Ok Wednesday

I take my son to school this morning and get back home. My mom is coming down the stairs and asks me, “What are you doing today? Do you feel any better?” I tell her I’m getting better and she says, “Oh good. I need you to pull some nails out of the top of my armoire.” Umm, ok. So you want me to climb on a ladder, use a hammer, and pull nails out of an 8 foot tall armoire. Sounds like great fun! All while keeping the cats from being under my feet and making me fall. Oh of course! And you guys know I will do it too. I just have to have my sarcastic moment about it. I’m actually surprised that’s all she asked of me.

I have taken to putting the boy (more black) cat into a hamper to be able to get in my room without him following me in. He wants my dog’s food and that’s not good for kitties! They do sometimes get in and eat her food, I can’t stop them every time. They tag team me so one can get in and then when I go to put that cat out, the other runs in. Crazy cats. And both cats have taken to swatting at my dog if she gets near them. They may be playing around but my older dog wants none of this. She loves sitting on their cat tree. Personally, I think that she thinks it will make them mad but I don’t think they care. All silly animals. I love them though. I can’t help it. They’re so cute!

One job today. Forgetful has been VERY angry the past couple of days. She wants to go home, not live in a “nursing home” (that’s how she puts it), and she wants to see her house. So I am going to take her this afternoon or tomorrow. I’m afraid I won’t be able to get her to leave again but better that she lets me take her than calling a cab and then forgetting why she’s there by herself. She told her hairdresser yesterday that she called her attorney and that she may just have to move back to Dallas where her family lives because her step son is an ass and is rude to her. She doesn’t remember why he was rude (she threw a wine glass at him at a restaurant), she just knows he said he won’t come back until she can be nicer.

Then I have a hair appointment at 3. I really need a haircut too. I can’t wait to chop off this hair! I’m still not going to dye it. I’ve come to terms with the dark color of my hair. I wish I was still blond like when I was younger but that’s okay. I’m going gray anyway so it will get lighter. Lol

Netflix went well. Finished the season of The Great British Bakeoff. I won’t spoil it for you guys though. It was close this season! Very good show. Now what will I watch??? Maybe it’s good there’s nothing I want to watch because I never did laundry on Sunday and now it’s Wednesday and there’s a huge pile of dirty clothes! I will get that started now.

My cousins wife text me at 11:30pm last night. She’s upset about the split with my parents on the condo. I had to reassure her that my mom is giving me their part and I’m still going to split it with him. Geez! Calm down! The only issue is that there is more paperwork on my end before we can process the closing. They are freaking out over nothing. She was telling me that they haven’t gotten anything out of the place in all these years and now they are being screwed out of their half of the money. Umm, really? Yes, I did live in the condo but I also paid for everything by myself. Get over yourself! Then she says, “Oh! He just told me you’ll come visit when you get the check? I’d love to see you!” Uh huh, rrriiiggghhhttt. If I didn’t love my cousin like a brother, I’d say sue me because you’re not getting crap. She thinks she could have charged me rent!?! She’s crazy. Now I wish I had sold it back then for $30,000. Who knows where I would be right now but then he could have had his measly $10,000 after fees instead of $35,000. Wow. Stupid crazy stuff.

Anyway, this is what I’m dealing with at the moment. Y’all have a good day. Forgetful’s step daughter in law is on the phone.

Cleaning day again

So I went to the condo and cleaned it all out other than the couch, freezer, and espresso machine that I am selling.

One of my caregivers said it looks smaller but I think it’s just the pictures. I think it looks larger now. Who knows.

Now I’m back at home and my moms maids are here cleaning. The only business I have today is Forgetful at lunchtime so that’s easy. My mom asked me to go by Petco and return some stuff so that’s next.

So the Astros have lost the first game and won the second. Maybe the uber driver was right! I hope so!!! It would be awesome to have a World Series win here in Houston.

Not much else going on. Watching the animals run around on the wet floor. I’m staying off it to let it dry. I found a collection of lighters and matches at the condo too. I don’t know what to do with most of them. Pitch them?

At least that’s all done now and the realtor can sell the place hopefully.

Have a great Thursday. Hugs!

Moving Day

Good morning fellow bloggers and readers! I am awake, hurting, tired, but ready!

I went to my moms last night with another car load of stuff (will it ever end?) and saw she hasn’t taken all of her stuff out of my room. She was downstairs, fresh from a nap, watching a Law and Order rerun on tv. So I asked and she says, “It will get done. Calm down. I have 18 hours.” Okay, minus 8-9 more hours sleep, 1 hour eating, probably 1 hour in the bathroom, etc etc. And no, I didn’t reply with that, I just said Ok mother.

So I guess she tried to put my son to work last night too because he called me from his friends house saying he was going to spend the night over there. Umm, ok? I just told him to make sure he goes back home to walk the dog since I’m not there and we all know my mother won’t do it! I took my son’s tv and all of the add ons over yesterday. I hooked everything up and last night he was really complaining that he couldn’t make anything work. Hmm. I gave him the WiFi password and he said that wasn’t working. He tried to watch a video and the dvd wasn’t working. He couldn’t get the WiFi for his wii either so I really think that’s why he went to his friends house. Silly kid. God I hope she’s done cleaning out my room already. I don’t have time to go check before the movers get here.

I have stinky this morning to go get her hair done. I even called her hair salon and asked if somebody can wash my hair while she’s having hers done. Does that tell you how tired I am? So I’m getting that done, yay. Then of course go check on Forgetful. I hope she’s doing better today. I tried to have a talk with her about why she’s in the home because her step daughter wants to be more direct with her and it backfired on me. This is why I just listen dammit!

All that’s left in the condo for me to move:

Clothes that were in our dressers (5 drawers in mine and 2 in his)

Dishes (pots and pans and bowls)

Refrigerator foods

Bedding (mine)

Bathroom stuff I left here in case I needed it

2 Wind chimes

Astros Door mat

Dirty clothes

3 small and one large Trash cans

That’s it! Whew! One or 2 more car loads. My mom had this great idea. Since I don’t want to mount my tv again on a wall and the tv stand is too big for my dresser, she will take my dresser and give me her lower and longer one so my tv will fit. So I had to take everything out of the bookcase in my room and move that against a different wall. I moved my mini fridge to the corner of the room. So now I will have my bed and a dresser fighting for space. That’s it. Not too bad!

I got a pic from my man last night. He’s still in Arkansas healing. Such a sweet gay man! He doesn’t know any sports though and was confused on what I was saying about the Astros. I guess I’ll have to teach him!

Anyway, it’s already 6:30 and I have to leave by 8 to get to work so I need to get moving! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Rainy Friday

I woke up this morning about 2 seconds before my alarm to the sounds of thunder. Not what you want to hear when you are trying to finish moving! Argh!

Speaking of moving, I had a thought because my son said something. He told me he wanted to take one last shower in our awesome shower before we move. It’s only an awesome shower because I have the best shower head ever! Why not switch them out? The person buying this place is probably going to gut and redo everything anyway and I love my shower head here! I got it at Home Depot and I just took a screenshot of it because it’s easier than trying to get a good shot in my shower. 😂

So yeah. I need to remember to take that with me. I was also going to take my wind chimes today but now they’ve been in the rain all morning and are wet. AND, the weather guy said it was supposed to rain off and on all weekend! Eek!

Yesterday was good. 2 jobs. Between them, I got everything already at my moms moved upstairs and put away to make room for everything else. I moved all our clothes, shoes, books, yeah, just about everything. My friend asked me what the rush was to move. I’m not really rushing, I’m just tired of living in 2 places and want it to be done. I am giving my neighbors my wine and liquor that’s here because my Mom has way too much already. You’ve never seen anybody so happy either! My neighbor that wants the wine isn’t even in town this weekend and she text me to say I better keep it in the house and come by to let her in to get it on Sunday. 😂 Every time I need to write a check, make an invoice for a client, get a piece of paper for a note, get an address, etc, I have to go to the other house. I’m just done. So I’m moving.

The only job I have today is to go check on Forgetful and I can do that at any time today. I was thinking after lunch to make sure she is doing well. Her step daughter in law told me last night that she doesn’t know what to do about Forgetful packing her suitcase daily and being so unhappy. I don’t know what to tell her either. She can be straight with Forgetful but she will forget soon after what she was told. What I do daily is tell her that she has to get better and can’t go home quite yet. It’s worked so far!

I am meeting The Godfather at my Mom’s at 8 to put up my blinds and change my electrical outlets in my room. Then the ex boyfriend will be there at 10 to finish my closet. I’m going to tell him he has to clean up after himself too. No more mess. I’m moving in and shouldn’t have to clean up after him. Then sending him home and staying away from him. He just drives me batty! Yesterday he accidentally text me saying Awesome. Then he sent me not one or two, but 3 messages telling me he meant it for someone else. ONE would have been sufficient!

So this rainy weekend will be busy but it’s almost over. Then I guess I will have to go back to exercising and quitting smoking so I have stuff to write! Just kidding, maybe. 😉 I’ll also start cooking again once I’ve settled and I’m sure new recipes will come since my mother is diabetic (even though she won’t admit it).

Hugs! Have a great Friday!

All about work

Today is all about work. I am not going to my moms house other than to drop my son off so he can play with his friend and take more of his stuff upstairs.

This morning at 8am: Take stinky to her hairdresser.

9am: Meet some stranger to give away my son’s bed.

10-12pm: Go pick up stinky, take her to the grocery store, then home. Then go check on original cranky client.

12pm to 3pm: Phone calls and checking on my workers (my 2 caregivers and my ex) and cleaning my place yet again in case someone wants to come see the place. I hear Saturday’s are the most popular day to look at homes so I need mine to be immaculate!

3pm: Meet new client and her family and I will be checking on her daily starting on Monday. She has dementia so not sure if she will remember me on Monday but I’m still going to go! I am excited to have another new client!

5:30pm: Pick up Mr. 95 year old and take him and his “lady friend” to dinner

8:30pm: finally home for the night.

Whew! Hopefully tomorrow I will have both rooms cleaned out where we can move in to my moms. I’m thinking I should go ahead and move so this place stays clean and there is no furniture for people say, “Oh, it looks small.” (Yes, I heard this comment last night). I’d like to be out of here in a week or 2. I will start taking my stuff upstairs that’s already over there before we actually move. I will need a cleaned out space for my movers to be able to bring in my furniture!

While Mr. 95 year old was at dinner last night, I went to a new Barnes and Noble (new to me). It is awesome! 2 floors of books, a Starbucks, and I get a discount using my moms phone number! I got 3 new James Patterson books for me (at $4.99 each before discount) and 2 more in the series of manga that my son is reading. For under $40! Then went to Starbucks and found this one has quiche! So I had broccoli cheese quiche for dinner. Very tasty!

I got home around 9pm and was passed out by 10. I don’t know how long my son stayed up but he’s passed out (it IS 6:45am). So my little doggy and I are hanging out in my room while I wake up and figure out my day. I’m sure she’s ready for a walk but I’m not really out of bed yet.

Tomorrow is my off day. “Lady friend” mentioned last night that she “wishes” she could find a ride on Sunday to her bridge club. I didn’t say a word about me! I did mention that Uber is always available though. 😂 I NEED an off day!

I have realized that I have to quit smoking to move in with my mother. Okay, I should quit anyway. I have tried a LOT of times to quit using different methods like the patch, e-cigs, Chantix (made me crazy dizzy), and even a book. This time, I got what’s called the Harmless Cigarette. Since I have asthma and shouldn’t be smoking anyway, I got the oxygen one plus the cool mint one since I smoke menthol. I just ordered it so I’ll keep you posted when it arrives and how that’s going. I need to quit before I move. My mother swears cigarettes killed my father even though 1. He had cancer and NOT anything smoking related either. 2. He quit smoking 17 years ago. 3. That’s just silly to tell me because she thinks that will make me quit (all it does is stress me out which makes me smoke more). That’s why I still need a couple of weeks before I move too. Anyway, I thought the oxygen one would be great since with asthma I need more oxygen anyway!

Holy crap! It’s 7! I have to leave my house at 7:30 and still need to get dressed and walk the dog. I’ll grab breakfast on my way out to stinky.

Have a good one!

Well Good Morning!☀️😃

I was asleep by 11pm. Why I was awake at 5:10am, I have NO clue.

I went to walk to the restroom and OUCH! The heel of my right foot HURTS to stand on it!!! I guess I did too much yesterday. That’s not good since I need to move more stuff today. Plus clean more stuff out of the room at my Mom’s. I will wear my tennis shoes today and hopefully will not hurt as bad as when I put on my flip flops. I do have to go drive stinky this morning to get her hair and nails done too!

Speaking of my Mom… she has totally been on board with this plan of us moving in the whole time, until yesterday. You know how I said I would call my cousin back to find out what she needed? When I did, I mentioned that I had been busy packing to move. She immediately hangs up with me and calls my mother and, of course, makes her freak out by saying, “She shouldn’t sell the condo yet. What if you can’t get along? Is she going to make you move out of your house? She’s going to want to control you. This isn’t going to work.” WTH! So I spent an HOUR reassuring my mother that her cousin has had issues with her own 6 kids and I am not like my cousins and will not push her out or take over, blah blah blah. That wasn’t fun. I hope I gave her enough reassurance. I’m so used to spending time in my room when I’m at home that it’s not going to change. I was able to pack up most of my closet yesterday and take it over there. Since the bedrooms are not done being cleaned out yet, I put everything under her piano downstairs. The cats were having a great time looking and sniffing at all of it. Everything I own will probably now have cat on it. They are so cute. I really hope I get a little used to being around them! I really do like them.

The red bag is what I put my Christmas tree in during the year when I’m not using it. Her cat immediately wanted up on it and even took a short nap before the bag fell over and dumped her off.😂

This is my son’s toddler chair. I think the cats like it! I can’t make her get rid of it if she thinks they will use it though!

By the way, It’s allergy season here in Texas. Everywhere you go, people are sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and have itchy eyes. Not everyone has allergies but it does seem like half of Houston does! Especially me. And I was around my Mom’s 2 cats without my allergy medicine yesterday. No fun.

I want to go to this place next Wednesday called Dish Society (restaurant) because my favorite local beer distillery (The Bearded Fox) will be served there that night. Unfortunately, I also work on Wednesday evenings so I doubt I will get to go. It’s a shame really because I adore this beer they make called Aunt Rose and I am not a fan of driving 45 minutes to their place of business just to have one! Dish Society is close by. So now I’m pouting. Somebody please go by there and have an Aunt Rose for me!!! You buy a pint and get to keep the glass!

So yeah, one job this morning. Then I’m off until Monday morning. I need to get a LOT done at my moms since I have the time. I took my allergy pill last night so I wouldn’t forget today. My eyes are still itchy and my poor nose is stuffy but I still have to go. Maybe I will open a window over there. Maybe that’s what the problem is. I’m not sure when those windows have been opened last. Yay! I have a plan!

Speaking of plans, I weighed myself this morning. I have gained 3 pounds. I’m pretty sure it’s because I keep forgetting to eat breakfast (or in too much of a hurry) and driving which means sitting on my butt in the car). So I took a pill with my energy drink this morning and when I’m done writing, I’m going to go make breakfast and eat. Then work and clean all day. As long as I don’t forget to eat, I should drop these 3 pounds pretty quick. I don’t normally take pills to help with weight but it’s really just caffeine pills to keep me moving and I won’t drink the 2 energy drinks I normally do. I’ll stick with water and save the calories for food instead of soda.

Have a great weekend. I hope my foot and my allergies are fine today and tomorrow!


Okay. I’m thinking about moving in with my 73 year old mother. Below is my pros and cons lists. PLEASE tell me your thought and feelings of this potential idea. I still have to talk to her about it, I don’t think there will be a problem though. She has repeatedly asked me to come over to help her and if I’m there, it would be easier for her.


  1. Save money
  2. My son would have his own room
  3. Help my Mom in case she does ever get sick or need help
  4. Closer to my sons school (he could walk)
  5. Bigger kitchen
  6. Free laundry (each load here is $2.75)
  7. My son has a friend that lives in her neighborhood
  8. No more crappy condo management company
  9. No more bad neighbors (druggies, psychos, nosy people)
  10. Not have someone living above us (plus having to hear her when she has sex – eww)
  11. My son wouldn’t be left alone all the time
  12. More bathrooms (I have 1 and she has 2 1/2)
  13. My son will have a harder time sneaking out when he’s older (we live on the first floor and he sleeps right by the front door in the condo, she has a townhouse with all 3 rooms upstairs)


  1. Living with my Mother
  2. She has 2 cats and we have a dog
  3. We are both allergic to cats
  4. Mom doesn’t know I smoke
  5. Mom bitching at me if I have beer (she bitched at my Dad about it all the time)
  6. Her house needs work from old foundation issues and I would get stuck doing the repairs
  7. Have to eat downstairs and not in the bedroom (no more snacking while watching Netflix)
  8. We would not know our neighbors
  9. Pay my mothers bills (or split them with her)
  10. I will have to do all the shopping and cooking since she doesn’t cook
  11. She has a shopping problem and I can’t stand clutter)

Thoughts? Should I even talk to her about it? Would she want to not live alone now that my Dad is gone? A lot to think about.

If I do this, I want out by next summer. I want to sell my condo and pay my cousin his 33% of this condo that he owns. I will put most of the money I get from this place into my sons college fund.

My condo

I got married in the year 2000 after moving home from Colorado because my grandfather had passed away and my grandmother needed help. When I got divorced in November 2002, I moved in with my grandmother, my Mimi.

Jump to February 2003. I had started dating a guy in Huntsville and he would drive here every other weekend and I would drive there when he couldn’t come here. He worked at a prison there so time off was rare. He and I are still friends, it just didn’t work out after my grandmother passed. I would look at him and think of her. It happens.

One weekend I had gone to visit him and my Mom stayed here with Mimi (it was her Mom anyway!). I got a call at 3am Saturday morning from my Mom telling me that Mimi had fell in the bedroom and was taken to the hospital. She ended up breaking her hip and had it replaced. As she laid in the hospital bed, she told us she was done fighting this life and was ready to see her family in heaven. She quit eating and passed away on Valentine’s Day 2003. To this day, I do not celebrate that day anymore.

So I stayed here. My Mom would never let me sell the place and sometimes I have agreed. My son was born here and has never lived anywhere else. We go on vacations, don’t get me wrong. He’s been a LOT of places for just being 12. This has always been Home for him though.

When I moved in, the walls were light blue with a yellow accent wall. It had old lady furniture and even twin beds in the bedroom. She always had cats and had carpet so that was the first thing I got rid of. I now have tile floor, black leather furniture, 5 year old kitchen appliances and countertops, and a queen bed. The walls are white (well, working on it) and the only trace of my grandmother here is her favorite chair which I keep by my front door.

The reason for this post is a comment I got today. Hunida (check it out!) said I may have a ghost and I said that would be funny. I say funny because of this:

3 days after she passed away, I was asleep and she woke me up at 6am standing over my bed saying, “We have a lot to do today so you need to get up.”

After my son was born, I would see a blue light leaving from the bathroom and going into the living room. One day when my son was around 2 or 3, he asked me who Mimi is. I told him it was my grandmother that went to heaven before he was born. He said, “Well, if she is in heaven, why is she telling me to mind you now?” Ummm… 😳

After that, I have not seen the blue light, no talking to us, nothing. I thought it was weird at first having a spirit but now it’s no big deal if she is here. Why my grandmother would say “Mama” I can’t see but who knows!!!

Some people don’t believe in spirits, I do. I believe my father is watching over my mother because when I walk in their house, it feels like he is just upstairs taking a nap. I’ve seen with my eyes and heard my grandmother. Each individual has their own opinion, that’s mine.