Long week already

Sunday – good day! My son had friends over and then stayed up until 2am working on school projects that he didn’t tell me about until 6pm on Sunday.

Monday – I let my son stay home from school because he had a dentist and orthodontist appointments. We drove down there for his dentist to say that he is not taking care of his teeth (duh) and has to rinse twice a day with a prescription plus put this goop over his braces twice a day. On both he has to put it on (or swish) for one minute and then spit it out. Then he’s not allowed to eat or drink for 30 minutes. He is not happy but he did it to himself!

I had school today. I still left mega early because 1. Parking and 2. I am not telling my son I dropped that class. I got breakfast and went to the library. I kept moving around because of loud kids plus I was freezing. After my 3rd move, I said screw this and left and went to the business building and sat studying there in the window getting sun until H text about lunch.

Had lunch and saw chocolate cupcakes as we were leaving. I couldn’t resist! I asked the lady if I could have one. She picked one up, put SO much icing on it, and hands it to me. Umm, thanks? I took 2 bites of the actual cupcake (a couple licks of the icing – it was too sweet) and threw the rest away. I enjoy icing but not that much! Even H laughed and said I’m so skinny that the lunch lady is feeding me. Lol! I’m still 150, not a twig like so many girls at school!

I left Math early (after being there all day, I leave early?!?) and pick up my son’s mouthwash at the grocery store. I came home and relaxed for about 30 minutes before I took my son and his friend to a concert here. The friends parents are picking them up after to bring them home. I was a bit worried about them being there alone until my son told me that the girl he likes will be there too with her dad and sister. Okay so they will probably never see each other but I feel better knowing another adult at the same place! So I text the Dad and he told me where they are sitting in case my son needs help. So nice! Us single parents have to stick together! Even though he’s a busy guy, he still makes time to have fun with his daughters.

Tomorrow I am taking doughnuts to Cranky for breakfast. My mother asked for some, the caregiver asked for some, and my son asked for some. So yeah, I’ve got a list for Shipley’s in the morning! And if you have never had Shipley’s, watch this YouTube video from my favorite comedian and then you’ll know!


Y’all have a great night! I am going to relax!

One more week!

Guys…I have one more week on this no scale challenge and I am dying to get on the scale! I almost weighed the cat until I realized that means I have to know my weight too to find out exactly how much he weighs (you have to hold the cat and weigh and then weigh yourself and subtract the 2). Did my one screw up non keto day ruin my weight loss for the month? Did my at home exercises slow me down? Guess I will find out! Plus I will be in Galveston on July 1st so I can’t really weigh until July 2nd. I thought about taking my scale with me and then thought better of it because I don’t want that hanging over me for the whole 3 days!

I started a new show on Netflix called Night Shift. It’s a hospital show and it’s pretty good. I stayed up until 3 am watching it last night. I didn’t think I would oversleep and miss church this morning but I did! By looking at the picture, I didn’t know it was a hospital show.

My son got invited to a concert in another town last night. Since he got a free ticket, I told the other kids mom that I would drive them. It’s an hour drive each way so there was no way I was driving back home and then redriving out there. I did Lyft. It wasn’t too busy. I did 5 short rides and made $26 in 2 1/2 hours. Not bad! The boys had a great time too. My son spent $60 on a hoodie that says Gemini. It’s his birthday money so I didn’t say anything. Was is Kesha or Macklemore that is a Gemini? I figure one must be because why else would they sell a hoodie with that on it? The other mom said thank you for driving and I said thank you for the ticket. I thought that was fair!

This morning I got up, let the dog out, and now have crawled back in bed. No plans today other than laundry. I don’t even want to cook! My plan for this week is to drive for Lyft and possibly Uber all week when I don’t have appointments. I want to make as much as possible before our mini vacation. I can’t wait to get away!

I hope you guys have a great relaxing Sunday!