So tired yet again

It has been a crazy couple of days!

Monday – 4 hours of errands with Miss Priss. I came home, got out the Christmas tree (the cats seem to love the bag we keep it in) and met with my moms friend to put the lights on our Christmas tree.

Picked up my son and his friend at school and then home to just talk to Cranky’s son and bake gingerbread men cookies. Recipe is from AllRecipes and it turned out great! So great that when I had a couple of broken men, I had to eat them to put them out of their misery. I ate 3 of them. πŸ˜‚

Today – oh man what a day! I left the house at 8am to go to the hospital. I sat in traffic and finally got to the medical center at 9, drove around the garage for 15 minutes looking for parking, then had to go find Cranky’s room. I stayed there and got to speak to the doctor. She has bacterial pneumonia.

Her son flew down to check on her so when he arrived at the hospital, I took his caregiver to go get her car from her dealership where she was having it fixed. I got home at 2pm and left soon after to pick my son up at school. Then Cranky’s son called to ask me to pick up her prescriptions from the hospital because they were sending her home. So I left again as soon as I dropped off my child, took care of that, and came back home at 5pm.

The caregiver called and said that Cranky is bringing home oxygen and would I meet her there to help her get everything upstairs. So I went back to Cranky’s, got her wheelchair, and went down to wait on them. One of Cranky’s church friends showed up while I was waiting. I didn’t know somebody else was coming! When the caregiver got there, we unpacked everything and went upstairs to her place. The valet guys helped immensely too! I didn’t realize how much they sent her home with. So much stuff.

Cranky’s church friend then went and got us all dinner from Luby’s cafeteria. Cranky got chicken, the caregiver got liver and onions, and I got my favorite fried fish. While we were waiting for her to come back, a guy showed up to deliver an oxygen machine. He got her all set up, I signed my life away for it (sarcasm is awesome), and Cranky’s son and I text back and forth about a hospital bed rental. I will call around in the morning and see if I can get one delivered there tomorrow. We are afraid she will try to get up in the middle of the night and fall so this will help. Her legs are very weak and she can’t stand for long. She is going to complain like crazy if we take her bed away from her. I am not looking forward to this!

I honestly hope all of this equipment is not permanent. I really do love Cranky like a second mother (helps that I’ve known her over 30 years). I hate that she needs all this and is so confused. She said she is going to kill her son for moving her stuff again (she moved into her apartment a year and a half ago though). She wouldn’t listen to me about that. She said she carpooled me to school which is how she knows me. She usually calls me her neighbor. Her son said to just say she’s my aunt. He’s probably right, that’s easier. Maybe she can remember that too.

I am finally home at 9pm and tired!!! I’m about to go to bed. I’m sure I will need to go back over there tomorrow and give her caregiver a break after spending 2 full days with Cranky being sick and having to sleep in the hospital. I haven’t even started studying for my math final yet and it’s in 5 days!!! Eek!!!

Have a good night. I’m going to go catch some πŸ’€ ‘s.

Saturday has been ….

Started out good. Laid around until 10 and then went to mine and my sons haircut appointment.

Then took him shopping for his Halloween costume. We just went to Walmart.

And here is me in my costume.

And my hair.

Not as light as I would have liked but it’s alright.

I went home and studied nutrition. After about 3 hours of studying, my phone rings. It was Cranky’s son. I answered like “Umm, what’s up?” Well, her caregiver called him because Cranky wasn’t responsive although awake and looking at her. So she called him to see if his voice would bring her out. It didn’t. So she called 911 and had her taken to the hospital. We have been here since 8:24pm. It’s now 1:08. I am SO tired! They are admitting her for TI testing. They told me what it meant but I can’t spell it. And it’s not TIA either so I don’t know. As soon as we are out of the ER, I will take her caregiver back to Cranky’s place so she can get her car and come back. I have to be back at 7am so I don’t miss the doctor.

That’s it. I know a few people wanted to see the photos so I wanted to make sure I posted!

So tired

Yesterday ended up alright. I ate my cupcake and don’t feel bad for it. I took my son to karate and then went upstairs and rode the bike for almost an hour. That level 18 kicked my ass though!

I was only going to do 30 minutes but after 20, I had only burned 88 calories! I wanted to burn off my delicious cupcake so I kept going. I had to stop when karate was over which is why it wasn’t quite an hour. When i picked up my son and his friends after school, they were so excited that there were cupcakes and chocolate milk. They all grabbed one of each and then my son rolls down his window and starts yelling at other kids, “we’ve got cupcakes!” Lol

I emailed a dietician some questions for a 3 page paper I have to write for nutrition. She emailed me back so before I went to the bike upstairs, I stopped by to tell her thank you. It was very nice of her to help me out! She teaches Bodyjam so I know where she is every Monday evening!

At school today, I don’t have Anatomy class because of the exam but I came early anyway to make sure I get a parking spot. I also want to go to my professors office at 10. I have my doctors appointment here at 11 and then algebra class at 2:30. It’s going to be a long, busy day. I brought my nutrition stuff to study in between and I am going to ask my friend about breakfast and lunch since I didn’t get a chance to cook yet.

I have to cook tonight when I get home. Tomorrow, my mother has Home Depot coming to put in tile in our kitchen and if I don’t cook tonight, I won’t be able to for a couple of days. I have to take everything off every countertop in there tonight too. I have chorizo, beef, vegetables, eggs, cheese, and milk so I’m sure I can come up with something!

I didn’t realize when I left for school this morning that I was almost out of gas. I had to stop at the gas station. Then on my way to school, I hear something in my tire. It just never stops, does it? Always something going on. First the car just decides to die in line a few days ago getting my son something to eat and now something in the tire. And people wonder why I’m so tired!

One huge complaint. I got my son medical insurance through the state. I got mail saying that I have to apply for jobs or get a job and work for 30 hours a week to keep it. Huh??? So now I have to add more crap to my already crazy life??? Something has to give. I can’t keep up with everything as it is! I haven’t even had time to go by and see Cranky in 2 weeks which upsets me.

I’m also not getting donations on my gofundme which I really need. Y’all should see my belly button right now. All the skin rubbing has infected it and it’s really red and hurting. I’m going to ask the doctor about it today. I’ve been putting my non chafing stuff on it already. I also have an ingrown hair (down there) and that hurts! And that time of the month showed up early (gotta love premenopause). What a week already!

Have y’all noticed that I haven’t even watched Netflix for a while? I don’t even have time to do that! It’s funny though, I don’t really miss it. I’m sure if I ever get a bored moment, I will.

I hope y’all have a good Tuesday. I’m going to try!

Huh? It’s too early for this!

Good morning friends! It’s 5:53am here in Texas and I am writing you because I woke up 23 minutes ago for no reason what-so-ever other than to use the bathroom. Sucks getting older! And it’s already hot outside! What’s up with that?

Until I saw how hot it already is this morning, I wanted to go out for a slow walk. I want to exercise! I believe that a slow walk won’t pull these stitches like how fast I normally walk would. I don’t think the doctor is afraid of me walking slow like when I walk the dog, right?

I had a comment asking about the keto diet on a strict level because I will eat these deli style crackers if I have a ton of carbs left over at the end of the day. I eat vegetables and berries too. I follow what my doctor told me. I am not strict keto. I have sugar (less than 3 grams a day and some days none) when I eat ice cream. I eat. I love food. I do limit my carbs to 20 NET carbs a day. I believe that if you are too strict, you won’t keep it up and will eventually quit. I haven’t quit yet so what I’m doing works FOR ME. pic from

I had a text the other day of a friend that was doing half keto (she was trying) and was gaining weight. Here’s the thing. If you eat 50 carbs a day or more plus eat fat, you will gain weight. Period. I also have a friend trying to gain weight so I told her that’s how she needs to eat. She still hasn’t gained weight but she’s not losing anymore. She’s going to try to eat more calories to see if that helps. Then yet another friend that has been ill and needs to gain but she’s doing it by eating fast food and ice cream. It’s whatever works for you. pic from

You don’t have to do keto, you don’t have to do low fat or low carb. You have to find what works FOR YOU. I just give you my experiences and talk about what works for me. I start school next month for nutrition and I fully admit I do not know everything about keto, even after months of research. I do know that my doctor gave me a sheet of paper with rules and what I should and should not eat. It has really worked for me.

Oh guys! I spent an hour making my sons lasagna yesterday because he stayed awake all day like I asked. When it was done, I cut his piece out and put it in his room because he would be back from karate in 10 minutes and that would be the perfect amount of cooled off to eat it plus being in his room, the cats couldn’t get to it. He comes in, looks at it, then comes and says to me, “Why did you put it in my room? Now it’s COLD!” Note that it wasn’t cold. That was like the breaking point to me from how he’s been acting lately. I cancelled his pool party and told him that I was done. Then he starts begging which I wasn’t having any of that. pic from cartoon

Then he tries to manipulate me with the depression antics. So I said let’s go to the hospital, I wouldn’t want you to do anything that you would regret. He quit that and finally realizes that he’s not getting his way. Basically he’s a good kid, I’m just tired of his attitude and how he talks to me and his grandmother so I’m not giving him anything special. I text his friends parents that I know and they all agreed except that one Dad which I should have expected.

The lasagna is easy to make but takes a while. You have to brown the pound of beef. You have to make 2 boxes of mac and cheese. You have to heat up the oven. Then you have to layer your baking dish with the mac and cheese, meat, spaghetti sauce, and shredded cheese twice. Then bake it for 30 minutes. Then add Parmesan cheese and bake it another 5 minutes. See why it takes an hour?

Mr. Cranky pants son is awake. He came in here, slammed my door, got his morning vitamin drink, and slammed the door on the way out. Thank goodness I’m already awake! Geez! I only have one job today and it’s this afternoon. I’m taking Ms. Forgets to the medical center for a 4pm appointment. If you know Houston at all, you probably know that by the time she gets out, it will take us over an hour to get back. That’s how bad traffic is from there to here. It’s awful at 5pm! I wish it was even an hour earlier but oh well!

Y’all have a good day. I will be dealing with this child.

Icy conditions

So I’m at home, safe and warm. I haven’t left the house at all today except to take the dog out to do her thing. I just went out to wrap the pipes and my fingers were frozen inside my gloves 🧀 in just a few minutes!

I bet I will have to start small again by the time Houston reopens here on Thursday at the gym. I can’t wait to go though! My gym closed as well as most of the city. The crazy people out there driving could actually be people that were made to go into their jobs today and are trying to get home. My job would have told me to, yet another reason I am SO glad I run my own business and don’t have a boss telling me (this actually has happened in a flooding situation) that I will be written up and possibly fired if I don’t go to work (I didn’t go either and the city ended up closing so they couldn’t do anything to me).

I keep taking screenshots from ABC13KTRK here in Houston. I see that Louisiana is having the same problems so I’m glad Todd isn’t down here right now dealing with this and for my friends in Louisiana, I feel you!

We will get down to 19 tonight (see the wind chill temperature in the picture above) and therefore all of our streets will be frozen over as it has been sleeting and snowing all day. This hasn’t happened here in 22 years according to the news. 22 years!!! I don’t remember what I was doing when I was 22 but if it was like this, I was probably at home. My sons school district had cancelled school today and they are discussing if they should tomorrow. If they don’t, I bet they don’t have many kids there anyway. I know I’m not driving on the roads until it’s been above freezing for a day.

I cannot take Cranky to her appointment tomorrow either. I will reschedule that and I hope it doesn’t take too long to get her back in to see that doctor. Her caregiver called me because Cranky didn’t believe her that it was snowing and nobody should be outside. Umm, really??? Turn on the news. She did although I doubt Cranky believes it. She said it’s all silly and people should just be more careful and get to work. πŸ˜‚

If you happen to be here or near here, please be careful! I don’t even want to walk the dog after dark since I won’t be able to see the ice anymore. Hugs! πŸ€—