Crazy day as usual

So my car alarm was fixed for free and I bought a new car stereo yesterday. I love it! It has Bluetooth already in it, it plays music from my phone, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, anything! I can even hook up XM radio if I wanted to!

I rushed home, cooked an egg and bacon in the microwave since I hadn’t eaten and it was noon, and then rush off and picked up Ms. Forgets to drive her to therapy. It’s a 25 minute drive!!! We got there right on time and had to sit in the waiting area for 30 minutes anyway before they finally call her back. She’s back there for an hour. Then she wants to go get cigarettes because her daughter won’t buy them for her. Lol!!! The woman is 77. If she wants to smoke, let her! I took her where I go to get them and she looked at her receipt and was so impressed because where she usually goes, it costs twice as much. She said she spent $50 for 5 packs of cigarettes at a gas station near her house and I got her a carton for $66. We both buy smokes (well, I went in for both of us) and I take her home where we sit in her garage and have one together before I leave. I come home and my mom says, “Julie (imagine a VERY irritating mom voice), you smell like smoke!” So I look at her and say, Well Mom, I was just with Ms. Forgets so of course I do! Now, please note that my mother knew this woman WAY back in the day. Her reply was, “Oh, she still smokes like a chimney?” So I said sure and she LEFT ME ALONE! Woo hoo! I need to drive this woman more often! I won’t get bitched at for smoking! I love this client!

Mr. 95 year old called me while I was with her and said he wants to go to dinner. I’m like sure! So I came home to eat and then went to pick him and Mr. Happy up. With my new car stereo, I hooked up Pandora for the ride home and played 40’s music. They loved it! I’m going to have to play it more often for my clients now that I can.

Today I have to go get my shots. This treatment is working too. When I started this 8 weeks ago, my feet would go numb when I was walking and tingling all the time. Throughout this process, I went to actual pain in my heel, extra numbness up my leg, and still had numbness and tingling in my feet when I exercised. Now, I only go numb with the shots for a day each week and only tingly when I sit funny for a while. I would definitely say that is progress! I have 4 weeks left and I pray that he says I don’t need surgery after this. I’m working really hard on the diet, my exercise (even though I didn’t get any yesterday), and everything else he tells me to do.

That reminds me! I am supposed to have a talk with my doctor today about giving a class once a month at his office to teach people keto! Wouldn’t that be cool? So in preparation, I am going to go to the grocery store before my appointment today and write down different products along with their nutritional information and pictures so I can show him that I can make it easy for anyone to do this, even the people that don’t cook. I already printed out a bunch of keto recipes and made a word document with a bunch of recipe sites to help people and gave it to them yesterday. Wish me luck! Even if people paid me $20 each to come to the class, that would help me as well as help them learn how to eat on the diet the doctor wants us on. Speaking of the diet, I think I did well yesterday.

My last weigh in until July and I am at 182. So have a great day, I hope mine will be!

Monday has gone…whew!

Yesterday I had my weekly shots and work. Here is a quick recap of the day:

7-8:30 drive for Lyft

9-10 doctor visit and shots

10-12:30 drive for Lyft

1-3:30 take new client for X-ray

4-5 at home to eat and chat with son

5-7:30 drive for Lyft

At 9pm last night, my son tells me he’s getting an award for his grades this year. Since the kids have to dress up, I tell him to try on his suit. You should have seen it! It’s only been a year since we bought it. The pants could now almost be capris and the shirt wouldn’t button around his belly!

I take a picture of the award letter and send it to my son’s father who says, “I’ll try to make it” 🙄 I send it to my bestest friends and they are all happy and excited for him. I give it to my mother and she says, “Again? He’s such a smart kid!” He got an award last year too. So today I have to take him out of school a little early and go buy him a new suit. Well, slacks and a nice shirt. Coat and tie are not required.

I am very proud of him. I just wish he wasn’t growing so fast!!! 5’9, 175 pounds, and still 12 years old for another month??? Crazy!

So after all this, he tells me (not asks) that he needs eggs in the morning. Excuse me??? I give him a funny look and he says, “Mother, will you make me eggs in the morning?” I answer “We’ll see”. I was asleep by 11pm and he was asleep by 10.

This morning, my alarm goes off at 5am and I decide to make eggs for breakfast as well as croissants for him. I made 4 eggs and those packaged croissants that he loves. I text him when everything was done at 5:40 and 5 minutes later, he’s downstairs ready to eat. Maybe I should make breakfast more often? I’m so glad it got him out of bed!! I ate one of the eggs too so it was win-win.

I am driving for Lyft again today. You may notice that I’m not mentioning Uber. I need to make 40 more drives for Lyft (after yesterday) to get my sign on bonus. I figure why not do it this week and just have that done. Lyft slows down around 10am until around 1-2pm which sucks. So I scheduled to go get groceries for a client during that time. When I went for her last week, it was the first time and I was very nervous about picking the right fruits for her and getting everything correct. So when she asked me to do it again today, I was happy since I must have done a great job!

This is my life. I got a total of 3 new clients that need help sometimes which is good for me. I’d like to make at least $500 a week so I can save money. I’m getting there!

Have a great day!

Different kind of day for me

Started out normal. Wake up at 5, shower at 5:30, wake kid up at 6, out the door by 7. He wanted donut holes so we left a few minutes early and went by Shipley’s. Then I took him to school and off I went to to get my blood drawn. Then to the doctor. Then home.

Now my plan WAS to go to work. That didn’t happen. I was asleep by 1pm and did not wake up until 3:30! My sons karate class is at 6 so I didn’t want to risk being across town so I didn’t work. Didn’t cook either.

While he was in karate, I decided to get off my arse and get a workout in. I ended up doing 45 minutes on the treadmill. I started with a plan of 30 minutes and then just kept going for 45.

I was a little red when I finished. I was sweating before I even started and have no clue what that’s about but I still did it!

Before I went to the gym, I looked in my mothers purse cabinet to find a small bag that I could put over my shoulder while I was working out and walking to and from the gym. What I found was even better! I found my dad’s fanny pack. I tried it on and it fit. I am so excited that I can wear something that small (my dad was pretty thin). I had my friend put it around her waist and I only need about 2-3 more inches to be her size! Woo hoo! Another non scale victory!

I also went through all of the keys that were hanging up in the kitchen. I tested every key on every lock and these are the ones that don’t fit a darn thing in our house.

We ended up with about 7 keys hanging up. And 2 are neighbors from where I used to live! I need to take those to them. Well, grandma (my friends grandmother that has told me to call her grandma) will probably tell me to keep hers.

My dinner was a little weird. 2 slices cheddar cheese, 2 slices Monterey Jack jalapeño cheese, a low carb tortilla with butter and Himalayan salt, and 2 peanut butter keto cookies.

That’s different, right? Lol I enjoyed every bite!

And my calories/macros were great too! It was a good day even though I made $0. There’s always today!

Today I will be driving for the company. I slept well and got exercise so I should be good to go!

Y’all have a great day!

Good morning to all!

Well, maybe not good for me but the day will get better. I just know it.

Started off this morning having 5 vials of blood drawn for micronutrient testing as well as cholesterol levels, heart disease, blood pressure, etc etc. Does anyone know how happy I was just to eat a little chicken this morning after all that?

Now sitting at the doctors office for my first re-evaluation since I started the neuropathy treatment. The blood work won’t be back for about 2 weeks so I am just supposed to continue this treatment until then.

Skip an hour:

He used the ultrasound machine on my foot and found the pinched nerves that are causing my tarsal tunnel syndrome and neuropathy. I got 5 shots in legs like I do every week and an additional 2 in my right foot where I have the most problems. They said I have to wait on the blood test results but I am probably deficient in a vitamin which is why I am tired a lot lately. He said to just relax and don’t worry if I don’t do my exercise every day until we find out what’s wrong. He also said CBD oil is great to use and if it was legal, he would do more than that. I love this doctor! Now I’m sitting in a recliner waiting to have the electrode treatment.

Another hour later:

I am home. All I want to do is nap. Maybe I should. The house is quiet, all the animals are asleep, BUT the sun is shining and making me want to not sleep. We shall see what happens. I’m so amazed at the human body. The fact that I can have shots right into my ankle and all over my legs and still walk around like nothing happened is awesome. Oh, it stings where I got them, don’t get me wrong, just no issues walking around. Moving more actually helps.

So I ate well yesterday. I just didn’t get any formal exercise. And that’s okay. As long as I don’t hit a plateau, I am not going to worry about it. I still have a calorie deficit. That’s what matters.

I hope you enjoy your Monday. I am debating between sleep and work at the moment!

I didn’t do it

Yep. You heard it here first. I didn’t do it. What didn’t I do? I didn’t work yesterday. I know, I know, I’m broke and need the money, but I SWEAR it was for good reasons!

I took my son to school and came home to walk the dog. Then I had to wash my hair and shower. I then took my car to the mechanic because when I was driving last Friday, I heard a grinding noise when I was turning and also I HATE how it takes forever to cool down the car with the a/c blowing on high! They couldn’t find anything wrong (of course) and told me I’ll have to wait until each one actually goes out before they can find the issue and fix it. 😩

While they had my car, I walked to my moms work (5 minute walk) and borrowed her van. Little did I know that it came with a bunch of errands attached to it! She wanted the following from home: yogurt, dr. Pepper, a t-shirt, this form she needed to fill out, her checkbook, plus an envelope and stamps. I also had to get gas, get a burger from Whataburger for her, and mail the envelope once she filled out the form. 🙄

I had to be at the podiatrist at 1pm. By the time I got back with everything done, it was 12:25pm. Eek!!! She told me to go ahead and go so I drove like a bat out of hell and got to my appointment on time. WHEW. 4 shots today plus a 15 minute electrode treatment. My leg and top of my right foot are STILL numb from the shots. I was warned it could happen and was promised that it would go away within 24 hours. I can’t wait for that! It feels weird to walk with a numb leg! I got the van back after my appointment and walked back to pick up my car and came home.

Cut to 2 hours later. 4:18pm. I was reading this stuff on the keto lifestyle online and was falling asleep! So I set an alarm for 4:45 and then did take a power nap which is not like me to pass out like that. I did NOT want to get up when the alarm went off but I wanted to go workout.

I went to the gym at 5pm and rode the bike for 30 minutes.

While I was riding, my son came up to the gym. He got upstairs to me when I had 10 minutes left. I told him, he said fine, and walked off. Then, here he comes again when I was at 3 minutes left. I tell him 3 more and he walks off again. He shows up AGAIN when I had 30 seconds left and this kid actually counted down and pretended like he was turning off my machine when it started the cool down. I got off the bike, collected my stuff, and followed him downstairs to talk to his sensei about getting his uniform. He will get it on Wednesday. Yay! He had class from 6-7pm and did not like me sitting in the room but I was chatting with my friend in there so I don’t know what his problem was. Maybe because I took a picture of him?

Came home after, had dinner, and chatted via text to my BFF in Kansas. BFF in Dallas works nights so I didn’t get a chance to talk to her since she’s at work at 5. She did send me a 4th grade math question that I can’t figure out. Can you?

We don’t know new math, why can’t they just teach the same math? I bet her guess is correct but don’t want to jinx the answers from you guys so I won’t tell you what she thinks. Please help though!

Today I have to take my mom’s van to get her tires checked. I think she has a slow leak in one. Then I plan on working for the new company until my son gets out of school and take him to the doctor for a checkup after being sick twice. That’s it folks! Such a fun day! 😂

So…can you help with that problem? What are you up to today?

Off day

No jobs today. I’ll need it! I’m SO happy. I have at least 8 jobs this coming week. That’s almost 2 a day which is perfect! I ended up doing alright this week. I had 8 jobs this week. It would have been 9 if I hadn’t been cancelled on once. If I can keep this up, I will be fine. I do have to deal with one woman I’m not a huge fan of 3 times this week though. I’ll get through it, I just need to get an air freshener for my car.

Having a child with health issues, it’s hard to have enough money to take care of him properly. I thank God for Texas Children’s Health weekly. Thanks to them, he has therapy, a regular doctor, and help whenever needed. If you live in Houston, they are off 59 and Bissonett and also in Gunspoint (Greenspoint). Their office has everything in one place.

1. Personal care physicians

2. Pharmacy

3. Eye doctor

4. Dentist

5. Psychiatrists

6. Psychologists

7. Even OB-GYN’s for the moms!

I am not a fan of having to drive out there but it’s worth it to have everything in one place. It’s a 20 minute drive from where we live through HEAVY traffic (gotta love Houston).

Yesterday, my son and I cleaned the house within 20 minutes because he wanted to have a friend over. So I do not have to clean today, yay! His friend seems like a good kid. I appreciate when his friends don’t cause trouble or try to get my son to do bad things. They played Pokémon and watched tv. His friend makes YouTube videos so they may have done that, I let them have their time and didn’t bother them.

I do have to cook today though. What to make…hmm!

Meatloaf muffins? Burgers? Hamburger Helper? I hate boxed foods. I prefer to cook from scratch for the better health benefits. I ate boudain this week when the lasagna was done, not so good for you but I love the spices and taste. My son has been eating hotdogs. Now THOSE are nasty to me but he LOVES them. I get all beef hotdogs but they’re still not good for you.

Let me know what I should make today. I’m still waiting for my beef to thaw out so I have time. Have a great day!!!