Happy Fathers Day

I know I have a lot of readers that are Dad’s so Happy Fathers Day to you. I miss my Dad like crazy every day but today is very hard for me.

I took my son to the church this morning so he can go on Beach Retreat. He was complaining since I woke him up about “having” to go. When we were standing in line, he saw a couple of friends and then was ready for me to leave. We took a picture, I talked to a couple of parents I know, and then I left. I just got back home and I guess I am going to cook today. I’m a bit too sad to go out and drive. I also don’t feel like seeing people that are going to meet their dad’s for lunch or whatever.

Well, my son’s birthday went well in my opinion. He does not agree! He wanted his friends to come over but everybody said they couldn’t. This upset him to no end. He ended up going out for a walk because he was so upset when his dad finally left. His dad was here for about 4 hours since my son won’t be here for Father’s Day.

Today my ex boyfriend is coming over after church to put my tv on my wall. I am going to clean out my son’s room while he does that. I am trying to not be emotional too. Missing my Dad and having my son not with me is making it a tough day. I just got a couple of slices of cheddar cheese as a breakfast, going to wash towels, and then start on my son’s room. Once that is done (that will take me a while), I am going to make a cake and force my ex to try it this afternoon. I need to make sure that a non keto person can’t tell it has practically no carbs. I got a cake recipe and an icing recipe on Pinterest to try. Please God let it taste yummy!

That’s my plan for today. My neighbor wants to go out for drinks this week since we won’t have the boys. She told me to invite my next door neighbor as well so I have to see if they are back in town yet and if she can leave her kids at home to go out. I wish I had the money to leave town this week too since my son isn’t here. Oh well. Somebody has to take care of Amber too and we know my mom won’t do it!

Have a great Fathers Day and remember to appreciate your father!