Been a minute

Since May 19th to be exact! I’ve been working and driving and staying at home. A bit boring which is why I haven’t written anything.

First off, we started Lucky’s training last Saturday. I think he was trained before and we just didn’t know the right commands. He’s doing really well! Too adorable. I have to give him a bath tonight which I am not looking forward to but it has to be done!

So here’s the latest from yesterday. My original client, Cranky, passed away after a long time of being off and on ill. She’s had pneumonia like 4 times in the past couple of years. Last night she just went by stopping breathing. It was very sad. Her caregiver called me very upset when I was closing at work so I finally spoke with her and rushed over as soon as I could get out. I called 911 not knowing that I didn’t have to. She had hospice care and they came and took care of everything after the police left.

I left after the funeral home took her away at 9:30pm. On my way home, I noticed that the gates at work had not been shut after closing so I drove in and locked the gates. I let my manager know so if they saw me on camera that late that they wouldn’t ask me what the hell I had been doing there. The funeral is on Thursday when we are busy which I’m sad about. I have asked my manager if I can come in an hour late so I can go to the viewing though. Still waiting on an answer.

I couldn’t sleep last night (makes sense I’m sure) and got to sleep at 2am. I had to be up at 5:30 and be at work at 7 so I didn’t get much sleep. After work today, I met a coworker at the grocery store and drove her home after shopping for us, coming by my house to put our stuff away, and walking Lucky. She’s a sweet kid and doesn’t drive so shopping and getting it all home has to be difficult!

Also, yesterday at work, I spoke with my friend that is a registered dietician. We worked out together a bit and then talked about our personal goals. She weighed me and then told me not to lose any more weight but to tone and work on muscle only. She told me that cardio will help keep me in shape to go do the mountain climbing I want to do once my son is grown but I just have excess skin and need to build muscle underneath to not have it look like fat. I love this woman! She’s awesome! I still weigh in at 148-150 which is perfect for me. She thinks she is 60 pounds overweight (she’s not) but I told her I’ll help her since she helps me.

My coworker thinks a guy that comes in like me. He’s a good looking man too. He showed me how to do pull-ups his way and told me to keep working at it and I will be able to do what he did. He put chains around his neck, lifted himself up, brought his legs up, and did 10 pull-ups like that! I don’t think I could ever do that!!! When I walked in near him with my friend he walked away though so I doubt he “likes” me but that’s fine too.

We had a meeting last weekend at work and I made a cake for everyone. I didn’t know how many people would be there though and that cake went fast!!!

My son graduated 8th grade on Honor Roll but we decided not to attend graduation. High school graduation is much more important! I am very proud of him. I can’t wait for him to start high school!!!

I watched the latest season of Nailed It, Riverdale, and The Flash, and now on the new season of Supergirl. All on Netflix so I know I’m behind regular television. My son has watched the Southpark seasons he has on dvd and loved Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I’m so glad he likes the classics!

I hope you guys are all doing well. Sorry it’s been so long.

Just keeping it keto

2 days down. I have been craving sugar like crazy! SO, Atkins treats are a lifesaver!!!

I am doing something today I never do. I am sharing my food for the day. I do keto my own way, it works for me. I did not exercise, I have to get my food under control first. I ate 1560 calories today, that’s 100 calories over my goal according to MyFitnessPal. I had a total of 21 carbs which is almost perfect.

I had a client today. I took her to a doctor appointment and then we ran some errands. After I got her home, I came home and did all of the paperwork for my new job. She put my start date as Monday (I’m not complaining). I go tomorrow and start training. Yay!!!

I took this at the new job. I am so happy to be working a regular job again. I get a free gym membership with the job and I make more than minimum wage so I am NOT complaining and I am very excited!

Check out Oliver. Crazy cat! He was under me while I did my plank challenge for today. It was 3 minutes long! Plus I forgot yesterday so I had to do a 2:45 plank this morning as well! I did it though. πŸ˜€

Maybe someone can give me an idea. I have a paper to write this weekend (2 page single spaced). It has to be over a macronutrient disease. It can’t be kwashiorkor or marasmus or diabetes. One of my friends suggested maple syrup disease but I can’t find much on it for the paper (she wants peer reviewed articles). So any suggestions???

That’s it. Stay sweet! Have a great week and we will chat soon.

I was so mad yesterday!

As far as school goes, it was a pretty good day. My classes are hard but I will get through them.

What made me mad was after with parking! I parked in the garage in the morning and went to the parking office to get my permit for remote parking. Remote parking is 2 miles from the school and you ride a bus from and back to your car. I moved my car to my new parking after my first class.

This picture is from my school website, and remote parking is not somewhere you can walk to from school and be safe, it’s off the freeway!

I parked and the bus came within a few minutes. They packed that bus like a subway car after all the stops. I really had to use the restroom so I got off early on campus to go and then walked from there. I did some homework and then went to math class. I made 2 new friends! We exchanged numbers and Instagram (mine is juliehcares). After class, I went to the bus stop to get back to my car to go home.

I waited and waited and waited. After sitting there for 45 minutes (if you don’t believe me ask my BFF since I was texting her) and watching buses drive by because they were full. Another girl said she was going to a different bus stop so I went with her. We waited another 5 minutes after walking across campus and finally got on a bus! Come to find out, the parking lot that holds over 1000 cars only has 2 buses. 2!!! That’s insane. I hated it. I didn’t get home until almost 6pm when I got out of class at 3:45. Completely ridiculous!

I will try it on Thursday and if it’s that bad again, I am just going to pay the garage parking fee daily. Considering I get to school by 7am, I do not want to be there that late. I have other stuff to do! Like when I got home, I ate, did more homework, washed all the dishes, and fed my son. and then had to go straight to bed because today is a crazy morning as well.

One good thing about having to walk all over campus is that I definitely got my walking in! Now if I could do that every day, I would feel better about when I am lazy and just stay in bed and read school stuff.

My mom is having a colonoscopy at 6:30am so we are leaving when I post this. Then I have to pick up Ms. Forgets for a doctors appointment. So my day should be over before 2pm and I will study while my mom is having her procedure this morning. Whew!

I need to make flash cards too so I can’t forget to take markers and flash cards with me this morning! I have to memorize these math formulas and the anatomy stuff. We did chemical structures of enzymes in anatomy today. We even had a quiz after class to match the names with the sequence. Already! This is going to be tougher than I thought!!!

Anyway, have a great Wednesday. You know what I’ll be up to!

More Ouch

I didn’t blog yesterday. All I had to say was that I took Ms. Forgets to her therapy, came home, and stayed in bed with Netflix the rest of the day.

I’m still in a lot of pain. It feels better when I put pressure on it (like the old days when they wrapped your ribs to heal) so I am in bed quite a bit. I am calling a doctor this morning. With no insurance, it’s going to cost me a small fortune to see the doctor and probably have to get an X-ray. Oh well.

I want to work, I don’t want to be hurting! I want to exercise, I hate sitting around! At this point, since I can’t exercise, I am making sure my diet is on point. For lunch yesterday, I made a salad and it was yummy!

Somebody please tell me why lettuce has sugar in it. Seriously? It’s supposed to be healthy yet it has a gram of sugar per cup of lettuce! 390 calories, 3 grams of sugar, and 7 net carbs. It has lettuce, a couple of cherry tomatoes (you can’t see them as they are on the side), cheese, egg, sunflower seeds, and bacon. I was a happy camper munching on this so I think I’ll make it again for lunch today.

My Mom also brought me seeds on Sunday to plant and to send to my friend in Kenya that she asked for. I am excited to try to grow a few things! I have 2 black thumbs so all help is appreciated. I am VERY good at killing plants.

My son has already lost the book he needs for his summer homework. We are going to the bookstore this morning to get another copy which drives me nuts. How do you lose a book? Where did it go? Any chance a friend may have taken it? And why would they when they have probably already finished the same homework? My child, I swear! For a little bit, I was afraid that I sold it with the other books but I remember putting that book in his room after I read it. Who knows where it disappeared to!

So, bookstore and Ms. Forgets this afternoon. I wanted to go drive for Lyft but trying to stay in bed this week. I’ll let y’all know what the doctor says.

Mother 😑

So I’ve lost 32 pounds since November and 223 pounds since having weight loss surgery in 1997. Does this stop my mother from talking down to me? NOPE!

After shopping, I was very excited to wear clothes that fit. I mean come on, I’m a size large now!!! I haven’t worn a size large since junior high school!!! I am thrilled and still can’t believe I have come so far. I look in the mirror and am elated that this is me!

So when I show my mother how my size large looks, you know what she says? “Oh that’s nice honey. But you need longer sleeves to cover up those fat arms.” What??? My response (I tried not to go off on her), “Well Mom, I’ve lost over 200 pounds. I’m going to have excess skin. If someone doesn’t like it, too bad.” She doesn’t agree. She says, “I don’t even wear short sleeves. You need to get 3/4 sleeves like I do.” What the hell???

So I’m frustrated at her and am avoiding her. My friend and I had an awesome time at the comedy show last night. I went to see Chinedu Ogu at the Joke Joint. I even got to meet him which made my day!

Roxxy Umm, I don’t remember this guys name but he was pretty funny and no, he’s not a redneck although he does kind of look like one.

This is Chinedu!

I have decided that I really am going to be more social (when money allows) because I look better and feel better. I don’t feel like a whale next to my friends and I’m not afraid to meet people. It seems this has helped my anxiety too which is great!

When my friend and I walked in the club and sat down, a guy walks up to me and says HEY! I look up and it’s a guy I met at my B’s birthday dinner back in February. He introduced me to his wife and we chatted. He got my phone number and I seriously think his wife wasn’t too happy about that (she kind of gave that half smile and looked at me funny for coming over to talk to him). So my words to her and every other wife/girlfriend of men I know is this. “I do not want your man, please trust me on this. You are always welcome to hang out with me as well. I have no interest in being a side piece or a marriage breaker. If your man even once tries to hit on me, you will probably never see me again. I hope we can be friends.” Why am I such a threat??? Okay yes, I am starting to look better since I have lost weight, I have perfect teeth now (thanks to the best dentist ever and dentures), blue eyes and blondish red hair. But I’m not a threat!!!!

So we took a selfie and sent it to B. B answers, “When was this?” So that’s when I went over to this man so we could answer. They ended up texting on my phone for a bit and now we are all supposed to hang out soon. Let’s pray his wife comes!

Today I have to go get my shots and take grandma (a woman I drive occasionally that is the grandma of one of my good friends and was my neighbor for 15 years so I call her grandma) to get her license renewed. I’m also going to send keto packages to my 2 best friends. I just want them to have a few treats so they can see how why this has been so easy for me! I am sending them the following. A white chocolate dipping cup, a bag of protein chips, a chocolate peanut butter keto bar, and a cheese crisp. I hope they like them as much as I do!

After 4 and a half hours of sleep, I’ve got to try to get stuff done today. I’m also trying to avoid my mother. Even my son is avoiding her but that’s because he’s just a tween and doesn’t want to deal. Lol

Have a great Monday!

So glad it’s the weekend!

So guys, I have to tell you a secret. I started a 2nd job. I am driving for an internet based company like Uber (but NOT Uber). After taking Styled yesterday morning, I came home, walked Amber, ate, and started my new job. I ended up working for 4 hours, had NO clue where I was for 3 jobs so thank GOD for GPS, and kept taking jobs until I was somewhere I knew. The sad part was I didn’t even make $10 per hour. I know, it’s more than minimum wage, but if you look at what it puts my car through, I still have to see if this is worth it. So I worked 7 total hours today. I did 7 runs with the driving company in 4 hours. This company is not too busy and that’s actually good for me. They have a bonus program right now that if you do 150 jobs in 45 days through them, you will get a $500 bonus. Message me if you want a link! I hope it’s possible.

I came home and got in bed but only for about 30 minutes. Then I got up to go walk (gotta get my exercise in – especially after sitting in my car most of the day!). I ended up doing 45 minutes on the treadmill and felt MUCH better when I was done.

I went out last night and got wings from WingStop and boy were they good! So good I forgot to take a picture! The thing I am happy about is that all 3 generations of people in this house sat down and ate in the same area. My mom and I split the wings while my son had French fries (he refused the wings). I’m not a big sauce person so I let my mom eat the bleu cheese dressing with the wings. I was happy with mine just like they were.

Today is weigh day!!! You are SO not going to believe this. I don’t! I had to move and re-step on the scale a few times to make sure it was actually real! This keto lifestyle is definitely doing the trick. I had a compliment from one of the neighbors. He told me that he can see I’ve lost “quite a bit” and I’ll soon be as thin as he is. He’s this tall, thin, handsome Frenchman that moves to the states about 4 years ago and lived in California until last year when he came here. He has a chiweenie like I do so he and I chat at least once a week while our girls run around and play together.

Yes, I know, I got off track! You want to know the weight, right? Well… 195.2! That is a LOSS of 4.8 pounds! Woot woot!

Today is psychologist day, gym weights day, and cooking day. I’m making fajitas (beef and chicken) as well as baked chicken and Italian sausages. I need more choices! I am okay about not having too many sweet things (if I get desperate, I found a keto peanut butter cookie to make or just fat bombs).

Anyway, y’all have a great day!

Great Monday!

I woke up at 4am and did nothing for an hour. Got up, showered, and made breakfast before I ran out the door at 5:44 to pick up a neighbor to take her to the medical center (you know this from yesterday’s blog). That all went well. I was home by 11 and was able to run errands after I dropped her off.

Calories were on point.

Exercise was great. I went to the gym at 5pm and rode the bike for 30 minutes and then used the arm machines for 30 minutes.

Today is a busy day. I have to go get the shots in my legs and the electrode treatment this morning. I have to take Cranky to her dermatologist after that. I also am supposed to take the couple to dinner although I’m not sure if they are going to go.

I filled out all the forms for my son to go to camp with the church for a week this summer. I need to turn those in today as some point.

God does answer prayers if you are patient enough to wait. After 2 months of stressing and actually looking for a job, I have 2 possible new clients. Thanks to my cousin for one and Cranky’s son for the other. We will have to wait and see how it goes if I get them but it’s a start! I still need 3-4 more but now I know that my little business will get better.

That’s it for today. I will leave you with Amber wanting some love this morning!

What a great day

Wednesday started out pretty normal. Took my son to school complaining the entire 1.5 mile trip that his fever was 99.1 and he should be in bed still. That’s not a fever I tell him and he is not happy. I get back home, shower, get dressed, and head on down to the dentist. It took him 4 tries to get my teeth to not hurt me in about 30 minutes. The whole drive down there I was thinking to myself that I should go to the beach like I wanted to last weekend. I would be halfway there anyway so why not, right?

I start driving south from the dentist. Almost immediately I get stuck in traffic. This continues for a mile and then all the traffic just dissipates. What was the problem??? Oh well. I keep going. I get to Galveston and was hungry! It was 11am so I decided to get something to eat. I wanted fish so I went in search for a fish place on the beach (makes perfect sense to me). I found one very close on the seawall. I had hush puppies and fried fish fillet. It was Cajun flavored and very good. I only ate 2 hush puppies and half of a piece of fish before I was stuffed and that’s okay with me. Great view of the water as well.

I got back in the car and drive to East Beach. As I got close, I saw that they were charging $10 just to drive onto the beach. Crazy! They had an area to park in for free way far away from the water and walk in. I can do that. Fine. I’m not paying to park just to walk around.

I set my watch for outdoor walk and took off down the beach. I walked a mile and a half one way and then turned around to walk back. I ended up walking 3.1 miles or 5km. I did not take my phone with me on my walk. I just wanted to hear the ocean and get my exercise while I was relaxed from just being there. After my walk, I went to my car to get my phone and walked back down to the water to take pictures. I didn’t want to leave! Now I’m planning on going back down there one day next week to do it again. We’ll see if I can get away to do it.

I stopped for Smartwater on my drive back and there was no traffic so I got back too quick. I wasn’t ready! It started to rain once I got back to Houston as well. I’m really glad it didn’t rain on me down there. Can you imagine being a mile away from your car and it starts pouring? Me either. I was very blessed.

I picked my son and his friends up at school and then dropped them off at one of the boys home. I then went home to walk Amber. My son got home pretty soon after and when I asked him why, he said he got bored so he came home. Umm, ok.

My evening was spent on Netflix as usual because Mr. 95 year old called me when I was leaving Galveston to tell me that because of weather, they weren’t going to dinner. Better Call Saul Season 3 came out so I tuned in for that. It’s a good show. It didn’t really need Breaking Bad to start it out, it would have held well on its own before that show (although that was a great show!).

Calories were almost exactly what they are supposed to be. Now that’s close! I didn’t want to go over so I didn’t even snack while watching Netflix.

Depending on weather out there today, I am supposed to take the couples car to get inspected and take the husband to the grocery if he needs it. I am also supposed to start the foot treatment this morning. I have to have injections (he didn’t tell me about that) and the neuropathy electrodes treatment. He said I have tarsal tunnel syndrome and bad circulation. That doesn’t sound good. I asked the success rate for this and was told that this has a good success rate but some people have surgery after. I can’t afford both. This better work! Cranky’s caregiver will have to take her to the dentist to have her partial adjusted. I hope the address will work well enough to get her there. It’s not hard so I’m sure they will be fine.

In some ways, I am hoping for bad weather so I don’t have to go anywhere. In other ways, I need the money! I’m not ready to get out of bed yet and check. Lol

Y’all have a great day!

Nice Sunday

A nice beautiful day.

I did not do the foot reflexology. I want to ask my doctor first since I’m having foot issues. Plus I still haven’t heard back from them about the treatment or my insoles and it’s been over a week!

I made half a brisket yesterday. This picture is after I cut it up and had already packaged up half.

I took half to Cranky and decided to work out while I was at her place. She lives in a high rise and they have a nice little gym next to a beautiful pool area.

I then came home and watched Netflix.

I stayed within my calories.

I have to say. These protein bars help me SO much! Why didn’t I find these sooner? It gives me the sweet fix I like without much sugar (1-2 grams in each), fills me up, and has tons of fiber and protein. I like them a lot. So much in fact that I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and because they were having a sale, I bought out their peanut butter protein crisps (1 box) and a box of vanilla marshmallow protein crisps. It’s like I get to eat this huge Rice Krispie treat every day. It tastes like one too which is amazing. I tried the Gatorade brand of them and literally threw it away after a couple of bites. The BSN brand is my favorite. I also got a couple of quest cookies in case I had that cookie craving. I could eat these all day (I don’t but I could)!

My Mom ate half the brisket I had kept for us for dinner last night. That’s my fault. I keep forgetting that I don’t eat like a normal person and most people eat much bigger servings than I do. So I probably should have cooked the whole brisket instead of just half. Cranky didn’t like it but her caregiver told me that I’m a good cook and it was great. That was sweet. My son wouldn’t try the brisket but wants to try bacon (finally). He’s always turned his nose up at bacon before but yesterday decided he wants to try it. Now, do I make it crunchy like I like it or a bit floppy like my mother likes it? I’m just glad he’s willing to finally have some!

I couldn’t go to sleep last night. I was in bed at 10 and couldn’t go to sleep until 12:30. I’m up at 5:30 though! I have one job of taking the wife of the couple to her dentist today and that’s it. So plenty of time to go by the grocery store, go to the gym, and watch Netflix. I hope it’s another good day. The weather is nice here now, cool in the mornings and in the 80’s in the afternoons. If only it stayed like this.

I hope y’all have a great Monday. Motivational Monday coming later too!

Great Wednesday!

The day started like normal. Wake up, shower, run out the door afraid you’ll be late because you have to drive 45 minutes in traffic to get to your dental appointment on time.πŸ˜‚

After the dentist, I stopped at HEB and picked up some eggs and bacon and took off for B’s apartment (my guy best friend) near my dentist’s office. I cooked the eggs, he made the bacon. He wanted toast too so he made himself some. We ate and chatted and then we went to work out in his apartments workout room. The machines were nothing like I’m used to but I was having a good morning so I went with it.

30 minutes treadmill walking and running and 15 minutes on the recumbent bike. I think it was more fun because we were hanging out too. We did a sweaty selfie after and then it was time for me to go home. 😒

The CPA came by the house and we got all of my paperwork in order and he’s going to do my taxes for me within the next week. I hope to god I don’t owe anything this year! I worry since I got a 1099 from a client plus sold the condo and car this past year.

I relaxed for an hour at home and then left to take Mr. 95 year old to dinner. Mr. Happy came with him too! How exciting! This man is always happy and when he seems grumpy, I can tell a silly joke and he gets happy again. I waited for them, took them home, got paid, and got home and went to bed.

Today is hell day. I have a podiatrist appointment at 9:40 and have to be at the couples at 10:30 for the rest of the day. I say hell because they have 2 different appointments plus they want to go out to eat (of course). It’s difficult for one person to handle them both in and out of the car, especially multiple times. Oh well. I need to make money!

I can’t wait for the day to be over already. I’m thinking of waiting to work out until after I am with them in case I am frustrated and need to get it out. I’m afraid I will be too tired to work out after being with them all day too. πŸ™„

I had 5 calories left last night. That’s cutting it a bit close!

My son stayed up all night on Tuesday night and yesterday went to bed around 11am. He woke up at 10pm complaining that I shouldn’t have let him sleep so long and said now he will be up all night because he slept so much. I just looked at him and told him to never speak to me like that and maybe he should leave and start over. He did and I wasn’t really listening to him anymore. That upset me. It’s not MY fault you stayed up all night or slept all day!

That’s it for today. Have a good one! Follow me on Instagram juliehcares .