Here’s the story.

I went on ZipRecruiter and applied for a job. This job calls me 2 days later and requested me to take online tests that are recorded and viewed. I take these tests and didn’t think I did very well (math and computer tests). A day later, they call me and ask me to come in for an interview. The next day, I go to the interview. I meet with the HR person and the manager for the job I applied for. The interview lasted 5 minutes! Of course with that short of time, I did not think I got the job. Cut to a week later and I am still applying for jobs online and my phone rings. It was the HR person of said company. They offered me the job!!!!

I start my new job on Monday. It’s 9:30-6 Monday through Friday. I will keep my job at the gym but only on Sunday’s. I will keep the 2 clients I have left and take them wherever on Saturday’s. So now I have 3 jobs and will not have to stress over buying groceries or paying off credit card debt I have accumulated in the past couple of years. I definitely want to stay working at the gym since I will be sitting at a computer all day and will need to exercise more than I currently do (I haven’t been because of being so tired after running around work).

I’m sure some of you will understand the relief I feel right now. I will be working in a call center talking to customers and vendors which is fine with me. I will have benefits starting in January so I won’t have to stress to find the $100 it costs me out of pocket to see a doctor or the $70 it costs to get an asthma inhaler without insurance.

The gym and client driving will be our spending money and my son said that sounds great. I am selling stuff on eBay right now to make grocery money. That’s how it’s been here the past few weeks. I wasn’t making much at the gym, just barely enough to get by, I was only scheduled 30 hours a week or less even working in multiple areas there. I joined a debt consolidation company back in June and was having to use my moms credit card for groceries and my sons therapist. Now her card is maxed out too (she spent the majority on it – not me). I am excited to be able to pay that down, get groceries, and pay my own bills.

This job was a godsend. I know that for sure. I am writing all this down to re-read it on those tough days when I don’t want to work a 9-5 job. 😂

I got someone to take Lucky out for walks while I’m gone daily since I will get a 30 minute lunch which is not enough time to drive home, take him out, and get back. Amber is fine waiting all day for me. She used to when I worked in the travel industry anyway. My son will be at school and said he’s fine walking home daily which he mostly does now anyway. The only day we will have trouble is on Wednesday’s when he is supposed to be at church at 5 and his bus gets to his stop at 4:45 and is 2.5 miles away from the church. I told him that he can take an Uber if he needs to.

So everyone is set. I am excited to start this new adventure. The job already told me that there is a lot of opportunity to move up fast as well.

Note that I am not saying where or who I work for. Company policy (yep I read it) says that we are not allowed to say any details about our job or company online or in personal blogs. I don’t anyway. 😀

AND…I may have met someone. I’m not sure if he’s just being nice or is interested but I am going to give him my phone number and see what happens. He’s older than me, has a dad bod, runs his own business, exercises, and is just a really nice guy. So maybe???

Y’all have a great weekend, it’s my last full weekend at the gym!!! 😘

See ya!


As I sit here

I wanted to write because I realized I didn’t this morning. I’m sitting here with Sleepy as she naps. I already finished my book I brought. James Patterson Detective Cross book. It’s one of his new little books that only costs $4.99. I love them! I can take them to read while I wait for someone to eat or like today, just sitting here. I already had my oh so healthy lunch of Cheetos and a granola bar with a cherry coke.

I saw Forgetful this morning too. We had breakfast. I brought a Starbucks protein box and she ordered eggs bacon and toast from her retirement home. I’m not a huge fan of Gouda cheese which came with my box so I asked her if she wanted it. She loved it. 2 minutes after she finished the first piece of it, I asked her if she liked it and she answered, “Did you give this to me? When? I didn’t even know it was here!” Poor thing. I hate that her memory is that short.

These are my only 2 jobs for the day. Tomorrow I will be busy! No Mr. 95 year old though in the evening. He got out of the hospital but now has to go to skilled nursing for a few days to fully recover from pneumonia. I feel so bad for him! I asked about visiting and his daughter told me, “No need. He’ll see you soon.” Okay? I just care and want to check on him but that’s okay. I’ll wait to see him and get the full rundown of what happened.

Not much else going on. I had this fleeting thought earlier of online dating with that picture I took yesterday. Here’s what I would say (and this is why I do not do online dating – I would get hate mail):

I am 44. I am not looking for a husband. I just want to go out and have fun when I’m not busy managing my own business, taking care of my son, mother, or 3 animals. I am overweight, have dentures, wear contacts, smoke, and eat whatever I want, just not much of it. I am looking for a fit man that looks nice and doesn’t smoke or is an alcoholic.

Whatcha think about that? I’d probably get hate mail from day one! Hell, I don’t look because I don’t have time. I never even have time to meet my friend for a margarita and catch up. So anyway, this sweet woman just gave me a cough drop and told me to take a nap. LOL 😂

Have a great day!