Easy day

I took Styled to get her hair and nails done and got my polish changed too. I am ready for Christmas and New Years with this color.

I came home to having 3 other kids here. That’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be! He wanted 7, he got 3. And they are all staying over. Even the girl. Before you guys have a fit, I told my son that she has to sleep in my room if she stays and they were okay with that. I’m surprised she didn’t just say she would go home instead though. She must really want to hang out with the boys!

I had a nice long conversation with my friend in Latvia. You guys may know her. LatvianMom. She’s so sweet! She even taught me how to say “I’ve had enough” in Latvian! She also sent me a video she made of a deer in the snow outside her home. I am so jealous!!! I love WhatsApp, it lets me chat with friends all over the world for free.

I didn’t do anything else today. Well, I tried to take a photo of the moon but it’s kind of blurry. Is it really going to be a full moon on Christmas?

Just ate some lasagna for dinner and now going to watch a little Netflix. I am hoping I get out tomorrow to exercise. I am listening to my body today though as the middle of my back has been screaming at me for a few days so I am resting.

Y’all have a great Friday night!

Having a good day?

I think I did. The Godfather came over this morning to put in a deadbolt on my outside gate but my drill wasn’t charged so he’s coming back tomorrow. Nice to chat with him for a little while though!

Miss Priss called me at 8:30 and asked if I could drive her today. Well sure! I took her to deliver a Christmas present to her doctors office and to pick up a pair of sunglasses at her eye doctor and to the grocery store. 2 hours there.

I grabbed Taco Bell crispy taco for lunch and drove to Cranky’s. The rails have not been removed yet and the new ones were laying on the floor not put together so I told her son that I put the receipt on the fridge and if he wanted me to come by tomorrow afternoon to return those I would.

I came home around 1:30 and was looking at my phone. I set an alarm for 3pm (15 minutes before I need to leave to pick up the boys) and I am SO glad I did! I passed out around 2 and woke up to the alarm thinking I was late. Whew! I never nap! I know why though. Last night we had this huge storm roll through and at 3am, there was this HUGE bang and loud thunder after. Poor Amber was freaking out and between the car alarm outside my window, the dog jumping on me, and that loud boom, I was awake. At 3 fricking AM. Amber wouldn’t let me go back to sleep and when I went to use the bathroom, even Oliver the big boy cat was freaking out! I had to cuddle with each of them separately (Amber will growl if Oliver comes in my room). Eliza, the cute, tiny cat, was nowhere around. I guess she was snuggled up with my mother.

I got the boys, came home, cooked baked chicken and stuffing for dinner.

I ate and then decided that since my son had gone with the neighbors to the school band performance, I would get my arm workout in and do laundry. After 30 minutes of arm exercises (3 sets 15 reps of each exercise) and 100 squats and dancing in between, I walked Amber while still listening to Spotify. Here is my workout and the songs I listened to while working out.

I like all kinds of music but while exercising, I want upbeat, make you want to dance music. So that’s what I had.

My mother also got Amber a Christmas sweater.

Now I am so tired that I am writing you guys and then going to sleep. Have a good night! Laugh before bed:

Good morning Wednesday!

Man, I was so tired last night I didn’t even blog. Sorry about that. You all have read that I finished school. Now I am trying to get back into work mode.

Yesterday I took Miss Priss to run a few errands. We were only out for an hour and a half but she paid me twice as much as she should. She didn’t say it, but I guess that was my Christmas bonus from her. šŸ˜‚

As I was driving home, I got a phone call. I didn’t look at my phone, I just hit the button in the car to answer. So the call starts out like this:

Caller: Hey Julie! How are you?

Me: Who is this?

Caller: This is your ex lover.

Me: Huh? Who is this? (Note I did not look at my phone because I was driving)

Caller: You’re ex lover! The old Turkish man lover of yours!

Me: OOOH, my sugar daddy! Hey, what’s up?

I realized who he was when he said Turkish. I only know one Turkish guy. He is an old neighbor of mine that is constantly hitting on every girl. I call him Sugar Daddy because it always make him laugh and he is always trying to take care of people.

He needed a ride to go get his car that was towed. He didn’t say why it was towed but he would buy me lunch to take him (he drinks way too much so he probably left it at some bar and they towed it). Sure, why not? I was already off work and was just going to go home to work on my resume. I went to his place and went inside where I was accosted by the most beautiful German Shepard and a tiny dog. They were all over me and loving the attention I gave them. I haven’t seen Sugar Daddy in over a year. Now, just to let you know, I got back on Facebook (Julieh Cares) when I started my Gofundme so he has seen pictures but not me in person. He and his niece that lives with him were in shock over how I look now. She asked me if I had been sick and how I was doing and how did I drop the weight and I better not lose more (all standard things I have heard in the past few months).

Sugar Daddy and I left and went to have lunch. We went to this place he had heard of but I hadn’t. It wasn’t far from us either. So good too! I have already made plans to go back with 2 other people!

I ate on my donuts the rest of the day. I seriously did not eat anything else. I still had a total of 1600 calories for the day, just all junk. That is caramel sauce that came with them. I tried it, it was good, but didn’t want to go over my calories. His sandwich looked good too, it will be my next thing to try there. It was a Reuben sandwich with chicken tortilla soup. Their menu is great and for the 2 of us, including a mimosa, was only $20!

I took him to get his car and came back home. He also gave me $20 (for gas he said). I’m not complaining although I didn’t ask for that! Now you see why I call him Sugar Daddy!

I picked my child up at school and we couldn’t find the other kid I take home so we had to wait on him. His mom said to let him walk but I didn’t want to do that to him (walking alone is not a great idea in Houston) so when we finally got him, I snapped a photo of him in my back seat and sent it to his mom saying, I have your kid. šŸ˜‚ Doesn’t he look thrilled?

I was a bit lazy for a while but got up at 8pm and did my strength training arm exercises. I think I am going to up my reps to 3 sets of 15 instead of 12 as I don’t feel like I burned many calories and I feel stronger like I am not doing enough. I also did 10 squats between sets for a total of 100 squats. Especially when you eat junk, you have to exercise! I took Amber out for a last walk at 9pm and was asleep by 10.

I have no jobs today so I am going to work on my resume and do some research for a book I am thinking of writing. It’s how to lose weight, not have to cook, and eat for less than $10 a day. I know it is doable, I want to prove it to others. I guess I will have to do it and see if it works. I am finding a lot at the store that’s cheap and healthy. That’s my next step. I really don’t want to work for other people if you can’t tell. I may have to because funds are getting lower every day but it doesn’t mean I want to!

I changed it to $10 since I know people eat more than I do. Let me know what y’all think. And don’t steal my idea please! BFF and I are working together to write this. We will then try to figure out how to sell it. We have to write it first!

Today is BFF’s birthday. She is still young. She’s always saying how close she is to 50. She’s not! When I woke up I sent her a happy birthday picture and told her that I was sorry I couldn’t stay awake until midnight to tell her. Her 10 year old did though!!! She was not happy about that. He was supposed to be asleep but stayed up to wish her a happy birthday. Sweet, right? I do agree that he should have been asleep though. Silly kids.

I saw this funny picture on Instagram yesterday so had to share. Poor cat! Look how he looks! I don’t know the guy in the photo, I just wanted the look on the cats face.

I hope everyone has a great Hump Day!

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Half busy day

What is going on with me? I overslept yet again!

All those times waking up, maybe I have sleep apnea? When I was heavier, I would sleep so well and could get up after 6 hours with no problems all day. Now, I need more like 9? So weird. Thankfully my son got a ride to school with the neighbor and he didn’t even wake me up. My alarm didn’t either though. I am going to try to go to bed earlier tonight. I have to be up on time because I have to work in the morning.

At 10am, I picked my teen up at school and took him to the orthodontist. He had his braces tightened and asked for green rubber bands “for Christmas”. Okay. They look cute, he said he prefers the red.

I decided no makeup today so here I am sans makeup at the orthodontist office.

I received and charged the battery for my Ring doorbell. I wanted to superglue it to the front door but my superglue has dried up in one and the other, I can’t get the top off. Plus my mother wants a new front door so I may have to figure out how to install it next to the door where her original doorbell used to be. I tested the Ring though and I like the picture quality!

Once that was figured out (it’s still not on the door yet), I picked up my son at school and his friend. Then we came home and I felt like walking. Today would normally be strength training arm day but it has been raining off and on and tomorrow is supposed to be WET all day so I will do arms then.

My walk was great! Over 3 miles in 50 minutes. I was walking more than 4 miles per hour! 3 miles is 5 kilometers for those that live anywhere other than the states. I want to run but this damn skin.

Cranky’s son text that I should have taken this other appointment her doctor had available next week. I can’t go though because I have my math final at the same time! He decided his caregivers can take Cranky and call him from the office. I hope he shares what the doctor says! I want to be there. šŸ˜©

I looked at the math stuff for the first time this afternoon. It’s not looking good for me. I can’t remember half of what to do! So from tomorrow after work and getting my son at school until Monday morning, I will be doing nothing but math and exercise.

I got an email from my moms bank this morning that she had overdrawn her account. Her second account didn’t even have enough to cover the overdraft. I had to pull almost the last of my savings and put it in her account to help. She had paid her house taxes for the year and then had gone shopping and got us tickets to the symphony as well so it went WAY over. So I had to have a chat with her about not spending anything anymore unless necessary (like groceries, medications, etc). She is not happy about her daughter telling her what to do but I had to! I won’t be able to save her next time now.

It’s almost 7pm so I am going to play my phone game and try to be asleep before 10pm so I can be up at 6 like I’m supposed to be. Have a great night!!!

8:30 and already in bed

I’m still awake, but going to sleep pretty quick!

This morning I text Cranky’s son and caregiver for 3 hours. I also did laundry while calling Cranky’s doctor (3 times), another doctor for an appointment, the hospital to find out exactly what they ordered, and the therapy place that was coming. They won’t come until they get an order saying she can resume. The hospital said her PCP has to give the order. The doctor can’t see her for 2 weeks. šŸ™„ We don’t think waiting 2 weeks is a good idea. Her son sent the doctor an email so we will see what she says.

Left at 1pm and went to Cranky’s. Got her credit card and went to Walgreens for bed rails. After going to 2 different ones to find them, I came back and put one together. I told the caregiver how to tighten it under the bed. A few minutes ago, she text me saying the rails don’t work and they aren’t safe. Huh? She sent me a video she took. Well, they are not tight under the bed so of course they’re not safe! She said Cranky’s son said to return them. Really? So I text him asking if I should try tightening them first. He hasn’t replied.

I picked up my son at school after putting together the rails at 4pm and brought him home. He took off for karate at 5:30 and I was planning on going to work out. I started playing a game on my phone and lost track of time! I rushed out the door and to Starbucks for the drink my son likes and picked him up at 7. I did not work out.

I came home, walked the dog, came home to eat, and couldn’t find anything I wanted for dinner so I grabbed the easiest thing and it is definitely not keto!

Oh well. And now I am off to bed. I hope you guys had a good day!

Update at 9:45pm – I decided to dance for 30 minutes to get my exercise in! Whew! Never knew dancing around your bedroom can burn so much and raise the heart rate up! Maybe I need to go to the club šŸ˜‚

So tired yet again

It has been a crazy couple of days!

Monday – 4 hours of errands with Miss Priss. I came home, got out the Christmas tree (the cats seem to love the bag we keep it in) and met with my moms friend to put the lights on our Christmas tree.

Picked up my son and his friend at school and then home to just talk to Cranky’s son and bake gingerbread men cookies. Recipe is from AllRecipes and it turned out great! So great that when I had a couple of broken men, I had to eat them to put them out of their misery. I ate 3 of them. šŸ˜‚

Today – oh man what a day! I left the house at 8am to go to the hospital. I sat in traffic and finally got to the medical center at 9, drove around the garage for 15 minutes looking for parking, then had to go find Cranky’s room. I stayed there and got to speak to the doctor. She has bacterial pneumonia.

Her son flew down to check on her so when he arrived at the hospital, I took his caregiver to go get her car from her dealership where she was having it fixed. I got home at 2pm and left soon after to pick my son up at school. Then Cranky’s son called to ask me to pick up her prescriptions from the hospital because they were sending her home. So I left again as soon as I dropped off my child, took care of that, and came back home at 5pm.

The caregiver called and said that Cranky is bringing home oxygen and would I meet her there to help her get everything upstairs. So I went back to Cranky’s, got her wheelchair, and went down to wait on them. One of Cranky’s church friends showed up while I was waiting. I didn’t know somebody else was coming! When the caregiver got there, we unpacked everything and went upstairs to her place. The valet guys helped immensely too! I didn’t realize how much they sent her home with. So much stuff.

Cranky’s church friend then went and got us all dinner from Luby’s cafeteria. Cranky got chicken, the caregiver got liver and onions, and I got my favorite fried fish. While we were waiting for her to come back, a guy showed up to deliver an oxygen machine. He got her all set up, I signed my life away for it (sarcasm is awesome), and Cranky’s son and I text back and forth about a hospital bed rental. I will call around in the morning and see if I can get one delivered there tomorrow. We are afraid she will try to get up in the middle of the night and fall so this will help. Her legs are very weak and she can’t stand for long. She is going to complain like crazy if we take her bed away from her. I am not looking forward to this!

I honestly hope all of this equipment is not permanent. I really do love Cranky like a second mother (helps that I’ve known her over 30 years). I hate that she needs all this and is so confused. She said she is going to kill her son for moving her stuff again (she moved into her apartment a year and a half ago though). She wouldn’t listen to me about that. She said she carpooled me to school which is how she knows me. She usually calls me her neighbor. Her son said to just say she’s my aunt. He’s probably right, that’s easier. Maybe she can remember that too.

I am finally home at 9pm and tired!!! I’m about to go to bed. I’m sure I will need to go back over there tomorrow and give her caregiver a break after spending 2 full days with Cranky being sick and having to sleep in the hospital. I haven’t even started studying for my math final yet and it’s in 5 days!!! Eek!!!

Have a good night. I’m going to go catch some šŸ’¤ ‘s.

Very sad

This is the 3rd client that has passed away this year. You guys may remember him from me driving him to his country club on Wednesday evenings for dinner.

I am taking his lady friend to the funeral tomorrow. It’s such a sad day. And I didn’t hear it from his family. I heard about it from his hairdresser. I then text his daughter and she said she’s sorry she didn’t let me know. Well, it’s hard to remember everyone when you’re going through something like that!

I hope y’all have a great Friday!


Does anybody have a Ring doorbell?


I asked Santa for one for Christmas. But of course I don’t want the base model if I get it, I want the solar charging one with spotlight! Lol

A year or two ago, my son gave his godparents his tablet that he never used. His godfather text me last night asking for my old AT&T name and password. Hell, I haven’t had AT&T since then, I don’t remember!

Before I went to pick my son up at school today, his godfather just happened to be parked outside in my neighborhood with his boys. They were passing time waiting for his daughter to get done with her after school activities. So, I asked him what happened with the tablet. He ended up having to google how to completely reset the tablet and then redownload everything. Gah! That would suck! At least he got it fixed to where he can use it again.

This morning I got a call from my clients step daughter. My client had another $200 cash stolen from her. Only $20’s, they left the ones and fives. Really??? And her purse was locked in her filing cabinet! So now we are looking at putting a camera across from the cabinet and we are going to catch ourselves a thief! Preying on and stealing from the elderly is the most horrible thing in my mind. Especially when they have cognitive decline. I can’t believe it. I had never been in her place before today. Her step daughter asked me to start popping by and checking on her at different times throughout the week. It is a nice place. She usually meets me downstairs ready to go out so this was different. She was surprised I came over. I had to tell her that her step daughter asked me to. She showed me around and when I left, I spoke with the step daughter and we confirmed that the camera is the best option. Sad, isn’t it?

Sleeping kitties!

I have an exam on Thursday and the final on Saturday for nutrition. I have my final in math in 2 weeks on a Monday. Then I can relax until January. I can’t wait! I need to get out and market myself when school is over so I can work more.

Still eating mac and cheese twice a day. I think I will be eating it forever. I made WAY too much! Never again will I make twice a recipe for us and for a family function. Nobody even tried it??? šŸ™„

I’m off to study. Y’all have a great rest of your Monday or Tuesday (depending on where you are).

Good non-school day

No class today since my professor went out of town. I was glad because they closed my garage parking for a football game too.

This morning was spent running errands for my mom. First issue – I got an email this morning that her 2nd bank account was overdrawn. Considering she doesn’t use that account, I pulled it up to find out that they gave her checks for that account instead of the one she normally uses plus some credit card that she paid off is STILL pulling money out! So I went up to BOA and the nice lady removed the overdraft fee and got her checks for her account at no additional cost. We have to call the credit card company in the morning because my mom did not get home this afternoon until it was too late to call them.

2nd issue was prescriptions. Her doctor sent her pharmacy 3 scripts. She went and picked up 2. She couldn’t understand why the 3rd wasn’t available. Like I had assumed, it had simply not been ready. I was able to pick that up easily.

I decided to go see Cranky since I only had an hour until I needed to pick my son up at school. Her caregiver was doing her hair and asked me to make her a hair appointment so I text her hair person. Got her appointment set for Wednesday for that. She seemed to think her eye doctor appointment tomorrow was too close to Christmas and asked to change it so I said I would.

I took off and picked up my son. We went to a high school for a tour. He liked the school and is not even worried that they have 3 hours of homework every day. We still have 2 schools to check out. Since the tours are only available on Thursdays, I’m just going to have to miss school 2 more times. We have to check out these schools. It’s important to see what he likes and hates. This one was pretty small and only had 400 students per grade. Even my graduating class had over 500 so this is a small school! He’s in the lottery to get in. Praying he makes it! We won’t find out until April of 2019 though.

We came home after and I let Amber out. As we were walking back inside, Eliza got out. She is such an escape artist! It took me about 7 minutes to coax her out of the holly bushes and pick her up to bring her back inside. Crazy cat!

I took the math practice exam again. I need practice! I made a 63 on it. The first time I took it, I got a 56 so I’m doing better. I can still take it 18 more times before the exam on Saturday.

Tomorrow I will take Styled to get her hair dyed and study at the hairdressers house. Then when I get home I will try it again. Let’s see what happens!

Iā€™m doing it!

I took my nutrition exam today and got an 82! Woo hoo! A B on this class exam made me really happy. I literally had 58 seconds left when I hit submit. Like usual, there were questions that were not covered. I still made a B!

I have my math exam on Saturday and from tomorrow until Saturday I will be doing nothing but math! Log and ln and division of polynomials. No fun! I will know it though. I have to. I’m meeting my friend/tutor Friday evening before the exam so I know everything will be okay.

I worked this morning taking Miss Priss to run errands. We actually had a good morning. Only 2 hours but we got a lot done. She told me that her friends think she does too much for her age. She’s 90. Styled is 71 and doesn’t do nearly as much!

H came over tonight and we studied and she tried boudain for the first time. She loved it! Another person I got to like it. My mom won’t even try it. Lol

You only have until Sunday to like my post in order to be in the drawing! H has said she will video me doing the drawing. I’m getting excited for you guys!


I’m picking up my son at school early tomorrow to take him on a high school tour. At first he didn’t want to go and then changed his mind saying he would love to leave early. Silly teenagers!

I’m watching the Great British Bake Off on Netflix. I wish I could bake HALF of these things! Looks so good!

Anywho, have a great Thursday!