Maybe I’m destined to be fat, at least I’m not 400 pounds anymore and never will be again.

Speaking of food, I did cook the other day too. I made croissants for my son, pigs in a blanket for me and my mother, taco meat, and boudain. So I have food for a while now which is nice.

Have a great first day of November!