Having a good day?

I think I did. The Godfather came over this morning to put in a deadbolt on my outside gate but my drill wasn’t charged so he’s coming back tomorrow. Nice to chat with him for a little while though!

Miss Priss called me at 8:30 and asked if I could drive her today. Well sure! I took her to deliver a Christmas present to her doctors office and to pick up a pair of sunglasses at her eye doctor and to the grocery store. 2 hours there.

I grabbed Taco Bell crispy taco for lunch and drove to Cranky’s. The rails have not been removed yet and the new ones were laying on the floor not put together so I told her son that I put the receipt on the fridge and if he wanted me to come by tomorrow afternoon to return those I would.

I came home around 1:30 and was looking at my phone. I set an alarm for 3pm (15 minutes before I need to leave to pick up the boys) and I am SO glad I did! I passed out around 2 and woke up to the alarm thinking I was late. Whew! I never nap! I know why though. Last night we had this huge storm roll through and at 3am, there was this HUGE bang and loud thunder after. Poor Amber was freaking out and between the car alarm outside my window, the dog jumping on me, and that loud boom, I was awake. At 3 fricking AM. Amber wouldn’t let me go back to sleep and when I went to use the bathroom, even Oliver the big boy cat was freaking out! I had to cuddle with each of them separately (Amber will growl if Oliver comes in my room). Eliza, the cute, tiny cat, was nowhere around. I guess she was snuggled up with my mother.

I got the boys, came home, cooked baked chicken and stuffing for dinner.

I ate and then decided that since my son had gone with the neighbors to the school band performance, I would get my arm workout in and do laundry. After 30 minutes of arm exercises (3 sets 15 reps of each exercise) and 100 squats and dancing in between, I walked Amber while still listening to Spotify. Here is my workout and the songs I listened to while working out.

I like all kinds of music but while exercising, I want upbeat, make you want to dance music. So that’s what I had.

My mother also got Amber a Christmas sweater.

Now I am so tired that I am writing you guys and then going to sleep. Have a good night! Laugh before bed:

Anatomy class

I studied my happy little butt off for about 24 hours over the course of 3 weeks and I made a 56 on the test. What the hell??? Why are the exams so hard? Another girl didn’t study and made a 38. Another girl studied as hard as I did and got a 54.

So I dropped the class. I like the professor. I enjoy his class. I will most likely still go to class the rest of the semester since I paid for it and I have nothing else do to on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Exam scores:

1st test: 46

2nd test: 48

3rd test: 56

There’s no way I would have made a C in that class. I talked to my friend/tutor about it and she even agreed. She also suggested I retake it at community college. They have smaller classes, it’s cheaper, and it’s probably easier. So I’m looking into that.

My son is going to a school dance after school today. I’m glad he’s going. He may not want to dance but he needs to go.

On my way to pick up my client this morning so I have to go but y’all have a great Friday!