Special airport post

So we got to the car lot early and hung out listening to music for a while.

Then we got our ride to the airport. Restroom stop and then go through security.

For the first time IN MY LIFE, I had a pat down. The woman said my shoulders and my groin area set off their monitors. HUH???

The shoulders I understand actually. I asked them if I needed to remove my earrings and they said no but they hang down so yeah. But my groin area??? I am wearing stretch pants, no belt, and no metal at all. What set it off? And then, she wiped my hands with that strip to see if I had shot a gun recently. REALLY???

I am asking what y’all think. I am glad they check people, I am. I wonder how terrible the machines must be though to think my stretch pants were dangerous.

My opinion is that all the excess skin hanging looks like I could be hiding something. Yes people! I am hiding my excess skin! That’s why I wear high rise pants people! I asked her if it was because it was “that time of the month” and she said “not usually “. So I really want to know why. I don’t want this to happen every damn time I fly from now on! It’s embarrassing and frustrating.

I called BFF because I was about to start crying. I ate a croissant too. I don’t usually eat when I’m upset anymore but I can’t even use my vape since I’m in the airport. So now I have to deal with the possibility that this will happen on my way home as well. Maybe I should wear my pants under the excess skin. I doubt they would appreciate that!

I’m trying to stop thinking about it but it is really bothering me still. I just want to have a good trip. First my son yells at me this morning for accidentally opening the bathroom door when he was in there and now this.

Sigh 😔