Once again, I completely failed the anatomy exam. I guess it’s easy the professor asks questions like “what is the best answer” and “which one doesn’t fit”. I’m not the only one. Another girl in my class took it with me and did as bad as I did!

So upset that I went and bought cupcakes. I only ate one and it was 200 calories although it probably had enough sugar to put me in hyperdrive the rest of the day! Maybe I’ll even feel up to going to the gym. I haven’t in a few days. So frustrated with everything at school makes me want to curl up at home. I am curling up but I’m studying while I do it. Maybe if I make my life ALL about school, I can pass these classes!

Anyway, I took a video of Oliver playing fetch yesterday while I waited for my printer to print.

I bet you thought it would be the dog! Lol

Saturday was WAY too long! We were at the karate tournament from 9:30-6pm. My son lost but that’s okay. It was his first tournament.

My moms gift just got here today. I hope she likes it!

I’m sitting in the carpool lane at the school and have almost 30 minutes to just sit here. I had my chocolate milk and the cupcake and now typing.

The rest of the cupcakes will go to the boys that I take home. I am limiting myself to the one. I don’t want to gain!

Y’all have a good day. When I get back home, I have nutrition to study.

Today is party day!

I set my alarm for 5am. Why I do not know. I got up with the alarm even after not going to bed until 11pm. I did my normal Saturday weigh in. I gained .2 pounds. Normally I would be freaking out but not today. Today is party day.

I weigh 183 this morning. I don’t weigh 406 like I did in 1997. I don’t weigh 280 like I did when my son was born. I don’t weigh 232 like I did last year. I don’t even weigh 199 like I did a few months ago and was freaking out over going from 199.6 to 200. That is how I am choosing to look at this.

I am having a cupcake today at the party. I will get moving again tomorrow. We are cooking hamburgers and hotdogs and having cupcakes. We have a huge game truck coming this afternoon. I am taking my son and 3 of his friends to a hotel after the party. I am also dragging them to church with us in the morning if their parents don’t pick them up on time. And yes, I will ask them if it’s okay first. This will be my next 32 hours.

I am wide awake this early in the morning to go over my plans, make sure I have my grocery list correct, clean the cooler (still haven’t done it), and be able to shower and shave without rushing. I am happy that party day is here and that it will be over soon. 24 13 year olds will be here in 10 hours. My son invited ONE girl. 😂 He invited the tomboy that he says is his best friend. Well, I don’t want her to feel weird so I invited another girl. I don’t know if she will come but I hope so! I am friends with her mom and I would love to see my friend!

So! I will be posting pictures on Instagram and a few on here tomorrow. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend here in the states and a great weekend everywhere else too!