Foot issues

Major question for everyone:

I have tarsal tunnel syndrome. I have options of what to do.

1. Have electric therapy (NMES) to maybe fix the nerves in the feet.

2. Have surgery and hope it doesn’t come back or cause other issues.

3. Do nothing and maybe have major issues later on.

I can figure out how to pay for whatever I do. I’m nervous that the NMES won’t work and worries that surgery will put me down so long that I can’t work and maybe have to have other surgeries later too.

This is a very difficult situation and thought I would ask for opinions from the people I have shared everything with.

Thanks! Please comment!


Yep. I finally went to one. I went to the same guy that did surgery on my feet for bone spurs in 2003. He is one of the best!

Turns out my foot pain is pinched nerves! I had 4 shots and am not allowed to walk on concrete, on treadmills, or without shoes for 3 weeks. I guess I have to join a damn gym now! He said the sitting elliptical or a bike is fine as well as walking on mulch and in grass. That kind of limits me outside. 😫

I took a few pictures in the office. They even made foot molds of my feet and are making me orthotics to wear.

This doctor does seminars for other podiatrists and asked if he could take a picture of my ankle tattoos and asked why I got them. He loved the story! It’s my sons initials saying that he’s my sun, my moon, and my stars (I explained that before in my tattoos post too). He said he likes showing them tats at the conference.

The only thing I have today is Forgetful. After multiple shots into my ankle and heel, I don’t really want to do much! I walked a BUNCH yesterday because I walked over to see Forgetful and see how her Christmas was at her step sons house.

That’s it for today. I’m going to not do much exercise today to try and relax my poor feet with medicine in them now!